iPhone madness

20111014-122237 AM.jpg

This the queue outside the Apple shop in Covent Garden.

I was on my way to the tube station after a very nice dinner in ‘Giovanni’s’ when I noticed what looked like some long line of homeless people, all wrapped up in blankets and sleeping bags, sitting on old cardboard boxes. I was a bit puzzled at first but remembered that the new iPhone is out tomorrow, I laughed out loud and asked a few of them if they were here for the new iPhone, the replied they were, I laughed and told them ‘good luck’.

I might get the new phone, but I sure as hell won’t be sitting outside a shop in the cold all night for one, when I could just waltz in sometime next week and pick one up without the crowds!

I have read about these things in the past, but never seen one with my own eyes!

New IPhone?

Apple’s ‘Lets Talk iPhone’ event has started! I wonder what goodies will be revealed?

Can’t wait!

20111004-063012 PM.jpg

Update 05/10/11: Well that was a bit disappointing! Just seemed to be a catchup with the competition, with the only interesting things being the iOS 5, iCloud and Siri. I imagine that means that the real brand spanking new iPhone will be the next generation released next year, and it better be a bombshell or lots of people will wonder off toward the offerings from HTC, Samsung and others. Not sure if I can be bothered to get this model, or whether to wait it out til next year!