London Riots

I have chatting to friends and colleagues, following twitter and the news, it seems almost all of London was hit last night, even the places not mentioned in the news were hit on a smaller scale!

It seems the criminal class, mostly African or West Indian, have realised that there are more of them then there are police, they have lost whatever qualms they had, or perhaps they have lost their fear and now realise they can do what they want. Most of these Negros are quite young, even if they were arrested, nothing would happen, and they know that.

I suppose the surprise should be, how it took so long to get to this point, and I fear that now these scum know they can do what they wish to do, we will see this go on and on at least until they go back to school, and maybe not even then!

Parts of London resemble a war zone, whole blocks of buildings lie in ruins, thousands of shops are looted and ransacked, and dozens have been injured and shot!

It may now be time to set up vigilante groups, because the police can’t cope, and I’m quite disgusted with some libertarian bloggers who are using this chaos to bash the ‘plods’, this is no time to make some political point, we can do that another time, right now, these animals are on the loose and they will start to kill people soon.

It is actually quite frightening now, this is not what a great western city should look like or feel like, but that is the consequence of forty years of immigration and multiculturalism!

If you live in London, be careful, stay indoors tonight, or if you have friends nearby, perhaps a vigilante group is something you can set up, but if so, make sure to be merciless to these animals, and animals is what they are!

5 thoughts on “London Riots

  1. That’s funny. I’d say the rioters were at least 50% white in the footage I’ve seen.

    It’s funny to see an Irishman use the same language that was used against the Irish a generation (or less) ago. What a short & selfish memory you have.

  2. That’s not what I have seen on the streets or on tele, there are a few wiggers, but rest seem to Negro.

  3. Some of your comments are valid but I would still add that most of of London was not affected a massive swathe through SE16, SE1, Lambeth, South West London, most of North and outer East London, most of West London and NW London wasnt affected together with all of The City and most fo Central West London- it was a minority of places that were affected atrocious as it was!

  4. “Lets try not to worry people unecessarily (sic)…”

    For someone suffering from cognitive dissonance, you could easily trade places with Nero while Rome was burning and feel right at home.

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