The world is a bit mad at the moment, we have banksters and politicians looting us sideways, we have a continuing wave of violent, nasty immigrants pouring into our nations, sponsored by the aforesaid politicians and banksters and who is Hollywood maligning? White Christians, Southern White Christians at that!

I’ve not seen the film Red State, but a colleague was speaking about it to another at work today, apparently the film is about a bunch of evil Southern White Christians who kill and torture people, she mentioned one scene where these nasty Christian types were crucifying a young fellow in a church because he wanted to have sex, and so they thought him unclean. She was indignant that those nasty Christians could do it, as it wasn’t very Christian!

Ok, so some Hollywood atheist, Illuminist or Jew decides to insult Christians, rub their faces in it, slander them and portray to the world, once again, how evil Christians really are, and people are angry at Christians???

How does that work, how are people so easily led? Has anything like that ever happened? Ever, anywhere? Probably not, how many Muslim women have been stoned to death or hanged for some ill-advised liaison? Hundreds, thousands, millions? Yet no film there, how many children ritually sacrificed to the gods of the American Indians? Tens of millions? One film there, Apocalypto, thats it! How many films about the faithlessness of the Jews? None? And how many films and TV programmes about mad, evil, homicidal Christians? Ha ha, too many to count!

Nothing says this is the truth, then everyone pointing and saying ‘look how evil they are’ against all fact and experience. With all the real evil in the world to talk about and portray and dramatise, they go for the one group that does not react, that does not burn down buildings when insulted, that does not riot when slandered, that does not create diplomatic events when they are ridiculed.

The desperation of ‘them’, is getting all the more obvious, when faced with their own extinction they lash out at the group of people they hate the most, the ones who stand for truth and the one true God. They can’t stand that there are still real believers around and so they will try as best they can to destroy the only group who have stood consistently in their way all these years. And so we get abortions like Red State!


Terminator Salvation


It is an unusual thing for me to watch a film, as so many films today are just propaganda pieces for the liberals and their prejudices. There is nothing worse, nothing more unbearable then to have to be preached at and lectured in an obvious but devious way!

I rarely watch television for the same reason, it is a raft of blasphemy, pornography, bad taste, ignorance and crude propaganda that seems designed to undermine morality and common sense. I get too angry while watching television to bear it. Even in programmes that are supposedly about something that has nothing to do with the liberal axe grinding issues, such as nature programmes or documentaries about ancient Egypt, there is always some liberal grinding his axe, about ‘sexism’, ‘racism’, ‘homophobia'(thats not even a word! homo = the same, phobia = irrational fear, so homophobia = irrational fear of the same! what?? surely it should be homosexualphobia?) or about the ‘irrational and barbarous superstition’ of Christianity!

Now this brings me to the film Terminator Salvation.

I have always liked the Terminator series, excepting the last one which was a blasphemy against the franchise, and fully expecting this film to be some grand axe grinding exercise by some hysterical lefty, the reviews were not terribly favourable and so it was not a film I was eager to see.

Well, a friend of mine wished to see a film and as I’ve not seem him in a few months I decided to go and endure a film, Terminator Salvation was the only film I had any interest in, as the rest seemed to be ‘American Pie’ genre filth that I can’t find any humour in, only revulsion.

I’m glad I did see it, Terminator Salvation is possibly the best film in the series, Christian Bale is as usual excellent as John Connor, Sam Worthington plays his character very well, and the whole Kyle Reece twist is clever, makes one think about which came first, or if it is possible for any to come first, John Connor or Kyle Reece?

I liked the film because it had a story, something others seem to resent, they wanted more explosions and termo-fights, but it set the stage for another film and one that wont seem tired as the whole time travel, being chased by a terminator is gone, it is now about a war against the machines.

The story was good, it seemed familiar but new, the film felt plausible, it did not seem absurd, in the way the new Star Wars series seemed, it looked good, was not cheap or tacky and did not seem all blue screen like Star Wars.

What I liked most about the film was that is was actually not some axe grinding session by some lefty, or some propaganda piece by some anti-racist/sexist/homophobe/Christian…it was actually just a good story and a well made film, something I very rarely find these days.

So, if you have not seen it, go see Terminator Salvation, or if you object to paying the whores of Hollywood, go download it.

V for Vendetta

I have read quite a few favourable reviews about the above film and have seen references to it on various sites that I have a great deal of respect for. Thinking that V may be a film worth seeing I sat down on Friday evening to take it in.

What a waste of my time! That film makes no sense at all!

Firstly, we are expected to believe that a right-wing Christian member of the Conservative party imitated Hitler and won round huge crowds of people who elected him into power where he instituted a ‘fascist’ clerical dictatorship.

This government exterminates Muslims and immigrants and forces the Christian religion on everyone! Right!

The Christians all happen to be hypocrites, secret junkies, bloodthirsty murderers and paedophiles! That’s original!

The most saintly people portrayed in this film are the sodomites! They are all pure of heart, decent clean people who are ‘just in love’, this nasty Christian fascist state drags off the sodomites to torture and kill them, (for what reason we are never told, even in the real life totalitarian states, sodomites were only dragged off if they were political subversives or if they were indiscreet about their perversions) Stephen Fry once again playing his role of intellectual morally superior homosexual, a role that is getting tiresome! I wonder why they never portray sodomites as paedophiles? Hmmmmm.

The most absurd part of the film was when people were watching the television, and proclaiming that all the news that was being told them was ‘bollocks’ or ‘that’s a lie’, etc…, we all know that most people accept without doubt anything told them by their box in the corner. Perhaps a tiny number would doubt the official story, but only a tiny minority.

However the thing that struck me most was how pleasant London looked before V’s revolution, everyone seemed to be well off, everyone had nice flats or houses, all with flat screen TVs, there were no minorities, the streets were clean, I presume crime was almost nonexistent, and the liberals had been run out of town or kept down. And no democracy! It’s almost a perfect vision of the future! Why would anyone want to end that?

They portrayed a surveillance state, but why would you need such surveillance if there are no minorities? No minorities will imply little to no crime, and the part where they showed Natalie Portman being attacked by white men intent on gang rape is so absurd as to make this the least intelligent film Ive seen in a long time.

The premise was good, a government that becomes totalitarian and oppressive, but lets be realistic, no one would follow a conservative Christian, they would follow an atheist socialist, and where has all the loss of freedom come from over the past decade? The Labour Party. Who has recently been proclaimed a ‘sort of messiah’, not a Christian conservative, but the Marxist mulatto, Obama.

Never has a true conservative movement been as successful as that portrayed in V, and never will they be, due to their innate conservatism, conservatives prefer the comforts of home to the hardship of campaigns or political battles.

Perhaps Franco or Pinochet could be declared to be successful ‘conservatives’, but then again any victories they acheived have long ago been reversed!

So. Don’t bother watching V for Vendetta if you’ve not already done so!