The Exile

‘Actually, we do have a good idea of the nothing that exists behind all the official simulacra. When they throw party at the White House, they dance to black illuminati music. They drink and do drugs and congratulate themselves on their good luck. Obama golfs and travels and accepts Nobel Peace Prizes and gets gay blowjobs. He doesn’t pay attention to issues he’s not interested in. There is nothing inside the hollow men but perversions, addictions, and greed, and this emptiness is the scandal the Left cannot discuss.

“The image-destroying imagination of the exile must be generative and unframed like fire. The exile consciousness is sober, monastic. His best strategy is the disruption of the joining function in the collage. The true art form of resistance is anti-collage.”

“Escape must be imagined or all is lost. The next generation will live in a dystopia without any access to history.”

Codrescu’s “next generation” is this generation. Codrescu could not have foreseen how degraded the masses would become between 1968 and 2011. They do not desire honest institutions, they desire drugs, subsidies, vulgarity, spectacle, pure escape.

“One must avoid feeding one’s words to the center.”

The literature of exile in the United States has been the literature of ghosting, the strategy for dealing with feminists, the rude radical Negroes, white race-traitors, and immigrant gangs. Stepping around, avoiding contamination, dropping out, rising above, choosing one’s route carefully. Refusing to support those businesses involved with the anti-male and anti-white agenda. Seeking rural refuges. Thinking about saving something that might persist through these Dark Ages and be of use to a young man of good spirit born in the far-distant future who might be curious enough to sift through the false history and propaganda, discover the history of human greatness, and wonder how it all went wrong.’

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Revolutions have this odd hold on our minds, they are romanticised in film and novel, their instigators proclaim they fight for ‘freedom’, or ‘liberty’ or ‘independence’!

The reality is that violence, bloodshed and unlimited greed are the results! Those United States did not begin their existence in some sort of nirvana in 1776, a small group of heavily indebted, petty aristocrats decided to use the issue of the ‘Intolerable Acts’ as an excuse to rebel against their rightful King, they exaggerated the weight of the taxes that amounted to less then 1% of the GDP of the colonies, they whipped up anti-Catholic bigotry when they refereed to the decent treatment of the French colonists in Quebec by the Crown. They whipped up more bigotry and genocidal zeal when they objected to the the Proclamation line which had been set, so as to protect the Indians from unorganised and unlawful land grabs!



Fully one third of the population supported the Crown, they were expelled, massacred, harassed, robbed, humiliated and ‘cleansed’ from certain areas, the rebel minority managed to tough out the long drawn out war and only achieved their independence as a result of French and Spanish intervention on their side.



In the aftermath of American Independence in 1783, loyalists to the Crown were systematically excluded from the ‘new order’, tens of thousands left for Canada or other parts of the Empire, in the early years of the new republic, they did not do this as some sort of ‘lifestyle change’, they did this because of fears for their lives or property!



The new republic then went and started to tax their people heavier then the Crown had ever tired to! They mercilessly put down the Whiskey rebellion, how ironic is that, some treasonous rebels put down some other rebels because they rebel against the rebels!



This new republic then applies the same murderous policy it had to ‘Tories’ to the Indians and begins to appropriate their lands, exterminate it’s people and ethnically cleanse the lands east of the Mississippi.



It is not a coincidence that the Indians fought with the British in the war of 1812!



The French Revolution began peacefully, when the States General, proclaimed itself the National Assembly, but the evil and power hungry men of the Jacobins and the Girondistes wanted more, they wanted more power, they were not satisfied with reform, they wanted revolution, and that is what they got!



When they murdered their King, Louis XVI, they unleashed a storm that would not only end the lives of millions, they unleashed something that can only be described as satanic into the world, this appetite for bloody revolution, this template, this inspiration to evil and wicked men who desire power over all things!



The Terror, is aptly named, it haunts us to this day! The direct result of this revolution was Napoleon and his unbridled lust for domination, which led to the devastation of the wars that continued up to 1815.



The French Revolution inspired the ideologies of hate and envy that were eventually distilled by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, inspired by this atheistic utopianism, the Bolsheviks took advantage of the disaster that was the Great War and overthrew the Russian government, they were not content with power alone, they wanted to meld the minds of all their newly acquired subjects, the deposed Czar with his family posed a threat to the ligitimacy of their new government and it’s own Terror.



The Imperial family were murdered, what followed was hell on earth for Russia and it’s people for nigh on 80 long miserable, terrifying years!



The Russian example gave rise to Hitler and Mao and Pol Pot! All of them inspired by the communist take over, all inspired by the Jacobins and the Bolsheviks! All inspired in part by the Rebels in America!



Revolution is an evil, wicked thing, planned and executed by atheistic, God haters. People who worship man above all things, those who lack humility or decency or even simple human kindness. Loyalty, duty, sacrifice, this is what the opponents of these revolutions displayed, this is their reward as they are now mostly forgotten.



The loyal subject of King George, who lost all his property, who was tarred and feathered, beaten in front of his family!



The loyal subject of King Louis, Who was hunted down in the forests of the Vendee, who was tortured and murdered, who’s family was scattered and lost!



the loyal subject of Czar Nicholas, who was brutalised and butchered, his family left to starve, and if he had any descendants, they would have lived in fear for generations!



these are the people who suffer at the hands of these pompous, overfed, over important, ignorant, evil men, who declare with such arrogance that they represent the people that they harm!



It is not these evil men who represent the peasants and the lowly, it is the King, Le Roi, the Czar who represent these men and are the only ones capable of doing so!



Revolutions are evil, tens of millions, perhaps even hundreds of millions have lost their lives for the ambitions of republicans!



Yet nothing can change the reality that we are still enchanted by the Kings of old, republics are grey and lifeless, they speak to our heads not our hearts, only a King can speak to both!

Our Enemies!

As we continue our civilisational slide toward depravity and enslavement, it seems urgent that I harp on about how we could avoid this fate, and perhaps even succeed in reestablishing our belief in ourselves and our culture!

Our enemy is not, as some would have us believe Muslims or even their religion, it is not even the leftist parties we are supposed to hate, whilst voting for the ‘right wing‘ ones as the best of a bad lot. Our enemy are the traitors among us who desire our subjugation, enslavement and ultimately our obliteration. We don’t see them for we are voting for them, they are the ‘conservative‘ parties of Europe and America.
Ask yourself, what has the ‘Conservative’ party ever done that is actually conservative? Have they opposed the abolition of the House of Lords? No, they supported it and tried to paint themselves as more radical then Labour!
Have they opposed the ‘European project’? No, they brought Britain in!
Have they ever lowered taxes? No, they increased them!
Have they ever, really opposed the Satanic welfare state? No, the enlarged it!
Have they ever opposed abortion? No, never!

Have they ever opposed ‘gay rights’? No, not recently!

Have they ever supported a moral position that was not trendy at the time? No!

The same could be said of any conservative party in Europe, they are revolutionaries in suits, they are sirens, calling us to support them, then they will betray us!
Theodore Dalrymple says “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. Ones standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

Thus we have the Race Relations Act, the Sex Equality Act, the many new and inventive ‘hate laws’ that make speech and thought criminal!

In another effort to impose themselves on us they ban smoking, hunting and smacking of children, it seems they get off on proving just how powerful they are, they can reach into our very homes and prevent us from chastising our children, how arrogant. The most disturbing thing is that most people reflexively support these tyrannous powers, even gloat as the smokers have to go outside to enjoy their tobacco!

local councils in England and throughout Europe love their powers, their power of destruction seems one of their favorite, they adore pulling down historic old buildings and erecting in it’s place pig ugly concrete boxes, you see it all over the place. Most of east London has been governed locally by communists and their sympathisers since WWII, as a result, it is one great big concrete slum.The same goes for Dublin, Cork and Limerick (one of the worst examples), this philistinism spreads over borders!

Marxists, false conservatives and their sympathisers want to make us perfect people, perfectly healthy, perfectly submissive, perfectly hard working, they want us to own nothing, aspire to nothing, re-learn everything(this is already ongoing in the concentration camps they call schools) and to forget our Christian past.

The only way to ensure this is to destroy all evidence of this past through demolishing our heritage. This means restructuring our great cities, demolishing or converting our churches into food halls and strip joints and housing. It means closing our libraries, dumbing down our universities and making them into fortresses of the new religion, the anti religion.

Marxists see the destruction of our past as a way of erasing our collective memories of the ‘evils’ of that past. In an effort to create a synthetic new humanity with a new history or none at all, they will go to any lengths, Marxists and their allies(conservative politicians) in the West have infiltrated our universities and schools and turned them from places of learning to places of indoctrination, preaching the evils of the West and our history, and calling for its demolition and replacement, although nowadays they tend not to tell us what it would be replaced with!

It is sad and unsettling that our educational establishment have convinced us that most of our past was a living hell for our ancestors, that they lived in mud huts, were illiterate and oppressed, while the Islamic world was a beacon of light to the darkened and ignorant West!

Fact tells us that many of our ancestors were literate, 25% of English people were literate in 1620! This was not unusual in the West, In fact there were more literates in England in 1880 then there are now! 1880 being the year that the government began to involve itself in primary education, as good an argument against big government as any, methinks!

It is irritating that one can hear a white Englishman state while travelling around the Pacific islands, ” they have such a rich history, going back hundreds of years”, whilst being blind to the richness of his own heritage which goes back thousands of years!

So what is my point?

Learn your history, learn about the richness of your culture and your religion, learn about the relevance of the nice looking buildings where you live, see the beauty of Europe before it is too late, take in the galleries, read the literature, read the history books written at the end of the last century, before our academy became red. Read, discover, enjoy the fruits of our civilisation, know your self, then you will recognise the poison that emanates from our ‘centres of learning’ then you can counter the arguments of the traitors amongst us!