Qaddafi is dead, now what?

Seeing Qaddafi being mobbed and probably killed was not that pleasant.

I know he was a brute, a supporter of killers such as the IRA, but is still unpleasant to see someones end in that way, the Arabs sure don’t do dignified. I am a tepid supporter of the death penalty, tepid because I am wary of giving our thieving, treasonous rulers the official power of life and death over us, they have shown their incompetence and evil too many times to have another power over us!

But, leaders, such as that whore Tony Blair should be tried and executed, not by some baying mob, not with the delight I saw on the clips tonight, but with sobriety and sombreness! There should be no gloating over a mans death, no matter how wicked, but perhaps only a gentle sigh of relief.

The wider implication seems to be that anyone who opposes the forces of funny money and arrogant military might will end up dead, how is that going to play in the dozens of presidential palaces around the world? If I were I dictator I would be getting myself some nukes, and pronto!

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