The cremation of Nagasaki

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‘Hiroshima and especially Nagasaki were centers of Christianity in Japan.That’s why our dear 33 degree Masonic president, un-TruEman and his Kalbalistic buddies like Skull-and-Bones, Secretary of War Henry Stinson choose to bomb them. Here’s what happened:

On August 6, 1945, the world we live in was changed forever. It began shortly  that morning in southwest Japan. Japanese defense forces detected a single American bomber approaching at high altitude. It was heading for the City of Hiroshima.

There were many people in Hiroshima who believed that a real attack would never come to that city. There were all kinds of rumors that America would spare Hiroshima for one reason or another. Among other things, there was a large Christian community in Hiroshima. Even the mayor of Hiroshima was a Christian. There were those who were convinced that America was being merciful to Hiroshima for that reason; but less than an hour after the first All clear signal on that sunny August morning, Radio Hiroshima started to broadcast another air raid alert.

Three more American B-29s were passing over the city; but before the announcer could finish his words, he and 80,000 of his listeners ceased to exist! They were consumed by a man-made sun in the middle of the city which boiled upward into a giant mushroom cloud. Afterward the United States War Department called it a cosmic bomb.

Outside the zone of total destruction, Hiroshima was transformed instantly into a nightmare beyond imagination. The streets were filled with pathetic victims, whom the Japanese refer to as the walking dead. These were people who had been scorched, irradiated, and dismembered beyond hope but who would take hours, days, or weeks to die. Men, women, and children staggered around in agony without comprehension of what had happened to them. Many had sockets without eyes, and bones without flesh in the aftermath of the unearthly heat wave from the bomb. Countless others had been poisoned by radiation from the blast or the fallout afterward. Within three months 50,000 more people died in Hiroshima.

Three days later it all happened again at Nagasaki. Like Hiroshima, Nagasaki had led a charmed life free from American air attack; and as in Hiroshima, there were those in Nagasaki who had thought this was an act of mercy by the United States because Nagasaki was not only a Christian center but the very place where Christianity had got its start in Japan. But all the illusions evaporated in a nuclear fireball on August 9, 1945.

Today America is haunted by the quarter-million ghosts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thirty-five years ago our country became the first in history to use ‘WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION’, and today it is fast becoming our turn. Our Satanic leaders are trying to make us forget the human hell of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Instead, they’re trying to make nuclear war more thinkable to us. They want to close our eyes to the reality of nuclear war, because that is the only way in which they can trick us into accepting it.

Now, Hiroshima can be argued to have been a good target since it was an industrial center but Nagasaki can’t. It was on no short list of cities to be bombed until the last-minute when Sec. of War , and Masonic globalist, Henry Stinson choose it to replace Kyoto.

Nagasaki, indeed, was a port with one of the world’s finest deep harbors, but the beautiful
mid-sized city on the far southern island of Kyushu had lost much of its status as a seaport. Hemmed in by mountains and 600 miles southwest of Tokyo, what reached or left there required transshipment, usually by sea.

Near Nagasaki was a huge Mitsubishi shipbuilding facility, but it survived the atomic bombing. Something else in this city, however, was virtually at Ground Zero and was destroyed. Was it the real target that Leftists in the Roosevelt-Truman New Deal government wanted most to obliterate?

Nagasaki was the center and birth place of Christianity in Japan, that was the target they wished to obliterate.


In 1859, Christian missionaries were permitted to return to Japan after the Shogun had expelled them in 1640. Why were they kicked out? They had been too successful. Christians were again allowed to evangelize in the island kingdom. In 1895, construction began on a Roman Catholic cathedral in Urakami, a suburb of Nagasaki, that would be the largest ecclesiastical building of its type in the Far East.

And, to the missionaries’ surprise, over 30,000 Japanese ‘Kakure Kirishitan’, ‘hidden Christians,’ emerged who had risked their lives by secretly holding true to their faith during two centuries of persecution. Now, with tear-filled eyes and rejoicing, they came to worship openly in and around the place Pope Pius IX had blessed in 1867 by canonizing its 26 now-sainted martyrs to the faith, Japan’s most Christian city, Nagasaki.

The plutonium bomb called Fat Man dropped from the B-29s bomb bay at 11:02 A.M. Below in the August heat nuns and old people knelt praying, and summer sunlight danced on Nagasaki Bay. Christians able to travel had made pilgrimage here. Some came to escape the nationalist war fever and Shinto Cult of the Emperor, descendant of the Sun God, that directed hate against all alien faiths, including Buddhists and especially those loyal to the enemy’s faith, Christians. Surely, these pilgrims thought, the last place a Christian United States would drop its terrible new weapon would be Japan’s home of the Prince of Peace.

The man-made sun, brighter than a million Rising Sun Japanese flags, ignited about 1,600 feet above Ground Zero. Its wind shockwave moving at 1,400 miles per hour pulverized the crowded homes below like a giant fist. Its energy flash burned flesh from bone, then vaporized both before a scream could reach melting human lips.

Scarcely a fifth of a mile from Ground Zero, the Urakami Cathedral, its lovingly crafted stained glass, and the worshippers inside were smashed into dust and goo and flash-broiled. Heavy carved statues of Jesus and Mary were scorched black in an instant.

The bomb, bigger than Hiroshima’s, with the explosive force of 21,000 tons of TNT, destroyed essentially everything and everyone within 1.2 miles of Ground Zero. Thousands of close-clustered wooden homes and their residents vanished in the glow of a rising mushroom cloud.

In that moment, an estimated 73,884 people died – at least one in 10 of them Christians.
Another 75,000 were blinded, had skin burned off, or were injured by the blast or engulfing firestorms or collapsing buildings for miles around. Thousands more would die from radiation or injury over days or months.

As one writer about the Cathedral put it, through this atom bomb blast the Truman Administration was ironically killing more Christians than had ever been killed in Japan during centuries of persecution.

So why did Globalist policymakers inside Roosevelt’s and Truman’s New Deal alter military targeting decisions, commanding instead that Nagasaki – relatively insignificant as a military target – be moved into the bombardier’s crosshairs and that its Christian people be cremated alive into clicking-hot radioactive ashes by atomic bomb annihilation?

And why today do USA-Kaballist’s use every tactic and technicality to politically exterminate each Christian word and symbol in America’s public square? Is their aim to remove all religions, morals, and values that people might prefer to THEIR Demonic religion?

Urakami Cathedral near Nagasaki was rebuilt by 1959, but among the city’s surviving families, scarcely three percent are now Christians. Modern Japanese, shaped by America’s secular occupation, have eclectically incorporated symbols from various religions. Many, it is said, now grow up Shinto, marry like Christians, and die as Buddhists. Brides wear white wedding gowns and even wed in churches. Many families celebrate Valentine’s Day, and some even exchange gifts on Christmas. Several of the founders of Japan’s post-war democracy were raised as Christians.

But the faith that once showed signs of sweeping Japan and thereby changing Asian history is now mostly a matter of style, not religious passion or mass conversion. Scarcely one percent of Japanese now think of themselves as Christians.

God Bless America?How can He?’


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