A Norwegian Resistance?

I saw this comment on Counter Currents on an essay about Jewish Demographics, the article itself was interesting, but one of the comments was more so.

‘With regard to the Breivik reference, there is a new development.

A brief Sky News report tells what little is known at present. It includes a 1-min. video interview with a Norwegian member of parliament who speaks very good English.

The MP seems a little uncertain what to make of the note.

On the one hand he finds it hard to believe that it actually is what it purports to be.

On the other hand, Norwegians, like Americans, have been taught that there really are thousands of dangerous, evil white racists lurking under every bed. So, subconsciously, he cannot help but wonder . . .

Also, governments and NGOs actually are committing genocide, a sin as well as a (literal) crime against humanity prohibited by international law. And they know it. So that is lurking at the back of his mind as well, though he says nothing about it.


Breivik’s ‘Deputy’ Issues Terror Warning
Norwegian police launch a probe into a threatening letter sent by someone purporting to be Anders Breivik’s second in command.

A person claiming to be Norwegian mass-killer Anders Breivik’s second in command has issued a warning of more terror, sparking a police investigation.

An email sent to several politicians and newspapers in the country demands Breivik’s release and reportedly threatens to destroy the higher echelons of Norwegian society.

The letter’s author purports to be deputy commander of the Knights Templar – of which Breivik previously said he was leader, but which experts told his trial probably did not exist.

It says: “I hereby present myself as cell two and deputy commander of the Norwegian resistance movement.

“I, with my soldiers, give all due respect to our people, our culture and our ethnicity (and) warn all advocates of multiculturalism against this war we are now so deeply in.’

Now, I was always a bit suspicious of the terror attacks that took place last year in Norway, I assumed it was Muslims first, then when it became clear it was a Norwegian, I was puzzled. how could one man carry out such a complicated plan with no assistance?

After reading his manifesto, it seemed Brevik was claiming to be involved in a wider conspiracy, but the authorities denied that anyone else had been involved. And then there were the inevitable false flag theories, which seemed to have some merit, but seem to have been disproved by his trial and acceptance that he committed them, I find it hard to believe that someone can be brainwashed or manipulated for that long. Although it did seem suspicious that his Facebook account was changed during his massacre.

Now this new piece of information! It could point to a wider conspiracy within Norway, and it would explain the sophistication of the attacks, and the changing of the Facebook account during the attacks.

Could there actually be a Norwegian Resistance? Is the whole thing some sophisticated false flag operation?

It’s hard to know, but it is interesting that a sleepy marginal country like Norway should be the centre of such a conspiracy, whether false flag or not, and it begs the question, has the resistance begun?



Anders Behring Breivik

Via The Daily Bell

‘Now, wearily, the same suspicions have surfaced about Breivik. He is the son of a Norwegian ambassador, spent time in Britain and his manifesto is strangely pro-British and apparently does not mention much about Norway. In other words, it doesn’t seem like the writings of someone who was such a staunch nationalist. It seems, perhaps, as if it were written for him. Here’s more on Breivik from Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars:

Breivik’s financial fortunes certainly took a turn for the better in 2006. According to his tax filings, which are publicly available on the Internet for all Norwegian citizens (Breivik’s have since been deleted but the cache remains), the gunman went from making virtually nothing to an income of over 600,000 krona (roughly $116,000 dollars) from 2006-2007.

As more details emerge about Breivik’s activities, his connections with London and his assertion that he was merely one of at least three “cells,” it’s obvious that a wider plot involving more people was responsible for last week’s carnage. This dovetails with reports from eyewitnesses who said they heard gunshots coming from two different parts of the island and saw another gunman with dark hair. Whether or not an incident that took place in south west Norway on Saturday night, in which a man was shot in the head by two men wearing military uniforms, is connected to the attacks remains to be seen.

However, Norwegian authorities and the establishment media are actively discouraging the possibility of a wider plot by focusing solely on Breivik and largely disregarding ample evidence of others being involved, thereby ensuring the “business and political leaders” the gunman said he conspired with remain under the radar.’

And from Prison Planet;

‘Indeed, there are two different Facebook profiles for Breivik, one from before the massacre and one from after. The latter profile appears to have been embellished and deliberately altered to emphasize the notion that the gunman was motivated by his “Christian conservative” beliefs.

Compare the two profiles below (click to enlarge). The first one in Norwegian was deleted minutes after Breivik’s identity became public. The second profile in English appeared after the original was deleted, and became the de facto profile of the killer.’


‘Breivik’s character of an enraged psychopath intent on butchering as many people as possible in the name of his cause is also contradicted by people who knew him personally.

In an interview with Russia Today, Ulav Andersson, who worked closely with Breivik, said that the killer showed behavior “absolutely nothing anywhere near that” depicted by the media’s characterization of him, and that his apparent racism was never expressed in terms any harsher than mild and “mundane” annoyance at being rejected by women. Andersson said that Breivik was not opinionated, “never came across as some kind of religious fanatic or anything,” and did not have a well developed ideology.

Adding that he never imagined Breivik would be capable of committing such an atrocity, Andersson says that he thinks Breivik was “brainwashed,” a judgment which correlates with eyewitness reports stating Breivik carried out what would have undoubtedly been an intense and stressful rampage with complete calmness and a blank expression on his face.’

This is the google translation of the incident refered to;

Norwegian to English translation

Police said the shooting victim is a 27-year-old man. He was transported to Stavanger University Hospital after being shot in the head and later died of his injuries. Two masked men in military clothing should be taken into 27-year-old home of Lura, Sandnes, Norway. It should have been fired one shot at about 19.50 on Sunday night. – People who saw the deceased was allegedly driving a dark station wagon, says operations manager at Rogaland Police District, Kjetil Føyen, to VG Nett. Rogaland Police District has launched a full murder investigation and are interested in information from the public.

– He was shot by the police unknown persons, said Føyen.

According Rogaland Avis got the police statement about the incident 19.53.

The more we know the more strange this becomes!