Re-Forging Old Ways

I was perusing the Counter Currents site and came across some comments that struck me, they did so, because it is where I find myself. Trying to live life that is not conforming to the world trying to be Godly, trying to discover how people lived before this culture leaped to its death. My family too, like the first commenter is a mess, family members are married to West Indian women, a cousin is breeding with a Moroccan man, another cousin has mated with a Chinaman, marriage seems to be an afterthought. I wonder what my grandparents would think of what has become of us? What can I do? I don’t approve, and say so, but being shouted at and excluded doesn’t seem to work, so then I try to overlook the above, but I can’t stand it!

The first commenter Ugg states

‘For those of us who were raised by “liberated” women, around shallow, defeated men who had assimilated and succumbed to feminism’s direction and premises, there is no linear path back to orderly, archaic life and familial health. How do I keep my “family”–my loose biologically-related assortment of selfish, weak, deracinated individuals–and yet look ahead to one day building an authentic family? It’s a constant battle with parents and relatives who behold me passive-aggressively–do what you want, they indicate, but don’t upset the soothing rhythm of our PC brainwash cycles, or we’ll shriek and complain. Yet if I am to have what I regard as a real, worthwhile life and family, it would mean throwing out so much of their failed example. Approaching this gracefully but seriously is not a straightforward thing.’

And the reply by Juleigh Howard-Hobson is,

‘Ah, this is a topic worthy of an essay of its own. Thank you for bringing it up.

We have plenty of family members who see what we do as a threat to and vilification of them and their lives–(even back before we were married we were treated as if we were ridiculous to think of marriage and were advised to just live together so that we could avoid the later and inevitable divorce costs…we ignored those words. We will be married 20 years next July. Do the old words sting sometimes? Maybe, but it’s not us that is being stung).
Never forget this: we are re-forging old links to an ancient chain, we are re-marking pathways back to where we need to be as a folk; some of what we ask of ourselves will be repugnant to people who would prefer to live unhappily but easily within the system that is strangling their future. So be it. It is imperative not to obey ‘advice’ or give in to influences that you know are damaging; don’t even argue with them –just ignore them. If you can’t, then minimize contact with negative people, and even family members, who refuse to let you lead a real and worthwhile life and have a real and worthwhile family future. As hard as it is, sometimes many non-immediate family members (by this I mean non-spouse, non-child) must be avoided–it is a harsh reality and one not to be taken lightly, but, a reality nonetheless.
As people trying to preserve and/or revive an entire folk way that we never thought could be lost, we are left with many, many hard decisions. This doesn’t feel fair but…look where being soft led us. Try not to burn bridges (of course, that said, some bridges burn themselves). Approach each situation/family member problem as gracefully as you can, but firmly and with no quarter. If your family is like our families, you will be surprised at how many of these negative family members come around later on (some much later than others) and are genuinely happy to be reconnected. It’s an old saw, but it bears repeating: nothing succeeds like success.’

This has been something I have been thinking about on and off for some time, it is something I really don’t want to face, but know that I must at some point. Avoiding people, even family members seems to becoming more and more a necessity, I am getting tired of arguing, of debating with those who refuse to debate, to attempt to talk sense into those who do not recognise sense, I am tired of the snide remarks, the rubbing of ‘diversity’ in my face, I sick of the oh so hip ‘pro choice’ comments my brother seems to stick into every conversation we have, trying to get my to argue with him. It is infuriating!

So what to do? Avoid them all? I’m really not sure yet, but my thoughts increasingly drift in that direction, but the thing that stops me is if I am a ‘tory’, then I should not dissolve these natural ties of blood and affection, so what do I do?

One thought on “Re-Forging Old Ways

  1. I don’t have any advice to offer on the family issue, but I can relate to what you’re saying.

    However, I wonder whether those family members in question, asked themselves “Where do I draw the line that says these are my own decisions based on personal intuition and/or reasoned debates with myself, and not a decision managed by forces outside of myself through clever brainwashing techniques? In other words, was it a conclusion based on my own initiative or a decision I made, but propelled by other parties?

    For example, why do young teenagers take up smoking cigarettes? Are there strong exterior forces inducing young people to follow previous generations of smokers onto a path that others have paid with their lives? Peer-group pressures and commercial advertising are just two inducements to “help” them to follow this unhealthy lifestyle.

    Anyhow, onto the subject at hand. Today’s ever-present encouragement of miscegenation through mass media is also a powerful force to reckon with. Conform to the latest fashionable masochistic personality dis-order, commonly known as “white-guilt”, ……or risk being labeled as a “racist”.

    This ploy is often used by Black men to seduce vulnerable young White women who resist their overt sexual advances. Slam, bam, thank you, ma’am! Then onto their next sexual conquest. This sexual game was explained to me about 20 years by a young, white man who had befriended several Caribbean blacks living in Toronto. It became a contest amongst the Blacks of who could bed the most White women. “Whatsa matta, you racissst or somethin ….you don’t wanna date a Black man?”

    A strong will-power is required to resist these forces that run counter to our own common sense,, and white-guilt is forever present, thanks to the mass media moguls who push the miscegenation line 24/7.

    Unfortunately, its no surprise to often see young people fall into line and take up with other races.

    Running with the herd to allow one’s self to be mindlessly swept up with the miscegenation mind-set is not of their own volition…. as much as they think it is.

    Human beings are naturally social animals and sometimes we discover to our detriment that running with the “Black Angus” herd was not to our personal benefit after all. Of course, it’s too late when you’re left “high & dry” and saddled with a brood of mulattoes to raise alone.

    On the subject of individuality, I’m reminded of the book Jonathon Livingston Seagull published in the ’70s. I must look for a copy.

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