“Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to that arrogant oligarchy who merely happen to be walking around.”


This expresses my thoughts and experiences as well.

Shotgun Barrel Straight

I don’t know what part of me was alive, but growing up, I had enough spirit to feel the pain of Satan’s paradise.  I am, of course, talking about our anti-white acid bath of a culture and the pain it causes a true man caught in its depths.  I was born alive, in a world of dead peers, and while I didn’t escape the indoctrination (it affected me deeply), I was never changed by it.  The treatment never took with me.

I don’t brag about this.  Likely it implies there is some serious flaw in my psyche that others are free of.   But, whatever the cause, I know it was ultimately God’s doing.  I also know it was His work that pulled me out of the acid-bath.

What a divine rope!  I escaped to Narnia; I ran with Aragorn; I roamed the English countryside with James Herriot.  That is to…

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The Financial Times reports that George W. Bush signed off on 50 drone strikes, Obama has approved more than 350. Disturbing things are emerging from the Obama Administration regarding the drone strikes. First, is the unprecedented interest that (some say ghoulishly) Obama takes in the strikes. Personally approving who lives or dies, and reviewing the drone footage of the deaths himself, often alone. Two things that unnerve even Obama’s closest aides. [It is also monumentally stupid for Obama to be anywhere near the decision to kill to someone — he WILL be indicted for war crimes in a Western country and extradition be fought over, Nobel Peace Prize or not.]

Obama views drone strikes as Chicago politics writ large. The equivalent of mob hits, cheap, quiet, not messy, intimidating, and unlikely ever to backfire on himself. It fits into his image of himself as Don Corleone, a guy who…

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By Sarah, Maid of Albion


One of the great myths of our age is that the alleged benefits of multiculturalism outweigh any downsides. That claim would be laughable if its consequences were not so deadly.

As I have indicated in earlier articles there is a short term benefit for the very rich from an endless flow of easily replaceable cheap labour which forces down wage costs and disempowers the native workforce, who dare not strike or demand rights when they know they can be so easily replaced. However, even the super rich are now realising the gains are short term. If there is any satisfaction to be gained from this situation it is contemplating how much money those evil and cynical old men have lost in migrant blighted countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

Likewise as the crooked bunch of charlatans in parliament who thought they were…

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In China

Well. I’ve now been in the ‘Peoples Republic of China’ for one week! I’m here working for a while, maybe up-to one year!

I’m in the Sichuan region and I must say that so far, I’m impressed! Chengdu looks developed. The streets are clean, the parks and planted areas are well tended, the people seem prosperous and most are genuinely friendly. I was expecting a bit of a run down dump, the likes of which I saw in Brazil when I lived there at the beginning of the year! China is definitely a step up from Brazil!

I have begun to pick up a few words of Chinese, beer being the first one I learned, and have had some very nice food!

Due to the ‘great firewall’ I’ve not been able to use my laptop yet to post, so am confined to my iPhone, which has a VPN. If any of you have suggestions as to what I can download whilst here, please leave the suggestion in the comments!

The West’s Darkest Hour

In almost any war one side can be dishonestly demonized even by a truthful enumeration of its crimes, if the crimes of its adversaries are suppressed. —Irmin Vinson

Excerpted from Thomas Goodrich’s 2010 book

The Death of Nazi Germany

The Devil’s Laughter

Among the great majority of those [civilians] who scrambled onto ships, boats, tugs, barges, and naval craft sailing west, their flight was safe and successful. Not only was the warmth and food aboard ship a God-send, but the realization that they were at last escaping the dreaded Bolsheviks proved the first peace of mind many had known in weeks. As the wretched survivors of the [ship] could aver, however, there often was no escaping the nightmare… even at sea.

Just before one A.M., two torpedoes slammed into the Stuben’s side. Somewhere the ship was burning and people everywhere jumping into the water. As the Stuben’s stern…

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