The year of resistance

It seems that this year has opened with a flurry of activity, our enemies are confident and are stepping up their campaigns against us, it is getting to the point where even our enemies fellow travellers amount us are now considered fair game! The insufferable woman Julia Gillard, a Welsh transplant to Australia has spent her whole life doing the wishes of our enemies, she has been at the forefront of all the usual campaigns that are used to weaken us, environmentalism, immigration, ‘welfare’, leftie identity politics and although I don’t know for certain, I’m sure she has been at the forefront of the campaign to ‘apologise’ to the aboriginals!

None of this has helped her this week when she had to be carried away by her police protection after having a baying mob of these ‘victims’ attack her on Australia’s national day. A national day chosen not by mistake I will add, as it commemorates the arrival of the ‘First Fleet’, from Britain. Thus the first arrival of British settlers is used to mark the begining of Australia. Well would Australia be Australia if it was left to the aboriginals? Would it be the first world nation it is or would it more resemble Haiti or Congo?

It was not only the Australian prime minister that was attacked, so was the leader of Her Majesties loyal opposition, surely this is as brazen as it comes? Perhaps not! Perhaps this is only the begining?

Our money continues to be stolen. Greece is still bankrupt and still being screwed by the banks and international organisations, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Hungary and others are having the screws tightened and are being forced into an avoidable depression. No nation is being allowed to liberate itself from this onerous and unpayable debt, no bank is allowed to go under and no politician is willing to say the truth.

In America the only politician willing to say some of the truth has been sidelined again! Ron Paul is as good as out of the race now, he will continue to fight, but we must now face the prospect that someone like Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney could be the next present of those united states! Who makes these first names up anyway? Newt? Isn’t that some sort of lizard? And Mitt? As in mitten?

Protest have peterred out for the moment, it’s winter and it’s cold! But I think this will change as the year ages, and once again the middle east continues to be the world’s pain in the arse!

And are we expected to send more men to die for that madhouse? Are we going to bomb Syria now? Are these guys crazy?

American forces are building up in the Persian Gulf again! But it’s hard to see if this is more sabre rattling or if they will actually do something this time? Perhaps the Americans are hoping something happens? As a pretext for a wider war?

Israel is as usual making threats.

Western force has dislodged a number of dictators in favour of some very shadowy groups, crazed Islamic clerics, ‘Al Qaida’ – code for patsies and fire starters created by western and Israeli intelligence, as well as opposition groups who have no interest in turning their nations into eastern versions of California. And who can blame them, who would want to imitate the degradation of the west, who would want to see their daughters dress like whores, or their children killed in the womb?

Democracy doesn’t mean that you will suddenly live somewhere that looks like Paris or London. Democracy means you can vote! That’s it, it’s not communion with the Devine. And somehow the neocons state they are shocked that democracies in the middle east turn Islamic when democracy arrives!

Turkey has gone Islamic, Iran is Islamic, Gaza voted Hamas in their second democratic elections, Egypt has gone Islamic and Tunisia is going Islamic. I’m sure Libya will go Islamic too! Both nations ‘liberated’ by the west have gone Islamic. Which Muslim nations haven’t gone Islamic? The undemocratic ones!

Our nations are being ruined ‘democratically’, the majority vote and therefore condone what is happening. Does this mean we must allow our enslavement? If it is democratic? What if we are to see our homes occupied and our inheritance stolen? Must we allow it due to its democratic underpining? Must we accept our fate because it is a ‘legitimate democratic’ choice?


If that happens we must reject democracy, the Muslims at least that’ve that right, use democracy if it is usefull, when it is harmful we must reject it and use other means!

Lets begin this year in a spirit of resistance, let us see how we can start resisting.

Any suggestions?

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