Chaos and Happiness

It is getting ridiculous now, the whole world seems to be in the grips of a panic, Greece was reported to be having a referendum, only to reverse that, Papandreou was reported to have resigned, only for that to be withdrawn, no one seems to know what’s going on in Greece!

The markets are in turmoil, up on hour down the next, High Frequency Trading is probably to do with this, as it seems that the only traders are computers, now that most everyone realises that the markets are fixed! The OWS movement seems to be gathering strength and is spreading and growing in numbers and resolve. Governments are loosing their grip, rebellion is in the air, the elites, the ones so well versed in manipulation are in a state of panic as events seem to be taking on a life of their own, outside of the reality that those very elites have put before us for decades.

The MSM is becoming hilariously irrelevant, last night the main news on the BBC was about public sector workers going on strike because their pensions are being cut. The world is on the edge and the MSM think that this is important? One of the leaders of the unions said that the government had ‘stolen’ from his members! Hmmmm, well the money they are receiving is stolen money anyway, taken by threat of force by the government to give to these ‘workers’. The BBC decided that the imminent end of the world as we know it, was only the forth most important thing to discuss, or to gloss over more like. What is wrong with these people?

We have the chaos in the middle east as well, although I think much of that is encouraged and supported covertly by western intelligence. Syria is on the brink, Israel is sabre rattling again, threatening to attack Iran again. Libya, the poster child of the so called ‘Arab Spring’ has become an Islamic emirate, well done western intelligence. China is on the edge of an epic real estate bust, so forget the idea that China can ‘save’ the world economy, they will be too busy tearing themselves apart soon.

What’s the good news? Oh there is plenty of that as well, our enemies are on their last legs, their power, once so formidable and threatening is now looking tired and broken, our enemies are increasingly desperate, one can see this on television, their preferred medium of propaganda and lies. Films, TV series, documentaries and most other things are blatant in their contempt for us and everything about us, whether it is the never ending lies a out ‘global warming’ which a few years ago at least could seem, to the ignorant, to be real, now it has become a parody. The lies they tell us About immigration and ‘diversity’ are being questioned, even by ‘leftists’, especially after the breakdown of law, order and decency this summer threatened to overwhelm the country. The lies about Europe and the single currency, the lies about ‘markets’ have become running jokes, there is no longer anything our enemies can be trusted with, there is nothing where they can claim competence. They are defeated intellectually, and once they have been defeated on the field of ideas, it is only a matter of time before they loose their increasingly tenuous grip on power!

So be of good cheer, our time is coming.


So the occupy movement seems to be spreading, gaining attention and martyrs. It also seems far too many ‘conservatives’ are clueless about what is going on! There are many people protesting, not all are inveterate commies, not all are pro abortion feminists. Yes some are but not all!

The greatest number seem to have no real political affiliation, they are vague in their beliefs, but they know something is wrong and are tired of the ongoing and wanton abuse that our elites are handing out to their own people!

People are angry and now a quiet determination seems to be taking root! No longer will they accept the sewage that passes for News, no longer will they automatically accept the bare faced lies and deceptions that the political leaders spout!

The occupy movement is an opportunity, a friend of mine is moving to St Paul’s next week and wants to live there! I’m mulling it over. I do like my comforts! But then again all of us need to make a decision at some point. We all need to take a stand

I think I will visit a few times before I make commitment to live there as well!

The currents of history are changing. I can feel a difference in the air, a change in overheard conversations, comments on forums, blogs and mainstream media outlets, people are angry and increasingly aware of the reality that awaits our peoples!

I saw this graffiti yesterday. Maybe this is the turn of the tide?