Mindweapons in Ragnarok

WN 1.0 is the military model — go out and antagonize people. Yeah, that’s smart!

WN 2.0 is the espionage model. Hide your views, fit in to society, learn foreign languages to fit in even more societies, outside of the American box, MAKE FEW OR NO ENEMIES.

Keep a single goal in mind, a single vision — an infrastructure of business/income and housing for White people and White people alone, blended seamlessly into society so there is nothing to attack, if ZOG even finds out about it.

Something like this — owning the local convenience stores and housing WN homeschooling families in an apartment while they work at the C-store and don’t have a car or share a car between 4 or 5 families, and they bring in math/science/language tutors and music teachers and very competent martial arts instructors, and theater/Stanislavsky Method. Theater training makes people powerful at influence —…

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