This is OUR Home

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen is not likely to win the French presidential elections this weekend, according to the polls, which put her on about 14% or so, with both Sarkozy and Hollande at about 25% each. Well hope wells eternal, does it not?

It is something that I find encouraging, when I see Europeans, in this case the French, and so many of them, without fear or shame, proclaim their loyalty to their people, to their land and to their fathers. It is an inspiring thing to see the crowds roar approval of Marine Le Pen’s speech, when she condemns the bankers, the immigrants and the EU slime balls that have done so much harm to our continent.

It is encouraging to see a fifth of French citizens, not the same as the French, declare their support of the Front National. Of Ethnic French, that number is nearer to a quarter. It encourages me when the crowds yet out, ‘This is OUR home’, indeed it is, and my only hope is that Le Pen is successful in this election, against all the odds, to reclaim France for the French.

Even is she fails now, the coming economic chaos of the next few years may open up an opportunity in five years, she is still young and could be the first restorationist to gain power in this corrupt continent.

God speed Marine, and for all our sakes, I hope you win!


2 thoughts on “This is OUR Home

  1. I’m visiting France now and I saw the sort of public access 2-3 minute election videos candidates make for television. Le Pen’s video was entirely about retaking control of the money supply. Though I am afraid it is not the biggest crowd-pleaser, I am really happy for this turn in emphasis in the FN as it can do in France what Ron Paul has managed to do in the US, popularising the problem of private elitist control of all legal tender.

    Despite this, parts of the media still only talk about how Marine is ‘far-right’ or ‘racist’. This truly shows what the ADL in the US has more or less revealed, that opposing globalisation is, apparently, racist, while supporting direct murderous attacks on foreign countries (which the FN has opposed for years) is good, loving, and humanitarian.

  2. It is strange, most so called ‘right wing extremist, homophobe, wanttokillsixmillionjews’ are opposed to the financial fraud that is at the centre of our corrupt system, they opposed the wars in the Balkans, the middle east and now in the ‘MENA’ region.

    As you rightly put it, its racist to want Arabs and Africans to stay in their own countries, but its not racist to wipe out hundreds of thousands of Arabs through wars of conquest!

    I wonder why that is??

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