She is a rassis!

Some poor woman on the tram in Croydon is now the new ‘hate’ figure du jour! She had the temerity to speak the truth to a bunch of immigrants, who no doubt are mostly from filthy third world hell holes, and I would guess are mostly on benefits! The accent of the ‘diverse’ individual who was goading on Emma West seems to be Somalian, I could be wrong, but that’s what it sounds like, Somalians, are probably one of the nastiest, ungrateful, criminally active groups I’ve ever come across! They are also all on benefits! Anyway, the official story is that some nasty white woman goes crazy on a tram, suddenly her video goes viral, and a hate campaign, seemingly independent of the vile establishment is in full swing, people making comments on how awful she is, saying she deserves to be raped or killed by big black men! White people writing that she is an embarrassment to England!

Emma West has more balls than all the intellectual ‘race realists’ put together, she is honest, and I can guarantee she did not just go off on one without cause. Remember this is Croydon, which a few months ago was ablaze, set ablaze by gangs of feral negroes who ran riot, with not much in the way of opposition from the state. For five days and nights, they ran riot, looting, killing, assaulting and stealing from white people, and when people pointed this out they were actually said to be worse than the rioters! I actually saw that written!

So now, some white lady who has enough lets rip, lets rip at the women whose children were quite probably a part of that riot, and what does the state do? She is arrested and charged within two days, two days! Imagine if the police had responded to black criminality with in two days in August? But no, white people are fair game, blacks must be coddled at all times, they must be excused at all times, even of murder!

The worst thing is the white people making such a big deal about how they can’t understand her, how awful she is, how irresponsible! But, surely what happened was exactly what we should be seeing on a larger scale? Surely the sensible thing is to protest immigration, protest criminal individuals and their parents, even like this!

People really annoy me, they harp on about someone making a few comments, and neglect the reality that  we will end up in a race war in the future, which would they prefer, a few hurt feelings or pits full of bodies?

Update: After watching the video more carefully the accent of the ‘diverse’ woman was West Indian, not Somalian, Although I stand by the comments about Somalians! And I also like how the black individual behind Emma West (can’t tell if it’s male or female) gets up at one point in a theatrical demonstration and throws down their bag, as if they were about to start a fight! And then they sit down when they realise Emma is not backing down! Brilliant! I love this woman!

2 thoughts on “She is a rassis!

  1. Upon first viewing the video over at The British Resistance the same day it was posted, I immediately sent a link to personal friends/relatives on my email list. I also included my comments in support of this woman, much as you have here.

    Received one response from someone I’ve known for decades who highlighted the “bad language in front of child” theme. You know, the type of language they’ve often used themselves, the typical language heard on T.V./movies/Internet forums, ad infinitum.

    But one White woman whose frustrations and anger reached the boiling point that caused her to exhort a non-physical outburst on a public tram, is now suddenly cast as the worst harlot one could possibly imagine. This entire episode has become nothing short of a modern day witch hunt.

    Like the show trials of Communist Russia, Emma West will surely be made an example of, and eventually be “persuaded” to “confess” her political incorrect views while forced to genuflect before the false gods of multi-culti asking for its forgiveness. Sad times, indeed!


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