Four dead

The latest death,  is of a man called Richard Mannington Bowes, he was killed by a negro, this follows the deaths of three Asian guys in Birmingham, who were killed by three negroes who ran them down and drove off at speed, the Asian men, were protecting their property, and their mosques, Asians in Birmingham don’t really like the blacks in that city, and there have been problems between them in the past, the most recent problems were the riots in 2006.

This whole riot season has been vert good for these feckless negroes, they have got lots of free stuff. JD Sport items, mobile phones and flat screen TVs seem to have been the main objects of desire. Most of them will get away with it, the police didn’t bother to tackle them when they were looting and terrorising people, and even if they do manage to arrest them the courts will give them a limp wristed slap on the hand, many of the so-called ‘children’ have been given ‘youth referrals’ which is a poor excuse for sending them to some benefits office where they get free training or free holidays!

It seems to me, that the Asians in Birmingham, and the Turks of Haringey deserve more respect, then those bloody white liberals, who seem to make excuse after excuse for these black criminals, the Asians wish to effect justice on those criminals, the Turks stood outside their businesses armed with baseball bats, pathetic white liberals ran for safety and came out and cleaned up the mess that the black criminals created the night before.

It is maddening that whites seem determined to excuse blacks of any and every crime, just because they are blacks, but if any white guy makes a mention of the fact that blacks have been the largest part of this criminal rampage, other whites seem to think they are as bad as the rioters!!

Now, they who rule us, can use this as an excuse to extend the powers of the police, and they people will cheer their enslavement!

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