Four more years!

Well, I have not bothered to write anything on the American elections, as there are plenty of others doing so, and they can be insufferably boring and melodramatic. The results were not a surprise and I am glad that I did not stay up to watch the results, something I usually do at elections because of my interest in the theatre that is public life. A few years ago I imagine I would have stayed up until the early hours, now I just can’t be bothered.

Although I would have been happy to see that arrogant man and his insufferable wife thrown out of the White House, the alternative was even worse, if that is even possible! Romney was never going to do anything about the economic catastrophe that is coming, he would do nothing for the working man and he would quite happily leap to Israel’s defence if they ordered such a thing. War with Russia, China and Iran are now more remote than they would have been if Romney was elected.

Another thing that can cheer the grieving heart is that America, currently the most radical, anti-white, ‘progressive’ and blood thirsty power in the world is going to be weaker, it will be less likely to be able to oppose the new anti-liberal movements in Europe such as Golden Dawn, it will have to stand by whilst we are able to cleanse our continent of the garbage that has been building up here, much of it due to American liberal influence.

Obama will make America weaker, perhaps he will set off the ending of that poisonous entity, just as Gorbachev set off the ending of the Soviet Union? Well one can hope!

So, to all those who are appalled by this, don’t be, it was inevitable, the ending of America has been planned and is now being celebrated in open for the first time by the radicals who wish to turn it into some sort of freak show, which, to be honest it has already become. It would be kinder to end it and release the states of that toxic union to freedom and hope that some of those states can rescue some remnant of what America once was.

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