The Feast of St Stephen

I hope you had a very merry Christmas. And I shall wish you a happy new year in advance! Today is the feast of St Stephen, in most of the English speaking world, today is boxing day, in Ireland we call it St Stephens Day! Today we go hunting, or watch the races, we eat leftovers and visit neighbours! These things we have done as long as I can remember, and probably shall continue to do as long as I live, not because it is forced, not even because it is expected, but because it is a tradition, it is something inescapable, it’s what is done on this day.

Christmas is probably my favourite time of year, I love the excitement, the expectation, the time off and the fine foods! I like being surrounded by family and friends, and yes they sometimes drive me mad, but this is not the time to debate the crisis we are in, now is a time to enjoy a return to our past, our kith and kin, home!

Whatever dread thing, or terrible event/s lie in wait for us in the new year, now is time to enjoy and bask in what little goodness remains in the world.

A very merry Christmas to you all!

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