The end of the liberal west

The world as we have known it is coming to an end, the certainties I have grown up with are no longer certain, the values that I was taught are coming apart at the seems. I have railed against those values taught to me because they were lies, but I can’t help be afraid of what is coming.

In spite of hating the ‘Liberaldom’ that rules the ruins of Christendom, I find that like everyone else I am part of it, I rely on the way things are, on my debit card, on my job, on the cheap ‘no frills’ airlines, on the supermarkets and public transport. But will this continue? Can it?

The rulers of this mess have been engaging in the greatest spoiling of a peoples in the history of men, they have wrecked our nations, they have poisoned our minds with violence and pornography, they have ruined our bodies with legal and illegal drugs, they have enslaved us to our houses that are now becoming worthless and to our pointless and soul destroying jobs, they have taxed us to the point of tyranny and inflated our currency to worthlessness.

Not only have they done the above, they then sit on television programmes mocking us, our faith or the fact that we live in poor areas or the ugly sprawling suburbs, owing to the usurious mortgages and taxes, they mock our children and make racial slurs because of our skin colour, and we sit here and take it, mostly we laugh at those slurs, although any slurs against the coloured people is not only frowned on, it is now illegal.

I must admit that I am a part of this system I hate, it is only in the last year that I have been seriously thinking of ‘dropping out’, why should we continue to pay usurious mortgages to the parasite banks? Why should we pay any of that money back? These banks are our oppressors, they are the slave drivers, they are the real government and all the genocidal zeal and hatred for our forefathers is driven by them and that class, the ones that can live comfortably in wealthy areas with lots of private security and chauffeured cars whilst we are lynched, tortured, raped and humiliated in the urban jungle.

Some of the best reads this year are from Cambria Will Not Yield, Leap2020, Takuan Seiyo, Jim Rawles at Survival Blog, George Ure at Urban Survival and Vanishing American, I find they have actually given me the idea of getting out of this mess, separating myself from the Godless, Satanic mess that is now the modern world.

In ‘Meccania to Atlantis’, Takuan Seiyo has argued that the liberal west is finished, there is nothing we can do to convince them to repent, there is nothing we can say, no argument they will listen to, no threat, no act of violence, no begging no teaching that will help, they are racing to their own destruction. This was brought home to me when I spent some time at home recently with family, I came away from that week with the conclusion that my own family is part of my enemy, my brother has recently married a black woman from Guyana and both of them sit on my parents couch banging on about racism, something very hard to take, especially since I am convinced that she is just after some of my parents inheritance.  My mother thinks Obama is great, she texted me on the American election night all excited writing ‘it looks like Obama has got in’, to which I replied, ‘yes it does, this marks the end of America’, she sent no excited texts after that. Even knowing that I am a ‘racist’ as common parlance would have it, even knowing I’m not a socialist, she assumed I would share the excitement of seeing a mulatto elected to the White House!!

What can I do, even to help my own family? Well, nothing, they think I am crazy or perhaps they think I’m eccentric? But there is nothing I can do, even though most of what I have warned about has come to pass, or is coming to pass, they prefer their liberal lies to the ‘racist’ right wing truth I tell.

So, coming back to Takuan Seiyo, he is convinced that ‘Liberaldom’ is doomed, there is nothing they, or we can do to stop it. He writes, that it has come to the point where we need to separate ourselves from the rotten edifice that is the liberal west, we need to leave this ruin and establish our Rivendells, far from where the trouble is. Only then can we be prepared for ‘Liberaldoms’ collapse, only then can we be free from the modern slavery that is ‘capitalism’ and ‘socialism’.

I have written that I have managed to pay off my debts, excepting my mortgage, well, I now have something to work for, I have meditated on all the accumulated information and thoughts from all the various blogs and magazines and journals, and I think Seiyo is right, it is time to remove ourselves from this world, it is time to find little plots in the country, it is time to get debt free, to save up enough to buy a little plot, get away from this ruined world. It is time to learn how to grow our basic foods, to raise easy to raise livestock, to accumulate decent books and raise our families away from this corrupted mess. There is nothing else we can do, liberals if they are still liberals, after all that has happened, will never repent, they will die liberals, their throats cut by the very diversity they celebrate!

We need to remove ourselves, take as much treasure with us as possible (treasure to me is the library we should all have) set ourselves up, free from the system and ready to face the end of the world as we know it. Then when it does happen, not only will we survive, we can thrive, we can give succour to the many fleeing the liberal chaos in the cities. Seiyo also mentioned like minded communities, that’s a nice thought, although, I’m not sure there are enough of us to make a community in any one area. Like the monasteries of Ireland and the Frankish Empire, perhaps a new civilisation could survive on our little plots?

I hope there is enough time to turn this plan into reality, I don’t think we have much time to prepare, it may take up to two years to complete this, I face the future in fear and filled with doubts, but at least, there is, at least for me, some hope now.

Jim Rawles has suggested that people in my part of the world, migrate to New Zealand, due to it’s cheap land prices and liberal gun laws(liberal in the original sense of the word), I thought about moving there seven or eight years ago, did my research and liked what I saw, but then thought I would prefer to stay in Europe, perhaps go and live in rural France or Italy or even to go back to Ireland. Well, I did return to Ireland, but it is so expensive, it is difficult to make ends meet, so then back into the multicultural bliss of modern degraded England.

If things do go belly up in the next year or so, I suppose Ireland is better then staying here, but for now, my plan is to migrate to New Zealand, it isn’t perfect I know, the same genocidal maniacs run that country as run this, but it is a less tyrannical government, it does have better gun laws and cheap and plentiful land with small communities of Europeans. It is also quite beautiful and somewhere that is not as clogged with so many fascist laws as Britain or America.

So how does the liberal west end? I have no idea, I can only, like you surmise its trajectory, and this seems to be suicidal. The economic collapse is a symptom of ‘Liberaldoms’ end, the legalised theft and fraud which is such an important part of Liberaldom may be the last straw. The massive population replacement would, in the end do the same thing. But the economic theft of our wealth seems one of the most brazen parts of Liberaldoms achievements, they have used the economy to justify immigration, they have used the economy to justify women in the work place, thus undermining family formation among whites, something that does not seem to affect minority breeding. The economy has been used by the liberals to bankrupt us, they are always demanding more funding for health or education or welfare or for some other pity case, not realising that there is, in the real world a limit to spending. They have borrowed from the future, that is me and my children, to fund their every whim and desire, free health, no problem, free pensions after sixty, no problem, free housing and income for the feckless and the outsider, not a problem, what about me? What about my generation? What about my children? What is the answer from these sixties boomers? They don’t have one, they don’t understand that they are enslaving my generation and my descendants to their reckless and selfish spending, but who cares as long as they can live lives of unparalleled luxury?

This debt that they have built up and continue to build can’t and won’t be paid off, I won’t pay it, why should I? No the inevitable civilisational bankruptcy is coming, and that will be the end of Liberaldom, and all the hangers on and all the professional minority whiners and all those Godless Satan enablers will be done for, they will tear each other apart over the few remaining scraps that are left. Those of us who actually work and produce wealth will be dead or we will have left for our plots in the country, and if the liberals attempt to come and take what little we have on our plot, well they will end up riddled with bullets, that is the end of liberalism.

An Empire of Progress?

It seems to have become a standard opinion that the British Empire was an awful, evil constuct, ruled by brutal, nasty men, not far off the NAZIs, although comparing anything to the NAZIs is a bit pointless nowadays, as it is now such a tired cliche to do so.

I read lots of ‘right wing’ people slating the Brits and their Empire, slinging accusations of brutality, massacre, theft, slavery and oppression against poor victimised minorities, or something like that. Even American right wingers and nationalists seem happy to join the kicking Britain gets from the lefties and Marxists over these apparent injustices and barbarisms.

One thing that Anglophobes regularly sling in the face of the English or Anglophiles is ‘Ireland’, as in ‘what about Ireland?’, well unlike some peoples vivid imaginings, Ireland was not some massive death camp on the Atlantic, it was not a ghetto, it was a poor, wet and cold country filled with people who regularly got into fights with one another, it is one of our worst weaknesses, we resemble the Sicilians or Neapolitans in that respect, without the architechture!

The truth is, the English in some ways were the best thing to happen to us, they attempted and partly succeded in civilising us, they attempted and for a time brought law and order, they ended the near constant private warfare that ravaged the island, the ended the pirates that operated from our coasts and introduced us to the ideas of responsible government. In return, many Irishmen fought for their Irish king, who happened to be the English king as well, they conquered lands, pacified barbarians such as the Maori and various African tribes, fought the infidels in the middle east, India and China and brought the blessings of Christian civilisation to many hundreds of millions living in darkness.

It is true that the English have been incompetant in Ireland, they were sometimes too rough, somethimes not rough enough, the arrogance of the protestant English poisoned relations with many on that island and echos to this day, but that does not mean that Ireland was some sort of Poland or Bohemia, it was much more privelaged and powerful. In 1914 Ireland had 101 MPs in the British House of Commons, out of 650 MPs. Scotland had about 70, even though we had a similar population to Scotland. 101 Irish MPs could have their say about policy in India, south China, Africa and the Domionions, Irish MPs could debate the great international issues of the day concerning Germany, Turkey, the middle east and anywhere else, they could change Imperial policy through sheer numbers and regularly took the sides of the Conservatives or Liberals to affect this, so to imply or think that Ireland was some prison state is absurd.

The myth of Irish victimhood was something that the post independence education system began to teach, and something that is now accepted as verifiable fact, even by otherwise intellegent folk. In the 19th century, from the time of Waterloo until the tragic ‘Great War’, Irishmen were over 50% of the British armed forces, all but one of my great grandfathers was a serviceman, two were in the Royal Navy, one in the British Army, and one ended up as an IRA man, latter joining the Garda. So, there you have it, in my own genetics, most of my family(all Catholic by the way) in service to Irish/British kings and Queens. Altough all my family are Catholic, my fathers side is Hiberno-Norman, my mothers side are Gaelic, her maternal grandfather being petty aristocracy(yes there were always Gaelic aristocracy despite the propaganda) and her paternal grandfather being from a middle class family of merchants who happened to hate the English. Now, considering that 50% of the British armed forces were Irish for a century, one would ask, if Ireland was so terribly oppressed as the propagandists would like you to think, why didn’t half the British Army rise up to free Ireland? Why didn’t half of the Royal Navy close down the ports of Liverpool, Southampton and London until they liberated the poor slave state of Ireland? I know some will say, that it was because all the Irishmen were cannon fodder and those nasty evil English were the officers, well, no, both my great grandfathers were officers in the Royal Navy, my grandfather in the British Army was an NCO, so, that argument does not fly. In fact once my NCO grandfather returned from the Western Front, he remained in the British Army and when Ireland received Dominion status in 1922 he joined the Free State Army to fight the IRA, perhaps fighting my other great grandfather?

So simple ignorant ‘Mel Gibson’ reasoning does not explain ‘Ireland’, it can’t, Ireland is too complicated to be labeled.

Now, with regard to Britain’s other possessions, what did they do that was so wrong? End the arbitrary and cruel governance of the Indian princes? That just makes me admire Britain, and considering my ancestors were most likely doing the fighting against the cruel Indian princes, it is something I can in a very indirect way take some pride in myself. China? Another cruel Oriental despotism that Britain fought for some reason? who cares?

Africa? Well, this continent was the most blessed by British rule, they started with mud huts and brutal barbaric tribes, and got railways, cities, justice, decency and civility shown toward them by the British, yes, this sometimes means that they must be disciplined, all Africans must at some point be disciplined for their own good, look at the mess it is in now as a result of no discipline and the absence of order.

In my studies, I have always been impressed with the British Empire, it is by far the most benevolent super-state that there has been, it brought civilisation, order, decency and the light of Christianity to the far reaches of a dark and nasty world, it made the sea lanes safe, it ended slavery, something that had never been done before, it began the age of prosperity that was the industrial revolution.

Although I have a great admiration for the British Empire, I’m not in any way oblivious to the wrongs that were committed, the real wrongs, not the politically correct wrongs such as slavery or ‘Imperialism’, the great wrong was the idea of ‘progress’ which infected Britain and the British establishment from the enlightenment onward, it is this that Britain should answer for, not for civilising India.

It is the idea, the ideology of ‘progress’ which has destroyed Christendom, I don’t know when exactly this began, was it Henry’s revolt against Rome? Was it the regicide of Charles I? Was it the so called ‘Glorious Revoltion’?

I’m not sure when it began, I do know the ‘spirit of rebellion’ lurks inside of our souls, it is this, the spirit of rebellion which led to our fall in the Garden of Eden, it is this rebellious spirit that Satan appeals to when he attempts to drive us from the true God. We hear it everyday on TV, it is all over the Internet and in the papers, it is the inappropriate jokes heard. I suppose it is our pride that causes all of this, our lack of humility that cause all this bloodshed and injustice, it is our separation from our God that leaves us angry and lonely and in pain, it is this pain and anger that leaves us ready for the false prophet who proclaims ‘progress’ through our own efforts, divorced from the true God.

This ‘progress’ can seem sensible at first glance, it can seem appealing when it is first heard, it can be inspiring, in fact it can for those who reject the Gospels be a replacement for true faith and real Salvation, and it is inevitably that this search for progress, this struggle for utopia, results in the cruelest tortures, the most bloody massacres, the most pitiless persecutions. Yet, somehow, the blood of millions does not seem to stain the hands of progressives, socialists, marxists and their ilk, but we, the traditionalists still must defend the Crusades?

But I do digress, the ideology of progress became part of the British ideology, and by consequence it became part of the American ideology, something which has had massive consequences for the peoples of the world, the insidious ideology was more sincere in American hands then British, and has gone out from there into the world as a virus, destroying all in its path until there is nothing left to destroy but the host, America.

France was ravaged, then Europe, which could never be the same afterwards, then it mutated into marxism and destroyed Russia and Germany and Austria, then it mutated again into ‘liberationism’ in the third world and American Capitalism, which ruined what was left of the old European empires. Then it ruined China, then swept through the third world and back into the first world from whence it came.

The pride and arrogance of our ancestors, specifically those of the enlightenment British thinkers has gone viral and is now destroying their descendants, what irony! This is the sin that Britain should answer for, although it seems they already are.

Mao Tse Tung said ‘power comes from the barell of a gun’, others have said ‘the pen is mightier then the sword’, what is leathal is to combine those two powers, an ideology behind a gun, that is the modern blasphemy of the state.

Republicanism rears it’s ugly head again

Well, it seems some can’t get enough of killing the ‘seasenach’, how brave of those who gun down an unarmed and unready foe!

Ireland is in trouble, our rulers have unleashed tens, if not hundreds of thousands of foreigners on us, they use our money to support the invaders, giving them free housing, health, education as well as everything else. When the invaders attack, main or rape one of us, they provide legal aid so that they can lie their way out of court and back onto the streets so that they can go on their merry way, raping, pillaging and murdering as they go!

Now, some morons seem to believe that this is not too much of a problem, they seem to think that some young fellows who are in the British Army, getting a pizza is more outrageous then having our nation overrun, and this time for real! No let the Africans and Muslims do as they please, the real enemy are the English, yes those fellow Christian Europeans, yes they are the existential threat to Ireland’s future!

Mosques are being built, triumphant minarets are beginning to tower over the homes of Irishmen, and these numskulls, these morons, these ignorant, narrow minded thugs think that they will be thanked or admired for their murders!

A curse on them and their type.

This is the reason I loathe republicanism, it is the avenue to cowardly murders, sneaky ambushes and the like. No great battles for Irish Republicans, no, neither is there any noble one on one combat, no, only cowardly ambushes, or assassinations, or grievous murder.

And that goes for the original IRA, the one many seem to think is different from the PIRA or RIRA. They are all the same, murdering, thieving, treasonous scum!

Omagh, 10 years on

I see it’s been 10 years since the bombing of Omagh.

I remember it, I was young and free and not connected to a mobile phone or the Internet or anything else really, I remember being at church the next day listening to the sermon in which some things about violence were mentioned, I looked down and under the seat in front of me was a Sunday paper with the story on the front page, it’s odd, I felt really shocked!

For years I had heard things about bombs and assassinations and shootings and intimidation, I had seen news about death and destruction, but never had felt anything much besides boredom!

Thirty one people murdered by the ‘Real’ IRA, shoppers in a town all too like my own town, people all too like my people, it’s odd how something can get to you!

An Irish Tory?

Yes, there are such creatures as Tories that happen to be Irish! I am attempting to keep a diary, a record of my thoughts and life. I wish to put across an alternative view, an unpopular view, a despised view of this world.

Tories are by nature deeply suspicious of romanticism, sceptical of ‘progress’, and wary of those who seem so determined to overturn everything they see around them, from morality to the family, from faith in God to the sanctity of property!

I am Irish, there are not many Irishmen who describe themselves as Tories, in fact it would be considered by many to be treason to describe oneself as an Irish Tory, an oxymoron, an impossibility, or at the very least unlikely!

I am not a slavish anglophile, although there are many things to admire in that nation, I am not a believer in the protestant supremacy or even of the Union of 1801.

I do, however, reject the modern and republican mythology of the ‘Irish Republic’ or ‘Eire’ and all the violence and bloodshed and brutality associated with it.

I am a Tory by nature, by temperament and by conviction. Ideology is dangerous, purity and demand for it by anyone, must in all ages be suspect, and must be rejected. Toryism is mostly about just wanting to be left alone, to be free of brutal, thieving and lying politicians, those same people who demand ‘change’ and ‘reform’, these agents of the devil. We must reject them, their lies and evil ambitions.

We must be Tories!