The Naive Gatekeeper

Fear must have it’s object, or that which it fears.  The object is demonized or made more evil than it actually is through propaganda.  Through this process, fear makes or brings into manifestation-builds/manufactures-it’s own external enemies.   What follows is how this is played out in the visible world.

This so-called enemy is an outward/external one, which because of fear, is a type of self deception, for the one who is “fearing’s”REAL enemy is internal.

An example of this, is what occurred in this country during the Roosevelt administration.  It was during this time, that the internal enemy, coming to this country from foreign lands, began to become intrenched in the government and bureaucracy, but not publically acknowledged by Roosevelt and the disguised emissaries who were instruments of the internal enemy.  The reason for this non acknowledgment of the internal enemy, was because Roosevelt had personal skeletons in his closet, which if revealed to the public, would cause him…

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