Demography is destiny

The recent elections in the United States has shown once again why immigration, migration, whatever it is you want to label it is stupid and dangerous, especially in a ‘democratic’ society. A majority of every ethnic group in the United States voted for the Democrats, every single one! The only group to vote majority Republican were white people, and not even by overwhelming numbers.

Some believe that this will lead to never ending Democratic rule in a few election cycles, I don’t believe thats true, I foresee a Caesarian future for a failed democracy the size of America. The massive military that it has funded will not allow democracy to ruin the power of America, it will go ‘Latin’ in it’s governance.

But what can you expect when a third of the population of your country is Latin? Can you expect America to continue to be America, when all thats left is the name?

The Greece of today is not the Greece of yesteryear, the Egypt of today is not the Egypt of the Pharaohs who’s genetics bares a closer resemblance to the Celts than the Arabs, great races when surrounded by a lesser race of helots seems to degrade toward the helot mean, rather than the helots becoming better.

This is why opposing immigration is so important, this is why homogenous populations are so important to defend, otherwise we all mix and degrade ourselves until we look like Brazil or India, or Egypt or Greece or one of the dozens of other racial hierarchies around the world that are and will remain the shitholes that they are.

Trump is losing! Unfortunately even if he wanted to, he would not have the support necessary to move back the tide of chaos that has been unleashed upon America, there are too many migrants, they’ve had too many children who think they are American.

The only answer now is when do we ditch ‘democracy’ in favour of another system?



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