‘Shy’ children at risk of being diagnosed with mental disorder

Look at this,

‘Psychologists say that new guidelines being developed in America will lead more young people seeing their common problems regarded as illnesses that must be treated, rather than just being given support.

They fear that pupils who are quiet at school could be diagnosed with “social anxiety disorder” while those who become withdrawn after suffering a bereavement are classified as having a “depressive disorder”.

Children who just talk back to adults or lose their temper regularly could be diagnosed with “oppositional defiant disorder”.

As a result, those found to have these increasingly broad mental disorders could be prescribed powerful medication such as Prozac or Ritalin to control or alter their behaviour.’


I think it is a dangerous thing to use powerful drugs on children, we do not yet know the long-term affects of drugs such as Ritalin, and I find it a bit creepy at how nonchalantly doctors and parents are tossing around prescriptions for Ritalin or pressing to get a prescription for Ritalin. The false ‘disorder’ of ADHD, primarily effects boys, who are then pumped full of the toxic drug Ritalin, it turns them from active, curious youngsters, into numbed down zombies, and well, as I wrote, we don’t really know the long-term effects, but they can’t be good. Some parents, especially single mothers, see the boisterousness of boys as scary, they want them to act more like girls and so see the hyperactivity of boys, not as natural, but as a ‘disorder’. They bring them to doctors, many of whom have been given nice fully paid for junkets to exotic places by the drug companies, these companies ‘ask’ the doctors to remember their drugs when treating various ‘disorders’ and ‘illnesses’, it doesn’t hurt that they can get payouts for pushing various drugs, that the drug companies make.

This is the thin end on the wedge, the idea that so-called ‘experts’ can determine who is not normal enough and needs to be medicated to normality is freaky, this is the stuff of an Orwellian nightmare, this is what happened in communist regimes, and is now happening in ours. I don’t really understand the parents that allow this sort of abuse to go on right in front of them, why would they allow it? I suppose some parents are ignorant, and trust the doctors as authority figures, some are lazy and wish for an easy life without the active, boisterous son, some could be plain evil.

This is nothing more then child abuse, those involved should be ashamed of themselves. Mind altering drugs are not something that should be used lightly, or are widespread, they should be sparingly used and only after everything else has failed, and they should never be used on young children who are still developing their own personalities and learning about the world.

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