It’s kicking off again!

Another evening, and more chaos, there are reports of attacks in Barnet, Hackney and Harlesden! All diverse areas!

This is beginning to get out of hand, we shall see just how violent tonight gets!

Update: 17:57
Cars are burning in Hackney, police cars have been attacked in Friern Barnet and a shop has been ransacked in Harlesden.

Update: 18:01, rumours that groups of ‘youths’ are headed toward Kilburn High Road! Also rumours that they are planning to hit Oxford Street!


Update: 18:34
Police cars have been egged and attacked throughout London today, there are standoffs in Newham, Hackney and Barnet. Looks like a long night ahead! More rumours about an attack on Camden Town tonight as well!

Update: 18:38
Buses have stopped travelling south of the river due to fears of attacks in Lewisham. Reports of youths in balaclavas on Kilburn High Road.

Update: 20:07
rioting in at least half a dozen places. On the tube, when I got to Victoria, it was announced that Barking was closed due to rioting, the fellow next to me turned to his friend and said ‘that’s not good’, his friend said, ‘we should send in the royal marines and shoot the bastards’.

Tensions seem to rising, and to anyone with eyes, despite the best efforts of the MSM to deny it, it is a series of racial attacks on whites!

Update: 20:14
Rioting in Birmingham, another ‘diverse’ city!

Update: 20:25
Buildings burn in Lewisham, riots in Croydon, street battles throughout London.

Blacks are having a jolly time terrifying the city!

Update: 20:58
Seems half of central Croydon is on fire! The police obviously have lost it, it’s a city wide chimp out!

Riots and looting in Clapham.

Update: 22:07
It’s chaos now, there is no rule of law anymore, it is no longer safe to go out, stay indoors, or if you are in imminent danger get out of your area and stay with friends in a quieter part of the city or, if you can, get the hell out of London.

Update: 22:46
The night is young, there is no rain, so it seems that the chaos will continue. Is it me, or can’t anyone else see the reality behind this trouble, it not ‘cuts’ or being ‘deprived’, it is what happens when we have so many blacks in one place! It is no random accident that Haiti, a two hundred year old republic is a chaotic, brutal slum, just as it’s not a mistake that Africa is one giant, violent slum! This is their nature, this is what they do, and no one, in spite of being faced with the bleeding obvious seems to want to leave their nice safe mentally deranged lives of denial!

Update: 23:16
Seems that police are just standing by allowing the looting and violence go on in front of them! Are they afraid? Or is this as a result of some order on high?
Reports now of rioting and looting in Woolwich.

One thought on “It’s kicking off again!

  1. Sad. What mad psychosis infected European countries to allow this immigration? In America, it was our “original sin”, our founding curse, that brought the blight to our shores. But you, you brought it on willingly… WHY?

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