I have added a few new links, one’s I’ve had bookmarked for a while, there are a few everyone should read, the first is an interesting site called ‘The Modern Fascist’, it is a new blog and is apparently written by an 18-year-old American. I’m amazed that anyone is brave enough and smart enough to have the gall to call themselves a ‘fascist’, especially in America. Another very interesting read is ‘In This Age of Plenty’, a work by a Catholic Quebecer on the theory of Social Credit, I would be interested if anyone has an opinion on it, as I’m still working my way through the theory and trying to grasp how it could work.

Another interesting read is a book which I’ve entitled ‘White Australia Policy’ which is actually a long chapter from a book called ‘Connected Worlds’ written by an opponent of white self-rule, but he does do a good job of explaining the various experiments of white societies, trying to stay white in the face of a ‘rising tide of colour’, there are also chapters on South Africa, Rhodesia and the American South, which are just as interesting.

It is, I suppose a depressing read in some ways, to think of all the defeats and no victories we have had in the last century, but, it needs to be done!

If you have not yet had a peek at ‘The Fall of the Russian Empire’, it is also worth reading, the writer makes an interesting point that it was a spiritual failing in Russia that led to the conditions in which the Russian people stood by whilst their Emperor was deposed, imprisoned and then murdered, and that the Imperial family, were a symbol of the future that lay in store for the Russian people.

In the Art, Design and Architecture section, you may want to check out ‘Utopia’, people like Vanishing American would probably appreciate it, lots of beautiful old paintings and pictures of lost times. ‘Paris 1900’ is along a similar vein.

A blog I have enjoyed, despite not wanting to, is ‘Eternal Bachelor’, it is written by a fellow in London, from what I can surmise, he does not have much of a warm spot for women, and would not be what you would call a feminist! He uses some strong language, and I must actually admit it can sometimes be quite sad to see a man so jaded with feminism that he hates all women. But that is another of the curses of our times, our women turn on us as well as our enemies!

I also have an older link, ‘Magna Grece’, which is mainly concerned with Southern Italy before the Risorgimento which overthrew the ancient kingdoms of Naples and Sicily, it is written by a scholarly fellow and I have learned much from him, so please take a look.

Also, just for your edification, in the language section, there are a few good and free language sites, I have spent the summer brushing up on my French, German and Russian and it is actually very effective, especially with my French and German, I find Russian very difficult, and have only been studying it for the last two years, so it has not been as useful with that! So if you know a little French, German or another language, try it out, you can take it as fast or as slow as you wish, and it is definitely worth having another language.

Also, just for fun, I included ‘Thor Steinar’, a clothes company that apparently antifas don’t like because they accuse it of being a NAZI shop! It does seem that it was set up by a nationalist and that nationalists do shop there, but in reality it is not really that blatant, I just want a few people to buy some stuff to annoy the lefties!


I have decided to show a few pics of my home to you.

My Home


The Rose Bush


The fields


My Faithful Dogs


Castle Ross


Muckross House


The Lough


The Abbey of Muckross


Inside the Abbey


The ceiling of the Abbey


The Cloisters


A ruin of a house near my place, I always wanted to do this up!


A stone circle, or what we call a 'Fairy Fort'


The stone circle


the road in front of my home


The back garden

The Beauty of Europe

Sometimes, I need to see the beauty of that which I wish to preserve, that which needs to be preserved. If all the suburbs, tower blocks, skyscrapers, ‘modern’, concrete slabs were to be demolished, we would still have Europe, we could still seek its past through the little towns, villages and cities that would remain. If the types of places bellow were to be demolished and forgotten, then we would be closer to cutting whatever links us to our once glorious past.

Remember, these are only buildings, only towns, only brick and wood and mortar, but, they have become more than that, they are a mystical connection between us and our fathers.




Stein am Rhein



Mont St Michel



The Exile

‘Actually, we do have a good idea of the nothing that exists behind all the official simulacra. When they throw party at the White House, they dance to black illuminati music. They drink and do drugs and congratulate themselves on their good luck. Obama golfs and travels and accepts Nobel Peace Prizes and gets gay blowjobs. He doesn’t pay attention to issues he’s not interested in. There is nothing inside the hollow men but perversions, addictions, and greed, and this emptiness is the scandal the Left cannot discuss.

“The image-destroying imagination of the exile must be generative and unframed like fire. The exile consciousness is sober, monastic. His best strategy is the disruption of the joining function in the collage. The true art form of resistance is anti-collage.”

“Escape must be imagined or all is lost. The next generation will live in a dystopia without any access to history.”

Codrescu’s “next generation” is this generation. Codrescu could not have foreseen how degraded the masses would become between 1968 and 2011. They do not desire honest institutions, they desire drugs, subsidies, vulgarity, spectacle, pure escape.

“One must avoid feeding one’s words to the center.”

The literature of exile in the United States has been the literature of ghosting, the strategy for dealing with feminists, the rude radical Negroes, white race-traitors, and immigrant gangs. Stepping around, avoiding contamination, dropping out, rising above, choosing one’s route carefully. Refusing to support those businesses involved with the anti-male and anti-white agenda. Seeking rural refuges. Thinking about saving something that might persist through these Dark Ages and be of use to a young man of good spirit born in the far-distant future who might be curious enough to sift through the false history and propaganda, discover the history of human greatness, and wonder how it all went wrong.’

Read the rest here

Hope in the east

I recently had to go to Leipzig, in the former GDR, I must admit, I was not looking forward to it, expecting drab, monotonous cities, my only aim on my few days there was to go to Dresden to have a peek at the restored Frauenkirche.

A new building in Leipzig

Well, I was shocked, truly I was, this eastern part of Germany is not only not drab, but beautiful, the people are friendly and helpful, the food and drink is very good and quite reasonably priced and the cities are being transformed from the ugly socialist ruins that they once were into the beautiful cities they are becoming.

Leipzig, in the market square

The one thing that struck me most was the lack of diversity, I saw three blacks and two orientals in my time there, time spent in two large cities as well. There were actually not even many non-German tourists, a few Czechs, the odd Englishman and two Americans, but that was about it! I walked through big sprawling council estates at night, I did not feel afraid, I did not clench my fists as people came walking in my direction, I did not worry about getting attacked or stabbed, I was not stressed for those few days. Such was the lack of diversity!

A Dresden estate

When I left Leipzig to go to Dresden for the night, I actually realised I would miss the city I once dismissed, but Dresden, what a place, a city risen from the ruins. The Frauenkirche pops its dome above the city’s skyline dominating it, defining what Dresden is.

The Frauenkirche

Dresden and Leipzig seemed to be what I wish all of our cities were like, inhabited by our people, with our people working in the hotdog stands or in the butchers or serving coffee or cleaning the hotel rooms or public toilets, living in the estates and the fancy houses, living in the city centre and the suburbs, not as is in London, seeing our people being cleansed from the historic heart of the city in favour of aliens who are hostile to our continued existence.

The lack of diversity was encouraging, it shows that the lies of the multicultis are just that, lies, we don’t need slums filled with angry blacks, we don’t needs ghettos filled with resentful unemployed arabs, we don’t need immigrants ‘to do the jobs we don’t want to do’, because in a healthy society every job can be done by a local, because a healthy society will not allow big business and slimeball politicians to lower the wages of locals by flooding the area with invaders, who they give free housing to, how fair it that?

The Frauenkirche from the Elbe

Another thing that my trip to Saxony shows, is that we are capable of building beautiful buildings and cities today, we have not completely lost our ability to erect structures like the Frauenkirche or the townhouses that surround it. We can still dress stone, work with plaster and use paint to create beauty instead of painful and shabby ugliness.

I have left a few pictures of Leipzig and Dresden

Germany’s Lost Cities

It was last year I recall, when I last refered to architecture and its significance, it seems to me the more refined and moral a culture is, the more refined and beautiful its buildings are, the outside being a reflection of the inside. That is why we can’t build anything beautiful anymore, there is no beauty in our souls, we can build big, we can build ugly, we can build shabby, but not beautiful anymore.

I recently found some beautiful coloured photographs of Antebellum Germany, pre Great War that is, and to look at these photos, is to realise how far we have gone down, I just don’t understand how we can’t build beautiful anymore, technically I am sure we are able, but from all the evidence, it seems no one that matters, the architects, the patrons and the planning authorities have any desire to see anything beautiful built. Which makes Prince Charles’ recent intervention in the Chelsea Barracks saga all the more cheering!

The photos show a time when Germany was at peace, a prosperous, ordered and beautiful country, some cities such as Danzig and Breslau are no longer German, having been ethnically cleansed in 1945 by the Soviets, some like Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden were turned into seas of flames by the ‘virtuous’ Allies, some such as Munich are more or less similar to the photos, and thankfully so! Dresden has risen out of it’s rubble, but once a city has been violated, the way Dresden has, I feel it is hard ever to be the same again.

The one thing that these photos do, is fill me with immense sadness.

I will leave with the photographs;