Its ok to be White?

This innocuous almost apologetic statement has exposed the white hating leftists for what they really are, it has unmasked them and their real motivations. Videos on YouTube show black women screaming ‘no its not’ whilst tearing down these plain white posters with nothing more than ‘Its OK To be White’ printed on it. Leftist publications are stating that there is a rash of racist incidents and asking ‘Is it really ok to be White?’

After years of the MSM anti white propaganda, after decades of slander and libel,  someone, somewhere came up with this brilliant statement and idea for a campaign, just to smoke out the insane, evil enemies we face and to make it obvious to the few still sitting on the fence that they are in fact evil and insane.

It has been delicious to see the irrational response of the left to this simple statement, please repost it on twitter or print it out yourself and stick it up where you can, together we can make the snowflakes melt!!


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