So the occupy movement seems to be spreading, gaining attention and martyrs. It also seems far too many ‘conservatives’ are clueless about what is going on! There are many people protesting, not all are inveterate commies, not all are pro abortion feminists. Yes some are but not all!

The greatest number seem to have no real political affiliation, they are vague in their beliefs, but they know something is wrong and are tired of the ongoing and wanton abuse that our elites are handing out to their own people!

People are angry and now a quiet determination seems to be taking root! No longer will they accept the sewage that passes for News, no longer will they automatically accept the bare faced lies and deceptions that the political leaders spout!

The occupy movement is an opportunity, a friend of mine is moving to St Paul’s next week and wants to live there! I’m mulling it over. I do like my comforts! But then again all of us need to make a decision at some point. We all need to take a stand

I think I will visit a few times before I make commitment to live there as well!

The currents of history are changing. I can feel a difference in the air, a change in overheard conversations, comments on forums, blogs and mainstream media outlets, people are angry and increasingly aware of the reality that awaits our peoples!

I saw this graffiti yesterday. Maybe this is the turn of the tide?


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