Europe on the edge…AGAIN!

Good God, this is getting boring!

So, Sarkozy has mumbled some twaddle about ‘solidarity’ and ‘strength’ and we are expected to think anything other than, meh!

Just collapse already, I’m sick of all this back and forth, when I know it is inevitable anyway, there is no way the Euro has a future as currently constituted, none.

If, IF, Germany and France throw out all the hangers-on, then it is a possibility that the Euro could hang on for a few more years, maybe. But the Euro would then only have Germany, France, Austria, Finland and the Benelux, even Austria and Belgium are in not that great a form, so you could be down to six countries. But even then, France and Germany have colossal debts that need servicing, and in reality, not even this rump core could survive all that long.

This all comes back to the only reality anyone needs to be aware of, we are all in reality bankrupt, when I write ‘we’ I mean our governments, all of them. There are no western nations, and few non western nations that have little to no debt, perhaps Burma and North Korea, but most of the others have mounds of debt that they are struggling to pay the interest on, even at the low rates we have now. How in God’s name is anyone supposed to believe that we can get past this?

China is not, as some think or pray, the saviour, it has mounds of debts itself, it is in fact one great Ponzi scheme on the point of collapse. It’s housing bubbles are even worse than the west’s housing bubbles. They have been growing only as a result of a massive stimulus on the part of the Chinese government, who are terrified of what will happen when the music stops, that’s it!

Europe, even with Germany is screwed, it can’t pay the debt, and it won’t pay the debt. Thats all you need to know, we can argue on the finer points, but the tens of trillions in ever-expanding debt point to a mathematical certainly, we will go bankrupt. It may be that they will print, it may be that they will declare a jubilee, the only realistic and sensible avenue. That probably means we won’t have a jubilee as it is far too sensible, and would screw the banksters over!

All that is happening now is nonsense, the leaders are in a panic, the professional commenters are in a tizzy and the banksters are determined to loot as much as they can before the collapse, which they all know is coming!

So, how long has the Euro got? Who knows! Can it last longer than a year? Odds are looking slimmer by the day!

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