Obama Lawyer Admits the Birth Certificate is a Forgery

After a Maricopa County law enforcement agency conducted a six-month forensic examination which determined that the image of Obama’s alleged 1961 Certificate of Live Birth posted to a government website in April, 2011 is a digital fabrication and that it did not originate from a genuine paper document, arguments from an Obama eligibility lawyer during a recent New Jersey ballot challenge hearing reveals the image was not only a fabrication, but that it was likely part of a contrived plot by counterfeiters to endow Obama with mere political support while simultaneously making the image intentionally appear absurd and, therefore, invalid as evidence toward proving Obama’s ineligibility in a court of law.

Taking an audacious and shocking angle against the constitutional eligibility mandate, Obama’s lawyer, Alexandra Hill, admitted that the image of Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery and made the absurd claim that, therefore, it cannot be used as evidence to confirm his lack of natural born citizenship status. Therefore, she argued, it is “irrelevant to his placement on the ballot”.


It gets stranger all the time! And what is truly amazing is how wilfully blind so many Obama worshipers are. Our beloved state broadcaster has never mentioned this small issue of Obama’s eligibility to actually be the president of those united states, it refuses to mention anything about him which may give people pause for thought. They worship him!

This whole is creepy!

Brigitte Bardot and Marine LePen

Well, the French presidential race is hotting up and it remains to be seem whether enough French people have the sense to vote Marine LePen into the Elysee Palace. Whether she could even do very much once there would be a concern, but at least, it would be a huge symbolic victory for our side, LePen seems to be a good debater, she does not seem crazy, she looks good, she is elegant. She also knows how to talk to the French people, she criticises ‘capitalism’, immigration and the over mighty EU, she does this in an intelligent way and well, one hopes beyond hope that she can make it.

Marine LePen

Marine LePen

I read an article on the official state sponsored France 24, you can see it here. In this opinion piece, the writer attempts to savage Brigitte Bardot, the former actress who now campaigns against animal cruelty, especially ritual slaughter of animals for Muslims, she has been convicted five times for ‘racial hatred against Muslims’ as the writer mentions twice in his piece, he refers to Bardot as an ‘old bag’, he compares her to the local crazy old racist we ‘all avoid’ if they lived in our neighbourhood! Hmmm, well, the comments were interesting, as they are in so many places nowadays, most of the comments I read laid into the writer, accusing him of showing disrespect for the old, accusing him of not knowing about Islam and the dangers posed and mocking him as a coward for not putting his name to the piece. Indeed it seems odd that France 24 should be so partisan, it is the French equivalent to BBC World, and although the BBC are quite blatant about their prejudices, there are nowhere near as bad as France 24

‘Once upon a time, she was France’s most alluring actress and a source of Gallic pride. Today, she’s deemed a pesky old bag and an embarrassment to her fellow countrymen. One thing’s for sure – Brigitte Bardot is still a great source of entertainment.

 At 22 she was the darling of France, a talented and beautiful actress who nobody could keep their eyes off. At 77, she’s like that racist old neighbour that you avoid in the street – the one that values puppies over asylum seekers.’

So, the writer is telling us we should value ‘asylum seekers’, when was the last time an actual ‘asylum seeker’ seeked asylum? All of the immigrants I see are just here for free money, none of them complain very much about their homelands, indeed some of them love their homelands so much, they are attempting to turn Europe into a version of them by forcing us to assimilate into their backward cultures!

But crafty old Bardot saw straight through them. She knows all too well that the only politician who really, truly hates Muslims enough to pretend to care for animal rights, is far-right darling Marine Le Pen (MLP). She, of course, would have no qualms in banning halal abattoirs in France. After all, the country’s five-million Muslims rely on them. No more halal… no more Muslims? And it would all be done in the name of animal rights, naturally. Bleat it lambs, MLP for president! 

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot

Already convicted five times for inciting racial hatred against Muslims, Bardot is back, and this time she’s got the presidential palace in her sights.

Again, the hatred toward France is palpable here, whoever this guy is, needs to get the hell out of France and leave people who actually love the place.

We can only imagine were that ‘rightful spot’ might be – a kitten-filled paradise where Muslims have their throats slit by cows?’

More lies and slurs against the French, why should they have to tolerate millions of aliens in their once fair land, why should one of the great nations of Europe allow itself to be overrun by teaming multitudes of hateful, angry, unemployed misfits?

Some of the comments:

‘Loves dogs, hates muslims, huh? She has the right idea, for sure. We need many more Brigitte Bardots. More who acknowledge the criminality of the muslim “religion”, more who condemn and punish the atrocities the muslims perpetrate on people of all faiths. Vive le Bardot!I’d say she talks a lot more sense that you do. Your blog post is so politically correct it’s embarrassing. It’s also riddled with prejudice against older people through the use of words like “doddering”. You would never dream of employing comparably unflattering adjectives when talking about Muslims. But you have been indoctrinated to believe that the de-Europeanisation of Europe is good and anyone who has qualms about it must be evil’

‘Ms. Bardot is correct on both counts: Her concern for animals and her understanding of true Islam. Nothing good has ever come out of Islam. One can only assume that the idiot calling Ms. Bardot, “An old bag,” is a Muslim. Such disrespect for an elderly woman or any woman for that matter, only comes from those who are enslaved by Islam, or their stooges. If the people of France had any pride at all in their history and culture they would expel that plague which has invaded them from the East.’

‘Where is out Le Penn here in England? The French hate muslims in their country as much as we English do. Any step that may put them off staying/coming is a good one. Well said Bridget!’

‘1 Mr. SARKOZY, not ”Zarkozy” (learn to spell, your post is awful) is French and the president of the Republic. Which can only mean that you are not the President, obviously (thank God). His rich background makes him proud 2- Algeria and Tunisia treated french immigrants with hostile racism. The pieds noir had nothing to do with colonization, they just wanted to live in the region. Their expulsion is a far cry from how rude & unpatriotic French-Algerians are treated in France 3-Get a grip on your ego 4-get a grip on your ego and show some respect and decency or seize sharing your backward thinkibng with the masses’

‘Typically, liberal columnists resort to grotesque ad hominem attacks when their arguments fail to hold water. Brigitte Bardot is a supporter of animal rights. It is, therefore, consistent, that she should oppose the innate cruelty of halal meat production. Quite how that makes her a ‘racist’ (the unanswerable insult of choice for all Leftists) is beyond me. And is ‘old’ now smething to be ashamed of, too?’

‘What a nasty article.’

‘i would choose Bardots values above those of fanatical moslems any day and the ridicule within this article shows that the writer fears Bardots views as they are very widely held…..’

‘It is blogs like this that make me want to puke. What horrible writing. Just calling a bad literary piece what it is.’

‘Animals live in agony and pain in Muslim countries, that is a fact. They treat animals very badly, I have seen it myself. They see western women as “bitches” and desecrate our churches by turning it into Mosques.’

‘By all means, this author’s views should be accepted. Shut down that evil racist Bardot! How dare she stand up for the nation of France… a nation that is faced with the destructive forces of “multiculturalism.” And if France pulls back from the precipice of multiculturalism, it may survive as a nation-state…. Unless, of course, unions and “welfare lifestyle” citizens continue to such the lifeblood out of this important nation.’

‘Mon Belle Brigitte she is a real true patriot and loves her native France. She hates what France has become with all the foreigners especially the musslims who despise the west. She is the modern symbol of Liberty. France needs to be returned to the French or the foreigners need to embrace the rich French culture and democracy’

‘Why is this author so hateful and contemptuous of Bardot? Her name will be remembered long after he is completely forgotten.’

‘It seems to me the author is pretty hateful too. What a personal attack on someone with a different view. I wouldn’t call this journalism and its not why if read France 24. This is a personal attack disguised as a news.’

It seems to me, that the comments on many articles, from left leaning outlets like the Guardian, to the Telegraph, from the Mail to the BBC and now even France 24, are showing the cracks in the false reality our elites have enforced on us for decades now, people are speaking out, it almost seems like people don’t care about being called ‘racist’ anymore. I hope that this is true, and I hope it continues. We need people like Marine LePen, the Front National and ‘crazy old bags’ like Bardot to show people the truth and to show people there is a way out of the catastrophe of the modern West.

Navel gazing journalists

It amazes me how highly journalists esteem themselves, even now!

If you watch this Newsnight on the BBC iPlayer, you will see the delusional statements they make, if you wish to get to the point go to 06:21.

These losers actually think that they are necessary in a ‘democratic society’, ha! Well, forgive me my journo friends, if you actually reported the truth of what is going on today, such as the dispossession of our peoples by third world savages, the support of this dispossession by our leaders, and the ongoing race war carried out against our people by the aforesaid savages, then I might have some sympathy for you, as it is, you, as well as our leaders and the third world savages, are our enemies.

These very same journalists, suppress the reality of black crime, they suppress it even when it is obvious, such as the summer riots, when the vast majority of the rioters were black, the press went out of its way to highlight the few whites involved and were at pains to shut down anyone who veered too close to the truth, such as the now invisible David Starky.

The same press that smears the BNP and the EDL, the same press that glorify blacks at any opportunity, the same press that haughtily mocks ordinary white English folk like Emma West.

We should make very clear to these scumbags, these co-opted, establishment stooges, that we don’t want them or need them, they are a part of the problem, and the sooner the papers have gone out of business the better.

I’ve not bought a paper in years, I get my news and opinion from Vox, Vanishing American, CWNY, Nourishing Obscurity, Zerohedge and dozens of others, I certainly don’t need the Sun or the Times to tell me what to think!

As for the idea of government support for the press, I have two words for that, one of which is ‘off’.


The world is a bit mad at the moment, we have banksters and politicians looting us sideways, we have a continuing wave of violent, nasty immigrants pouring into our nations, sponsored by the aforesaid politicians and banksters and who is Hollywood maligning? White Christians, Southern White Christians at that!

I’ve not seen the film Red State, but a colleague was speaking about it to another at work today, apparently the film is about a bunch of evil Southern White Christians who kill and torture people, she mentioned one scene where these nasty Christian types were crucifying a young fellow in a church because he wanted to have sex, and so they thought him unclean. She was indignant that those nasty Christians could do it, as it wasn’t very Christian!

Ok, so some Hollywood atheist, Illuminist or Jew decides to insult Christians, rub their faces in it, slander them and portray to the world, once again, how evil Christians really are, and people are angry at Christians???

How does that work, how are people so easily led? Has anything like that ever happened? Ever, anywhere? Probably not, how many Muslim women have been stoned to death or hanged for some ill-advised liaison? Hundreds, thousands, millions? Yet no film there, how many children ritually sacrificed to the gods of the American Indians? Tens of millions? One film there, Apocalypto, thats it! How many films about the faithlessness of the Jews? None? And how many films and TV programmes about mad, evil, homicidal Christians? Ha ha, too many to count!

Nothing says this is the truth, then everyone pointing and saying ‘look how evil they are’ against all fact and experience. With all the real evil in the world to talk about and portray and dramatise, they go for the one group that does not react, that does not burn down buildings when insulted, that does not riot when slandered, that does not create diplomatic events when they are ridiculed.

The desperation of ‘them’, is getting all the more obvious, when faced with their own extinction they lash out at the group of people they hate the most, the ones who stand for truth and the one true God. They can’t stand that there are still real believers around and so they will try as best they can to destroy the only group who have stood consistently in their way all these years. And so we get abortions like Red State!


MSM grasping at straws

The trouble is now city-wide, with trouble in Enfield, Walthamstow, Islington, Camden and Hackney north of the river and Brixton south of the river!

It seems that electronic shops are quite popular with the ‘protesters’ as well as off licences, again they seem to made up of crowds of blacks and the odd wigger.

Police cars, reporters and White passers by are being targeted for violent attacks and not one of the MSM organs is reporting this, even though they have been the targets!

In fact, the MSM seem to be straining at the bit to excuse the black criminality, they seem to be terrified of people coming to the conclusion that is unavoidable from the pictures running on the news.

They want to continue in their denial, they wish to cover up reality, but it will be hard to do that when hoards of blacks are storming shops, breaking into houses and burning down whole streets! Reality has a funny way of asserting itself.

Blacks on the rampage!

I’m not a great fan of the police, they represent the militarised arm of our enemy, they are the ones who arrest people for stating, quite politely on the radio, that they see homosexuality as wrong, they are the same people who arrest EDF members and go along with the elite in harassing BNP members. They are also the very same people who stamp on anyone who expresses opinion about immigration or Islam or who opposes the government.

However, being honest, British police are some of the least nasty, the most approachable police I have met!

It may be something to do with them not having guns, or walking in the streets, or just being English. The thing I find frustrating is that the police seem to go for that which is easy, they screw drivers who drive a bit over the speed limit, they prosecute ‘homophobes’ or ‘racists’ but seem to avoid getting involved with black criminals, which I suppose is understandable since whites don’t stick knives in their hearts but black ‘youths’ do seem to want to!

The riot last night shows the police to be weak, they allowed the violence to go on and on, because they don’t want to hurt some black guy because they get crucified if they do, they can’t spray water at them or use tear gas, because that’s not allowed in this country as it’s seen as ‘disproportionate’, which is fine in a civilised country, but look at what England has become!

Multiculturalism requires a powerful police state if it is to work, a police state is what I don’t want, and it’s probably not what you want, but it is necessary in a disparate, divided society.

Sometimes the more conspiratorial part of me thinks that perhaps this is the point, if you were an evil genius who wanted to establish a police state, but knew the plebs would rebel, how best to ensure you get want you want? Bring in a violent minority, allow them to run riot, weaken the police and hey presto, the people demand you create a police state to ensure their safety!

Maybe I’m wrong, probably am, but well there you have it!

A police state or an expulsion of the violent minorities, or the end of our people is the end result!