Political Prisoner Pleads Not Guilty!

Emma West, the political prisoner who is being viewed by self hating whites as the new Hitler has pleaded not guilty to a ‘racially aggravated’ public order offence!

Good for her, I completely expected her to buckle, to apologise, to grovel in front of the new gods of our age. After all she has a job to think of and more importantly her children! To do what she has done takes guts, it takes a strength of personality that most don’t have! And I can only be Impressed with this woman!

In Soviet Russia, Christians would sometimes have their children seized once they had been arrested, the authorities would say ‘denounce your God, curse Christ and we will let you go and we will let you have your children back’, some refused, some had the courage, in spite of the very real pain of imprisonment and the reality that they would never see their children again, of refusing to denounce God, of remaining faithful! It was hard to do! I can’t even imagine how terrible it was.

Emma West is facing something like those faithful Russians! She has been arrested for no reason, she has been kept in custody when it is common practice to release rapists and murderers after being charged! It is being said by the authorities that she is mad as well as bad! Her children are in care, now helpless in that sick system of government run child abuse!

She could lose everything. This is the way we live now, in fear of immigrants who have been raised to semi Devine status, in fear of the authorities who seem to prove again and again how much they hate us! This is intolerable, how can we allow this? And yet as
Long as X Factor and dancing on ice is on, people don’t seem to care, there is an apathy that is the antithesis of Emma West, and it is sad that it takes one vulnerable white mother to show us all up!

Pray for Emma and her children, send her letters of encouragement, let’s see if we can help with anything else!

She will need it!

Please write to her at: Emma West C/O HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ

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