Man held after attack on alleged goat rapist

You just couldn’t make it up!!

‘A Western Cape farmer is behind bars for allegedly trying to cut off his neighbour’s testicles for raping his goat.

The alleged animal rapist, whose name is known to the Daily Voice, was literally caught with his pants down by another neighbour on Sunday morning.

The shocked woman claims she watched in horror as the man violated the defenceless goat on a farm near Worcester.

She then informed the goat owner, Andile Nzilili, of the attack on his animal.

Nzilili, 42, then allegedly attacked the man by trying to castrate him with a pair of pliers.

The outraged farmer was arrested later that morning.

Family friend Victoria Mzamo, 32, says the alleged sex fiend drew a knife and threatened to stab Nzilili after he was caught.

“The woman saw him and asked why he was raping the goat,” said Mzamo.

“He told the woman he was going to kill the goat and eat it when he is done.’

This is the glory of the ‘Rainbow Nation’, the one that was supposed to show us all how great the black man could really be, and this is what is happening!

But don’t worry, this will soon be a regular news here too, as we are importing millions of Africans, ‘coz, they do the jobs we won’t do’! Funny how the jobs they do, usually are related to organised crime!



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