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One of the most remarkable things in politics has been the growth of Libertarianism as essentially, stealth White identity politics. Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan has increased his chance of success, because the Ryan pick plays out Steve Sailer’s strategy in a highly modified but effective form. Sailer is known for urging Republicans to abandon reflexive union bashing, noting that in California, for example, only public employee union members among the White middle and working class can afford to live in what amounts to a high-cost state. Sailer attributes Arnold Schwarzenegger’s defeat politically to his anti-public employee unions.

Yet, contra Sailer, for most Whites, unions don’t exist. Working class Whites don’t belong to unions, by overwhelming majorities, and public employee unions have rapidly changed into Latino-majority. SEIU, for example, is a major backer of amnesty for illegal aliens. Public employees at the State, Federal, and local level are…

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