Norway massacre

Over ninety dead, one huge bomb in Oslo, stories of a laughing, gun totting, right-wing, Christian fundamentalist, blond, Aryan, man.

Wow, what the hell is going on?

Well, that is if the story was completely believable, there is much that does not seem to fit. And considering we are only two days from the terror, it means we will not know, can not know exactly what happened. When the story did break, the ‘counter jihadis’ were there in a flash writing about nasty Muslims blowing up Oslo, then when it seemed like it was a white guy, they wrote, ‘oh he must be a convert’, and now, well, they are becoming ‘conspiracy theorists’, much like those they have ridiculed for the last decade.

I think we may now see a few ‘counter jihadis’ see who and what is our real enemy, and it aint Muslims, they are the symptom, not the cause of our cultural and moral collapse, they are like a rash or a boil on our culture, they are a warning to those who can see.

I have heard a few pronouncements from the talking heads on the MSM describe this as Europe’s ‘Oklahoma’, they say this in their puffed up way, to imply that this is by some right-wing nut job, although like 9/11 anyone with a pinch of curiosity will quickly see that there is more than meets the eye in the rubble of the Murrah Building. However, I think they may be unintentionally onto something, ‘Oklahoma’ was a sudden attack on innocent people, at first some blamed Muslims and then fingers were pointed at one man and one man alone, he took the rap for the attack. The results were the beginning of the world-wide terrorist state, in which governments increase their already vast pool of powers, in this pan world terrorist state, we are tracked and licensed, we are taxed and inspected, we are stopped and searched, we are told in no uncertain terms, that all of the discomfort, all of the interference, all of the humiliation and delay is necessary, because of the ter’ists. We are held in contempt if we resist, we are imprisoned if we speak up, we are smeared if we are right and they are wrong. In this world-wide terrorist state, we have people randomly kill other innocent people, and once the massacre is over, we hear the terrorist state, drone on about ‘terrible loss’, as if they care. Many times real questions are left unanswered, many of those questions relate to the terrorist state’s involvement in said atrocity. I think a peruse of Vigilant Citizen can explain better than I, the possibilities involved, and he can point you in the direction of studies of false flag events and abusive government operations such as MK Ultra.

The official story in Oslo, if true, would seem to be a leftists dream. A nasty white Christian man killing lots of children, but what is the point in killing children? If he hates Muslims, as he supposedly does, why kill his own?

Is Anders Behring Breivik, supposed to have been able to plan, build and detonate a massive bomb that rocked the centre of a largish European capital. How did he manage this, when the underpants bomber and the Times Square bomber had spent months abroad studying to build bombs and then fail on their return? Not that I necessarily believe the official stories on those either, but come on, did he just make the bomb like others would make a cake?

Another thing that is very fishy, is the now, official account of what has happened, seen here at Wikipedia, how is everyone so sure about all this? It almost seems like the information has been given out by someone, it’s almost as if this has been planned, and not by one man either.

The story also seems a bit muddled, he is being refered to as right-wing and conservative, but his alleged writings point to him being quite the libertarian, I know some think of those things as similar, but except for the general desire to see freedom, we are not. Libertarians are a bit too free for most conservative tastes. Brevik seems to have visited hookers and taken drugs, indulged in fantasies of violence and admired people like Geert Wilders. None of these are ‘conservative’ in my book, neither are the ‘pro-gay’ opinions or his virtual worship of Israel.

But whatever did happen, it matters little, because people’s opinions have already been formed, given to them on a plate courtesy of the MSM, and the story, is and always will be, some right-wing, Christian fundamentalist nut, killed kids and blew up some buildings, see, you are all the same, religion is BAD!

I can now see what is in the future. We shall see more and more attacks by ‘Christians’ against innocent children and pregnant women, we shall see crazed white men murder innocent foreigners, and all the time our governments will be cracking down on us, everyone to the ‘right’ of Obama or Tony Blair or which ever frothing lefty is in government at that time.

The time draws near, when we will be arrested, only for criticising what our tyrannical governments are doing, and it is events like these that will give them their excuse to clamp down on us.

News of The World no more!

There is a bit of of a furore about a rag called News of The World, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. It is a right tacky paper, consisting of chav populism, sex, celeb gossip and the inevitable mainstream ‘right wing’ political correctness.

It is in short a paper I’ve never read or had any interest in reading, but the interesting thing about this ridiculous episode is to ponder the reason for the concerted attack on The News of The World. It is easy to see the reason why the Guardian, The Independent and other papers are attacking NoW, it will get them more market share, but what about the BBC? It seems that the ideologues at the BBC and in certain parts of government want to stop Murdoch from gaining full control of Sky TV, which is a big money spiner over here and is a bit like Fox in America.

And this makes me think that perhaps, perhaps the powers that be, those whom Murdoch has palled about with for the last forty years or so have decided there is something about him or his empire they don’t like, who knows? It will take a while to figure out the real story behind the public story.

But like the war in Libya or the Strauss Kahn incident, the powers that be play out the story in public view, but with a cover story.

Let’s see how this plays out!

Something stinks in America

Sarah, Maid of Albion has written about the MSM/Elite feverish attempt to pin the blame for the attempted bombing in New York on some middle-aged white guy. I myself was wondering what on Earth the MSM were on about. The CCTV does not show the man leaving the car, it only shows him taking his jacket off and putting it in his suitcase, before moving on.

What possible reason would the MSM/Elites have for seeking to blame a white guy for the attempted ‘terrorist’ attack? Well it seems that like most things, Obama and his feverish worshipers have decided to wage war on white folk in America. The Tea Party movement has been vilified and the MSM organ pieces over on this side of the pond buy into the Obama worship hook line and sinker.

It is actually disturbing.

When I went home recently, everything on RTE that had anything to do with America was hysterically full of hatred of the Tea Party movement, the RTE news ran interviews with the simplest or most ignorant people at the Tea Party meetings, running their ignorant ramblings every few hours, much to the merriment of my family, who, being completely brainwashed by the useless, Marxist trash that RTE spews every day, were parotting the MSM line that the Tea Party members were ignorant ‘rednecks’.

Then in contrast, everything about Obama was reverential in tone, the way RTE used to treat the Church back in the day before they came out of their secular/Satanist closet. Again, my family took it in hook line and sinker!!!!

I did try to correct them, but it soon became apparent it was no good, Obama is the new god of the left and leftists, which my family unfortunately, are.

Obama and his worshipers, and of course his handlers seem to be afraid of the Tea Party movement, that is why they are vilified, that is why they are hated and that is why hatred of them is encouraged by Obama’s mouth pieces in the MSM. I’m sure most have read about Nancy Polosi’s slanderous talk about swastika tattoos on Tea Party protesters, that is why some black race hustler accuses them of shouting racial epitaphs at him and why the sodomite Barney Frank gets his knickers in a twist when someone calls him on his shameful sin.

This has the potential to become something bigger and more violent, not that I think the Tea Party members are violent, but because I know the leftist Obama worshipping thugs are. These leftist thugs will at some point provoke violence with the Tea Party, and then any retaliation will be jumped on by the MSM, who will conveniently overlook the leftist thugs and their violence and have wall to wall coverage of the ‘nasty, redneck, right-wing, Christian fundamentalist, anti-abortion, anti immigration, WHITE, male Teabaggers’.

The only thing about this scenario is, I don’t think these leftist thugs know what they are doing, the Tea Party is made up of the best of America, and probably the best armed part of America, any violence encouraged or condoned by Obama may backfire badly and he may find himself fleeing the country, well one can hope!

The attempted bombing stunk, I don’t know who did it, but it seemed a bit too convenient for the Obama thug regime, and if a white guy was the fall guy for it, well one would know it to be some sort of false flag op. The government of Those united states of America is not exactly unknown for telling porkies about whats going on and has not been unwilling to sacrifice its own people for ‘the greater good’!

I is a racist! Apparently

I got a comment to my last post from a Gypsy accusing me of racism!

Surely the most overused accusation in the world today! I’m sure the commenter wants me to repent and seek forgiveness of them, for what, I’m not really sure?

They state:

‘The hight of ignorance comes out in this appauling article by Tory Irish. A man who also turned into cheap savage dog, like the uneducated Italian savage dogs in Napels who lost their minds. If only they woke up and realised what they are doing to a divine rich and beautiful culture with Asian roots, deep tradtions, beautiful music, loving families and innocent kids. A culture that has been stereotyped by outsiders for over 200 years. So you, Tory Irish will be on the Romani media watch black list if you don’t read the links below learn about Romanies and apologise to the Romani people for your absolutely discriminative racist article. Yvonne Slee (Sinti Romani)’

Now, why they would want to put me on some ‘watch list’, baffles me, since January less then two thousand people have bothered to visit this blog, the only thing putting me on a watch list can do is attract more people!

I never knew there was a ‘Romani media watch list’, sounds a bit Stalinist to me.

About having ‘turned into cheap savage dog’, was that article so out of sync with the rest of this blog? I don’t really think so, perhaps Gypsies loved this site until the last article? Hence the word ‘turned’?

About the Roma having a rich culture and history, I would never dare disagree, I’m sure they do indeed have a unique rich culture, however it is one, I don’t particularly like, and it is one that turns a lot of people off.

I have witnessed gangs of Gypsy women with unconscious children begging in the streets of London, I have seen gangs of similar looking Gypsy women in Rome, Florence, Palermo and Athens. This is fact, not conjecture, I don’t like beggars, especially women who drug their children to keep them quiet, especially when they are begging on top of getting welfare payments form my taxes!

I am sure, that not all Gypsies are like this, however when talking or writing it is inevitable that one will generalise, we all do it, however even if it is true that there are some stand up Gypsies, it is also true that there are criminal Gypsies and Gypsies who take advantage.

As for the Neapolitans running the local Gypsies out of town, well, surely Gypsies are by definition, itinerant people, they are not Neapolitans, they are foreign to that town and if the locals want them gone, it is there choice? Hospitality can not be forced from anyone, it must be given freely, if that hospitality is abused, it is completely within the rights of the host, to withdraw that hospitality!

That is what is happening in Italy, perhaps the anger goes too far? Perhaps the allegation of attempted child abduction is false or exaggerated, but it is also true that the Neapolitans patience and tolerance of the Gypsies is gone, surely the only sensible and decent thing to do is to move on?

Whether I am a racist, or hold racist views is completely irrelevant to this issue.

Some links the commenter sent.

Romani Life Society of Australia

Romani Connection Website

Vodka infuriates Americans


this advert has sent some Americans into a righteous fury!

They object to Absolut, a Swedish vodka company, from using a pre-1848 map of Mexico to market their drink. There has been some bizarre comments made by ‘right wing’ Americans comparing this map, to a map showing Paris as part of Germany!!
Absolut defended themselves, stating that this map represented an idealised time in Mexican history, before half of their territory was taken by those United States.
War and conquest are a part of our being, conquest can be argued to be right and proper (mostly by the winning side) or it can be denounced as evil and immoral (the losing side), but it exists and that is how the American states of California, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona came into being part of those United States of America.
It seems some Americans are oblivious to this, that they did pursue an aggressive war of conquest against their weaker neighbour and that they seized half of what used to be Mexico, at least admit you did that!
The territory may now be yours, but it was once Mexico, and looking at current immigration statistics, it may once again be Mexican!

American Puppy Killers

It is odd, is it not, that after possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths in Iraq, after massacres of civilians by United States Marines and soldiers, after torture of dusky looking men in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and other undisclosed places around the world. After showering cities, farms and villages with some of the most potent of modern weaponry, after allowing Islamists to terrorise the Christians of the Middle East into flight or hiding, Americans are finally becoming outraged with their Armed Forces, not for any of the above, no, they are outraged that a young American in uniform apparently killed a puppy!

Does anyone else see something profoundly strange, indeed, perverse about the above?

Yes, it was not nice what they did, I thought ‘the poor thing’ when I watched it, but it is not a man or a child or a woman, it is a dog! A puppy, it is not human!

It seems that Americans have their morals all inverted, they come across as self righteous, born again Christians, yet, their nation has spawned most of the ills of the modern world! From the Gay rights agenda to feminism, from the largest porn industry in the world, to a wreckless disregard for the lives of non – Americans.

And yet, when a puppy is killed, they see nothing odd, nothing strange with venting fury on this soldier who betrayed a nastiness inherent in most Americans, a nastiness that they see nothing wrong with when Arabs or Afghans or ‘Gooks’ are on the receiving end!

If this is what is upsetting modern Americans, then they are in for a shock, this sort of arrogance and blinded self righteousness will not go unpunished for very much longer.

The video is here,