The world is a bit mad at the moment, we have banksters and politicians looting us sideways, we have a continuing wave of violent, nasty immigrants pouring into our nations, sponsored by the aforesaid politicians and banksters and who is Hollywood maligning? White Christians, Southern White Christians at that!

I’ve not seen the film Red State, but a colleague was speaking about it to another at work today, apparently the film is about a bunch of evil Southern White Christians who kill and torture people, she mentioned one scene where these nasty Christian types were crucifying a young fellow in a church because he wanted to have sex, and so they thought him unclean. She was indignant that those nasty Christians could do it, as it wasn’t very Christian!

Ok, so some Hollywood atheist, Illuminist or Jew decides to insult Christians, rub their faces in it, slander them and portray to the world, once again, how evil Christians really are, and people are angry at Christians???

How does that work, how are people so easily led? Has anything like that ever happened? Ever, anywhere? Probably not, how many Muslim women have been stoned to death or hanged for some ill-advised liaison? Hundreds, thousands, millions? Yet no film there, how many children ritually sacrificed to the gods of the American Indians? Tens of millions? One film there, Apocalypto, thats it! How many films about the faithlessness of the Jews? None? And how many films and TV programmes about mad, evil, homicidal Christians? Ha ha, too many to count!

Nothing says this is the truth, then everyone pointing and saying ‘look how evil they are’ against all fact and experience. With all the real evil in the world to talk about and portray and dramatise, they go for the one group that does not react, that does not burn down buildings when insulted, that does not riot when slandered, that does not create diplomatic events when they are ridiculed.

The desperation of ‘them’, is getting all the more obvious, when faced with their own extinction they lash out at the group of people they hate the most, the ones who stand for truth and the one true God. They can’t stand that there are still real believers around and so they will try as best they can to destroy the only group who have stood consistently in their way all these years. And so we get abortions like Red State!


One thought on “Madness

  1. Brilliant post! It is the conundrum faced by those who are fighting by a set of civilized rules, versus an enemy who fights by no rules. In this case, those who abide by Truth and right, versus those who don’t. The enemy whose method is lying and cheating and total self-gratification will appear to win the fight. Christ’s example teaches us otherwise.

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