A Norwegian Resistance?

I saw this comment on Counter Currents on an essay about Jewish Demographics, the article itself was interesting, but one of the comments was more so.

‘With regard to the Breivik reference, there is a new development.

A brief Sky News report tells what little is known at present. It includes a 1-min. video interview with a Norwegian member of parliament who speaks very good English.

The MP seems a little uncertain what to make of the note.

On the one hand he finds it hard to believe that it actually is what it purports to be.

On the other hand, Norwegians, like Americans, have been taught that there really are thousands of dangerous, evil white racists lurking under every bed. So, subconsciously, he cannot help but wonder . . .

Also, governments and NGOs actually are committing genocide, a sin as well as a (literal) crime against humanity prohibited by international law. And they know it. So that is lurking at the back of his mind as well, though he says nothing about it.


Breivik’s ‘Deputy’ Issues Terror Warning
Norwegian police launch a probe into a threatening letter sent by someone purporting to be Anders Breivik’s second in command.

A person claiming to be Norwegian mass-killer Anders Breivik’s second in command has issued a warning of more terror, sparking a police investigation.

An email sent to several politicians and newspapers in the country demands Breivik’s release and reportedly threatens to destroy the higher echelons of Norwegian society.

The letter’s author purports to be deputy commander of the Knights Templar – of which Breivik previously said he was leader, but which experts told his trial probably did not exist.

It says: “I hereby present myself as cell two and deputy commander of the Norwegian resistance movement.

“I, with my soldiers, give all due respect to our people, our culture and our ethnicity (and) warn all advocates of multiculturalism against this war we are now so deeply in.’

Now, I was always a bit suspicious of the terror attacks that took place last year in Norway, I assumed it was Muslims first, then when it became clear it was a Norwegian, I was puzzled. how could one man carry out such a complicated plan with no assistance?

After reading his manifesto, it seemed Brevik was claiming to be involved in a wider conspiracy, but the authorities denied that anyone else had been involved. And then there were the inevitable false flag theories, which seemed to have some merit, but seem to have been disproved by his trial and acceptance that he committed them, I find it hard to believe that someone can be brainwashed or manipulated for that long. Although it did seem suspicious that his Facebook account was changed during his massacre.

Now this new piece of information! It could point to a wider conspiracy within Norway, and it would explain the sophistication of the attacks, and the changing of the Facebook account during the attacks.

Could there actually be a Norwegian Resistance? Is the whole thing some sophisticated false flag operation?

It’s hard to know, but it is interesting that a sleepy marginal country like Norway should be the centre of such a conspiracy, whether false flag or not, and it begs the question, has the resistance begun?



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