Re-Forging Old Ways

I was perusing the Counter Currents site and came across some comments that struck me, they did so, because it is where I find myself. Trying to live life that is not conforming to the world trying to be Godly, trying to discover how people lived before this culture leaped to its death. My family too, like the first commenter is a mess, family members are married to West Indian women, a cousin is breeding with a Moroccan man, another cousin has mated with a Chinaman, marriage seems to be an afterthought. I wonder what my grandparents would think of what has become of us? What can I do? I don’t approve, and say so, but being shouted at and excluded doesn’t seem to work, so then I try to overlook the above, but I can’t stand it!

The first commenter Ugg states

‘For those of us who were raised by “liberated” women, around shallow, defeated men who had assimilated and succumbed to feminism’s direction and premises, there is no linear path back to orderly, archaic life and familial health. How do I keep my “family”–my loose biologically-related assortment of selfish, weak, deracinated individuals–and yet look ahead to one day building an authentic family? It’s a constant battle with parents and relatives who behold me passive-aggressively–do what you want, they indicate, but don’t upset the soothing rhythm of our PC brainwash cycles, or we’ll shriek and complain. Yet if I am to have what I regard as a real, worthwhile life and family, it would mean throwing out so much of their failed example. Approaching this gracefully but seriously is not a straightforward thing.’

And the reply by Juleigh Howard-Hobson is,

‘Ah, this is a topic worthy of an essay of its own. Thank you for bringing it up.

We have plenty of family members who see what we do as a threat to and vilification of them and their lives–(even back before we were married we were treated as if we were ridiculous to think of marriage and were advised to just live together so that we could avoid the later and inevitable divorce costs…we ignored those words. We will be married 20 years next July. Do the old words sting sometimes? Maybe, but it’s not us that is being stung).
Never forget this: we are re-forging old links to an ancient chain, we are re-marking pathways back to where we need to be as a folk; some of what we ask of ourselves will be repugnant to people who would prefer to live unhappily but easily within the system that is strangling their future. So be it. It is imperative not to obey ‘advice’ or give in to influences that you know are damaging; don’t even argue with them –just ignore them. If you can’t, then minimize contact with negative people, and even family members, who refuse to let you lead a real and worthwhile life and have a real and worthwhile family future. As hard as it is, sometimes many non-immediate family members (by this I mean non-spouse, non-child) must be avoided–it is a harsh reality and one not to be taken lightly, but, a reality nonetheless.
As people trying to preserve and/or revive an entire folk way that we never thought could be lost, we are left with many, many hard decisions. This doesn’t feel fair but…look where being soft led us. Try not to burn bridges (of course, that said, some bridges burn themselves). Approach each situation/family member problem as gracefully as you can, but firmly and with no quarter. If your family is like our families, you will be surprised at how many of these negative family members come around later on (some much later than others) and are genuinely happy to be reconnected. It’s an old saw, but it bears repeating: nothing succeeds like success.’

This has been something I have been thinking about on and off for some time, it is something I really don’t want to face, but know that I must at some point. Avoiding people, even family members seems to becoming more and more a necessity, I am getting tired of arguing, of debating with those who refuse to debate, to attempt to talk sense into those who do not recognise sense, I am tired of the snide remarks, the rubbing of ‘diversity’ in my face, I sick of the oh so hip ‘pro choice’ comments my brother seems to stick into every conversation we have, trying to get my to argue with him. It is infuriating!

So what to do? Avoid them all? I’m really not sure yet, but my thoughts increasingly drift in that direction, but the thing that stops me is if I am a ‘tory’, then I should not dissolve these natural ties of blood and affection, so what do I do?

Toward a police state

Although the politicians are filled with faux horror at the chaos of the past week, I cant help but think that this may have been a good week for these power-hungry predators. The calls being made are not those which would actually fix the problem, they are exactly those things which will make it worse. They are saying that the police would have the power to close ‘social media’ or the Blackberry Messenger Service when they ‘need’ it, ok, can you see the potential for abuse here? What happens if there are actual demonstrations against this government, will they close down Twitter and Facebook for it? Is this not what happened in Egypt in January and was condemned by the same politicos who are now suggesting this?

One thing about the past week that I found encouraging was the vigilante groups that formed in Enfield and the other one in south London that was led by the EDL, they were patrolling their areas preventing yobs from doing damage to their areas, their homes and their businesses. Both of these white vigilante groups were condemned by the elites and hateful slander was spread by the MSM, calling these groups ‘racist’. So I wonder, is it worse to be racist or a looter? Well it seems we already know the answer to that, thankyou Gaurdian!

Asians also came together to form vigilante groups, the Sikhs of Southall, the Turks of Haringey and the Muslims of Birmingham, but it seems that they are ok. According to the vile MSM, it is only when whites try to defend what is theirs that it becomes a concern!

But I digress, the point is, it was good to see people doing something for themselves, doing something without having to wait for officialdom to allow them or waiting to get a licence (often against the wishes of the police, who seem to prefer that we allow gangs of hoodlums run amok, rather than seeing locals doing what the police should be doing!)When the establishment has lost control, as happened this week, it was locals getting together and policing their areas that may have prevented mass looting in those areas and perhaps had an effect on the duration of the riots. It is one thing to loot when one knows that one will not be stopped, it is something to think about when one knows the locals are waiting for one with baseball bats!

The establishment seems united in condemning this vigilantism, they seem to suggest that only the police, even if they don’t bother turning up, should be the only group that deals with criminals! Why is this? What possible problem can they foresee with these vigilante groups? It is true that they could get carried away if they caught a looter, but then, so what? They are not trained for riots, well yes, but then the police have not been all that effective this week either. I think the real reason for this disgust, is that the elites are horrified that the plebs are doing something for themselves. This reminds the elites that the very same thing could happen to them, and seeing the economic carnage that has taken place this week, that could possibly not be too far away. They fear their own people, not the Sikhs or the Muslims or the Turks, they can be easily managed, but they fear the men of England, they fear them due to their treason. The English are the real threat to their power, and if the English realise that they can band together and be a force, whether for good or ill, that could be the seeds of the downfall of our corrupt elites.

And so, to prevent the English from realising their power, to prevent their own loss of power, the powers of the state must be extended, the powers of the police must be enhanced, but never will anyone say what the real problem is, or give a real solution to the real problem. As I have said in the past many times, this government, like all others over the last half century, has betrayed its people. They have in the past, and continue to import millions of immigrants from the third world, a never-ending tide or fraudsters, robbers, rapists, liars and murderers. The government tells us it is wrong to resent this human tide, the media tells us it is a blessing that must be embraced! Crime climes ever higher, depravity continues apace, division, spoliation, violence, dishonesty grow up where before there was almost none. England becomes what is has become, a stinking third world slum.

All the time the government and the politicians tell us, don’t believe your eyes, this is not happening, and if you refuse to believe us, you must be racist, you are filled with hate, you are evil! But, how can we be evil? All we do is point and say, ‘what is happening?’, we see the rubbish strewn streets, we see the walking tents, which we are assured are women, we see groups of black ‘youths’ at street corners, and when we pass we hear them sucking their teeth at us. We see them glaring at us searching for anything worth stealing, they spit near us, and we wonder, why are they here? But I am apparently hateful and selfish for thinking this, I am evil!

Government, the same government that did this to a once great nation, is now telling us it will save us, but only if we give up what little scraps of freedom we have left. The people seem happy to do so, indeed, they are demanding their own enslavement, they desire only to be comfortable and safe, safe from the marauding packs of animals in the streets. The  same packs of animals that the government allowed into this country, the same ones that the government gives free housing to, the same ones that the government provides free education and healthcare for, the same ones who are provided with nice cells in gaol, where they have a TV and games console, all paid for with the taxes of the safety loving white man.

There is one thing that the politicos refuse to even say, DEPORTATION. That is the only way to solve this unrest, and ultimately, this word will have to be recognised, even by the politicos, but not before they have ensured that this nation has been brought even lower than it already is, not before we see a police state that shall rival East Germany, but once that crumbles, as it shall, then perhaps, perhaps, there will be enough English men left to reclaim what little is left standing of a once great nation.

Four dead

The latest death,  is of a man called Richard Mannington Bowes, he was killed by a negro, this follows the deaths of three Asian guys in Birmingham, who were killed by three negroes who ran them down and drove off at speed, the Asian men, were protecting their property, and their mosques, Asians in Birmingham don’t really like the blacks in that city, and there have been problems between them in the past, the most recent problems were the riots in 2006.

This whole riot season has been vert good for these feckless negroes, they have got lots of free stuff. JD Sport items, mobile phones and flat screen TVs seem to have been the main objects of desire. Most of them will get away with it, the police didn’t bother to tackle them when they were looting and terrorising people, and even if they do manage to arrest them the courts will give them a limp wristed slap on the hand, many of the so-called ‘children’ have been given ‘youth referrals’ which is a poor excuse for sending them to some benefits office where they get free training or free holidays!

It seems to me, that the Asians in Birmingham, and the Turks of Haringey deserve more respect, then those bloody white liberals, who seem to make excuse after excuse for these black criminals, the Asians wish to effect justice on those criminals, the Turks stood outside their businesses armed with baseball bats, pathetic white liberals ran for safety and came out and cleaned up the mess that the black criminals created the night before.

It is maddening that whites seem determined to excuse blacks of any and every crime, just because they are blacks, but if any white guy makes a mention of the fact that blacks have been the largest part of this criminal rampage, other whites seem to think they are as bad as the rioters!!

Now, they who rule us, can use this as an excuse to extend the powers of the police, and they people will cheer their enslavement!

The Death of Dreams

I have been an avid reader of Centauri Dreams for a while now, the idea of being able to explore new worlds and new star systems is one I’ve been facinated with for some time. Whilst most of my life I accepted that there would be little in the way of space exploration any time soon, and not much in my lifetime if any, I was astounded to come accross Centauri Dreams and read that theoretically we have the ability to explore space in a much more rapid way then we have been doing upto now, and one that could work out cheaper!

Something called Project Orion was established in the first years of NASA, it was led by some very clever and ambitious men, Ted Taylor and Freeman Dyson. Their plan was to send a large rocket into space using nuclear power, literally small nuclear bombs causing the lift needed to get it into space, once in space an Orion spacecraft could jet it’s way to Mars in a few days to a few weeks, depending on how fast one wanted to go, and to the outer reaches of the Solar System and back in a little under a few months.

Orion spacecraft via NASA

This would have been ready to test in the early sixties and could have, if there had been some political will, been in space by the time the Apollo programe apparently reached the Moon. Only it wouldn’t have stopped at the Moon, Dyson was writing about reaching Saturn in the seventies and further out in the eighties. The ships could have been huge, anything from 800 to 8,000,000 tonnes, which is a bit more ambitious then the now defunct Shuttle programme, it would have been a realistic way to get into space and begin a new expansion of our frontiers. As was, the politicians werent interested and decided to go for the Apollo Programme which got them their Moon landings and that was that, because space has never been about doing something, it was all about politics and show.

Nuclear power could be used even now to power exploration of a new frontier, it could give us a place to move to, a place to flee from the coming dark age of world totalitarianism, but perhaps that is why only governments can access nuclear technology, and why governments have opposed private attempts to reach to the stars?

Another interesting point, is that the very same nuclear power, could take us to Alpha Centauri, with the technology we had fifty years ago! Well, I’m sure there are problems with this as we don’t really know whats between us and Alpha Centauri, if we were to travel at up to one tenth the speed of light, which is apparently feasable, we could get there in forty years or so, if we were to wait until we could get a better system of nuclear propulsion, we could up that to twenty or thirty or maybe even fifty percent?

The two stars of Alpha Centauri, seen by Cassini over Saturn's rings

Then Alpha Centauri could be a decade or so away, and take into account Einstein’s Twin Paradox and it may seem like a lot less time to the travellers!

And all this is possible, but we have seen our treasure wasted on ‘Diversity’ and ‘Multi cultural’ programmes, on tackling ever increasing poverty and depravity, more money on pensions and government bureaucracy and ever increasing, ever more expensive wars, instead of allowing people to dream big and make a go for it! All the wasted time and effort on those things which can’t be mended, and which we are now suffering ourselves, whilst up there, possibly, could be where our future lies and where could have been our present!


This is an interesting account of what awaits the MSM, and about bloody time too! There is nothing so boring, so mind numbing as watching the MSM version of news, to see what they have decided will be news and what their axe grinding session will consist of that day.

For a few weeks we have been bombarded with stories of a former child killer, something Thompson, he was ten years old when he killed a younger child with his friend in Liverpool, this was what twenty years ago or so, well apparently he has been looking a child porn on the internet and he has been sentenced for it, so far so uninteresting, right? Well not according to the MSM, wall to wall coverage of something so boring and irrelevant, that I don’t really know what their angle is, is it white guys inherently evil? I have no idea.

Another pointless story was the Mel Gibson nonsense, some guy gets angry at his slutty ex and she records him so as to ruin him and make lots of money, whats the angle here? Evil white guy again?

And of course one has the daily boring non stories about some celebrity getting sick, or another celebrity sleeping with another celebrity and on and on…

I don’t hear much about the economic collapse that is still ongoing, the dangers of a deflationary China, the ongoing civil war in Mexico, the low-level intifada in France or the mass rape of white women across the western world, but hey, that is asking a bit too much, that might be considered news!! And they wouldn’t want that would they?

No the MSM is there to inoculate, it is to break down our morals and make us accept the poison that is being proffered, indeed, it is there to convince us that we need the poison, just take a glance at any soap, it is obvious that they have contempt for us. They portray adultery as normal, or desirable and marriage as boring or harmful, homosexuality is celebrated on soaps, and those who are portrayed as opposing it are painted as evil, and many times end up ‘repenting’ and seeing the morality of sodomy!!! Then there are the murders, which always look cool, the lies that everyone tells, the shouting, the screaming, the hatreds the immorality is claustrophobic.

Not that I watch soaps, but when visiting my granny I inevitable am accosted with this filth. My little old Catholic granny watches this shit and then goes to Mass, how does that work?

The MSM is powerful, more so than can know, but one can hope that piece by piece, little by little, they will lose their power and more and more people will switch over and then when the realise there is nothing on, perhaps switch off!

On the Feast of St Stephen

St Stephen’s Day! The remains of the turkey lie in a heap on the large dish, chocolate wrappers lie in drift piles about the front room, the incessant glow of the television in the corner spews forth it’s inane propaganda, and we have entered the last week of 2009!

Time does fly! I remember and old neighbour of mine told me once that time gets faster as you get older, for some reason that stuck with me and it has proven correct!

It has been a year of relative peace, considering what happened in 2008, it has been a year of farce, with the Nobel Peace Prize being handed to a warmonger because he is black, the entire MSM seemed to be falling over themselves to write praise of their black prophet, and it has become absurd, but also creepy. The west seems to be passing an event horizon, into chaos, and the MSM bangs on about trifles, dead pop stars, talent competitions, sexual peccadilloes, the Obamasiah and the like. The crumbling financial situation is at best being ignored, if not outright being lied about, the ongoing bankrupcy, not only of the banks, but of our nations is not being discussed, except on a few blogs and online magazines. The great unwashed are bumbling into their futures, not realising that their futures have been sold into debt slavery by their political masters over the past forty years, they have no future, only bankrupcy and chaos, that will eventually dissolve into violence.

I have no idea what is going on with ‘our beloved leaders’, do ‘our leaders’ know what is happening and through terror at the thought of swinging from a hangman’s noose, try to avoid the inevitable day of reckoning? Do our leaders not realise the terrible financial judgement day that approaches? Are they morons? Are they cynics? Both?

It seems that the politicians are at least two years behind the rest of us, they now admit it is an unprecedented financial crisis that we have been through, they admit that cuts will have to be made to public spending and they seem to understand that they can’t tax us to death to reinvigorate their coffers. However, none of them understand, or has intimated that they understand the process of money as debt or the death spiral of a fiat currency, or of the problems of fractional reserve banking,  or of the inflationary doctrine of all governments and central banks, which is so damaging to us small people.

Although we have many millions of Europeans unemployed, we still have mighty rivers of immigration from Africa and Asia dumping millions of angry, hateful outsiders on our fair shores, they arrive here with an attitude and an outstreched hand making demands of us and then just to show that they appreciate our generosity, they intimidate our people, they build ugly and alien temples in our Christian lands and blare out an ugly noise to call their people to worship a false god. Their sons violate our women, terrify our children and turn our once beautiful cities into third world cess pits, full of the worst of their native lands.

I think we can now definitively know that ‘the economy’ has nothing to do with immigration, as there has been no slow down in the flood of invaders, oh yes our wonderful MSM will tell you lies and say immigrations IS going down, well there the rub is, they are deceiving you, the overall stats do show immigrants going home, but they are all Eastern Europeans, no statistically significant number of Africans or Muslims, or Chinese or Indians are leaving to go home, they remain, with their tribe of unruly children, living on our tax handouts, whilst our own people go homeless and hungry, being rejected for welfare payments whilst the outsider is living it up! That is a disgrace!

But to digress, this huge question has once again been buried by the MSM. They have proven once again, that they are not ‘dead’ as some would have it, only a few people, those who receive their news and views from online sources will have been aware of the ongoing racial and sectarian war of genocide that is ongoing in Europe. I don’t know if 2010 will see any significant change in this!

Well, it’s hard to know what will happen in 2010, but it does not look good, I think we will have an eventful year of crises, bankruptcies, currency runs, corruption exposed, massive cuts in spending, protests, war, riots and the like. I may be wrong, I thought 2009 would be like that and I suppose it has, but in a small way, I believe 2010 will be worse, and can’t see any possible way out! We can’t borrow anymore without causing a crisis, we can’t print money without stoking an already extant crisis, we can’t export our way out of crisis as everyone else is in crisis as well, we can’t cut spending without setting off the worst crisis of all, the native have-nots who have only been kept silent with a payoff, once the payoff ends, so will their silence!

So, in a cheery mood, I will bid you and 2009 adieu and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the best in 2010.

As if to prove the point!

You know a culture is in trouble when this happens, Americans in the Embassy in Kabul cavorting around in various states of undress, performing ‘sex acts’ on each other, getting drunk, fondling each other and being in general, uncouth, this all happening under the watchful eye of management, encouraged even.

The pictures are disgusting, but if you do take a look, the thing you may notice, is that these are not young men, they are in their late twenties at least and many look to be in their thirties or older. Now one can imagine younger men doing stupid things, but men who are old enough to know better should have a sense of decorum! In the swash buckling days of the Victorian era, there were many instances when men were alone together for weeks, months or even years, they did not revert to barbarism, they attempted to keep their dress intact, they did not engage in drunken orgies, or if they did, it was considered shameful, and in the end they subdued the savage, or discovered the source of some river, or found some artifact, something we seem to be unable to do today!

One of the claims made by Muslims, is that America is immoral. Well, one look at this will only confirm their suspicions, and how can we really argue it anymore? Not that the Afghans don’t engage in their fair share of sodomy, but we don’t call them on it!

This is just one more incident showing how far we have fallen, can you imagine your grandfather acting like this? No neither can I, imagine these men trying to explain themselves to their sons or grandsons? How embarrassing, how degraded are these ‘men’?