More riots

More reports of attacks in Camberwell, Bermondsey and Peckham. Rumours of imminent attacks on Hampstead, Holborn and Lakeside shopping centre! Many shops closing at 15:00, seems London is going into lockdown!

Update: 14:10
Riots in West Bromwich, Wolverhampton and rumours of imminent riots in Uxbridge, police are saying they could use rubber bullets tonight!

Update: 14:22
Reports that Covent Garden will be targeted later on. Tottenham Court Road also a likely target!

Update: 16:48
Police are running around like blue arsed flies. Responding to rumours, which are everywhere. Rioting in West Bromwich in the midlands!

Update: 22:16
Wow! I’ve been about central London today and except for reports of incidents in east London and south London it seems strangely quiet! Riots in Birmingham and Manchester still ongoing. Let’s see what’s happened in the morning.

3 thoughts on “More riots

  1. There has been nothing big so far this evening, but lots of people are on tenterhooks! One can hope they have had their fill of looting and violence!

  2. Update

    Rioting and looting in Trafalgar Road Greenwich at 4pm.
    I’m in Kilburn and there has been a number of hoodies (Black) heading down roads from Kilburn to Hampstead. I have had reports of shops/estate agents etc being targeted already and all shops are closed/boarding up.
    I would like to think the plod will do more than last night when with impeccable timing I got off a bus at Kingsgate place and walked into a mob of 30 20yds in front of me, 15 30yds behind me and 20 walking across the road right towards me and me the only whitey and with a shirt and tie to boot. As I heard get him 5 police vans and 3 police cars just sped by without stopping (cheers) and I had to run (yes in this instance self preservation the better part of valour to misquote) diagonally across road in front of car and motorbike (sigh of relief they stopped) and bang on the observant bus drivers window (he was looking sideways at the mob approaching) to stop him running me over and dived through the door (having rolled and sprained me bloody ankle at same time) shouting at the slow thinking driver (probably thinking bloody idiot white chunky bloke out during a Black out!) to close the bloody doors then.
    And blow me (if she’s blonde) if when I got off the bus at Kilburn station I did see about 80 plod in the forecourt standing around arguing over important business, so that was how many teas and coffee’s sexpot (to quote). Nice to see taxpayers pounds nee soon to be Eu rots in non action. Get more protection from a xxxx condom over me head I swear (that’s what she said).

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