Deconstructing Leftism

It’s a place getting taken over by the mob. I was going to say a “Third World country” but in the Third World the oligarchs don’t permit this sort of thing.

Blacks and Hispanics- “NAM” is nice shorthand, but seems reticent and obfuscatory- are great at using street violence to gain and manipulate power. The traditional white political system is oriented toward process, and defusing social turmoil with negotiation and compromises. But NAMs have a strong chase response, and only see weakness.

Rubber bullets and beanbags are perfectly acceptable crowd-control devices, and yes it is perfectly acceptable to shoot them at women and children if the women and children are rioting.

The elite has been slowly turning the US into a Latin American country. The elite lives very well in Latin America, the poor and what middle class there is are prostrate before them. But they are also able and willing…

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