Real Currencies

The sucking up of wealth goes ever higher up the ladder.

It is not just the poorest 80% paying interest to the richest 10%.

Of the richest 10%, those gaining from the interest wealth transfer, the poorest 8% pay more than they gain from interest to the first 1%. And within the 1% the poorest 0.8% pay the richest 0.1%.

We know of the calculation that if the Rothschilds owned $50 billion in 1850 and made 5% per year on that, they would have $150 Trillion now.

Since it was widely reckoned that they controlled half the world’s economy at the time of the First World War, that sounds about right.

What Government on Earth can compare to such a power base? Is it fair to say Government is the problem, when it is so totally dominated?

Government is a problem.

The Money Power is the problem.

And it rules…

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