I have added a few new links, one’s I’ve had bookmarked for a while, there are a few everyone should read, the first is an interesting site called ‘The Modern Fascist’, it is a new blog and is apparently written by an 18-year-old American. I’m amazed that anyone is brave enough and smart enough to have the gall to call themselves a ‘fascist’, especially in America. Another very interesting read is ‘In This Age of Plenty’, a work by a Catholic Quebecer on the theory of Social Credit, I would be interested if anyone has an opinion on it, as I’m still working my way through the theory and trying to grasp how it could work.

Another interesting read is a book which I’ve entitled ‘White Australia Policy’ which is actually a long chapter from a book called ‘Connected Worlds’ written by an opponent of white self-rule, but he does do a good job of explaining the various experiments of white societies, trying to stay white in the face of a ‘rising tide of colour’, there are also chapters on South Africa, Rhodesia and the American South, which are just as interesting.

It is, I suppose a depressing read in some ways, to think of all the defeats and no victories we have had in the last century, but, it needs to be done!

If you have not yet had a peek at ‘The Fall of the Russian Empire’, it is also worth reading, the writer makes an interesting point that it was a spiritual failing in Russia that led to the conditions in which the Russian people stood by whilst their Emperor was deposed, imprisoned and then murdered, and that the Imperial family, were a symbol of the future that lay in store for the Russian people.

In the Art, Design and Architecture section, you may want to check out ‘Utopia’, people like Vanishing American would probably appreciate it, lots of beautiful old paintings and pictures of lost times. ‘Paris 1900’ is along a similar vein.

A blog I have enjoyed, despite not wanting to, is ‘Eternal Bachelor’, it is written by a fellow in London, from what I can surmise, he does not have much of a warm spot for women, and would not be what you would call a feminist! He uses some strong language, and I must actually admit it can sometimes be quite sad to see a man so jaded with feminism that he hates all women. But that is another of the curses of our times, our women turn on us as well as our enemies!

I also have an older link, ‘Magna Grece’, which is mainly concerned with Southern Italy before the Risorgimento which overthrew the ancient kingdoms of Naples and Sicily, it is written by a scholarly fellow and I have learned much from him, so please take a look.

Also, just for your edification, in the language section, there are a few good and free language sites, I have spent the summer brushing up on my French, German and Russian and it is actually very effective, especially with my French and German, I find Russian very difficult, and have only been studying it for the last two years, so it has not been as useful with that! So if you know a little French, German or another language, try it out, you can take it as fast or as slow as you wish, and it is definitely worth having another language.

Also, just for fun, I included ‘Thor Steinar’, a clothes company that apparently antifas don’t like because they accuse it of being a NAZI shop! It does seem that it was set up by a nationalist and that nationalists do shop there, but in reality it is not really that blatant, I just want a few people to buy some stuff to annoy the lefties!

‘Extreme, Rightwing, Nazi, Fascists, whowantokillsixmillionimmigrants’ win election to Greek Parliament

Well, it’s not really a surprise, but the Golden Dawn, a party that the MSM describe in their oh so creative way, as ‘Nazis, Fascists, Xenophobes, Violent Thugs, Extreme Rightwing Maniacs, whowantokillsixmillionjews’, whoops, not six million Jews, just six million of some other group!

As always, we have the usual condemnation of a party that does well, and is opposed to the cultural and ethnic destruction of their people, we don’t see any condemnation of the communists who got almost 20% of the vote, no just the ‘FACIST, NAZI, RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS’, as per usual.

What I think proves Golden Dawns point, and is a slap in the face to all true Greeks, is some Paki, who lives in Greece, moaning and complaining about the sheer, ‘horror’ of the Greek people voting for this party,

‘Javad Aslan, a spokesman for Greece’s Pakistani immigrant community, urged other political parties to work together to isolate Golden Dawn.

“This is dangerous for everyone who is living in Greece,” Aslan said. “This [result is] unbelievable for me. It is very serious, very dangerous.

“I can never believe a political party that comes with knives and bars against us, that hurts people and puts them in hospital.”

Golden Dawn says Greece should reject its bailout commitments and write off its debt.’


There you have it, some Paki’s views are more important than the ethnic Greeks, the Greeks must bow down to our new god ‘Diversity’ and worship, and failure to do so is as usual, ‘racist’.

I don’t know about you, but I’m bored of these hysterical posts, disguised as journalism, every party, without exception, that suggests immigration is not such a good idea, is pilloried as equivalent to Hitler, no matter how softly spoken, no matter how moderate, no matter how sensible. And it seems that people have begun to lose the fear of being labelled ‘racist’ as it is flung around as insult far too often. It is losing its power, and about time.

Apparently this symbol is just like the Nazi’s ‘whokilledsixmillionjews’ swastika symbol

The Meander, Golden Dawns symbol






Wow, those Greek Nazi’s are terrible using this symbol.


Kinda like this one

Ephesus Theatre














These Greek Nazi’s have obviously been around for a long time. Hey whats the betting that the Christians were also Greek Nazi’s back in the day?


Oh and this on a more modern neoclassical building

Another Nazi symbol?











It’s amazing, these Greek Nazi’s get everywhere, scrawling their symbols on buildings throughout the ages! This needs to be stopped, those evil nasty Greek Nazis ‘whowantotkillsixmillionjews’ must be stopped!

Brigitte Bardot and Marine LePen

Well, the French presidential race is hotting up and it remains to be seem whether enough French people have the sense to vote Marine LePen into the Elysee Palace. Whether she could even do very much once there would be a concern, but at least, it would be a huge symbolic victory for our side, LePen seems to be a good debater, she does not seem crazy, she looks good, she is elegant. She also knows how to talk to the French people, she criticises ‘capitalism’, immigration and the over mighty EU, she does this in an intelligent way and well, one hopes beyond hope that she can make it.

Marine LePen

Marine LePen

I read an article on the official state sponsored France 24, you can see it here. In this opinion piece, the writer attempts to savage Brigitte Bardot, the former actress who now campaigns against animal cruelty, especially ritual slaughter of animals for Muslims, she has been convicted five times for ‘racial hatred against Muslims’ as the writer mentions twice in his piece, he refers to Bardot as an ‘old bag’, he compares her to the local crazy old racist we ‘all avoid’ if they lived in our neighbourhood! Hmmm, well, the comments were interesting, as they are in so many places nowadays, most of the comments I read laid into the writer, accusing him of showing disrespect for the old, accusing him of not knowing about Islam and the dangers posed and mocking him as a coward for not putting his name to the piece. Indeed it seems odd that France 24 should be so partisan, it is the French equivalent to BBC World, and although the BBC are quite blatant about their prejudices, there are nowhere near as bad as France 24

‘Once upon a time, she was France’s most alluring actress and a source of Gallic pride. Today, she’s deemed a pesky old bag and an embarrassment to her fellow countrymen. One thing’s for sure – Brigitte Bardot is still a great source of entertainment.

 At 22 she was the darling of France, a talented and beautiful actress who nobody could keep their eyes off. At 77, she’s like that racist old neighbour that you avoid in the street – the one that values puppies over asylum seekers.’

So, the writer is telling us we should value ‘asylum seekers’, when was the last time an actual ‘asylum seeker’ seeked asylum? All of the immigrants I see are just here for free money, none of them complain very much about their homelands, indeed some of them love their homelands so much, they are attempting to turn Europe into a version of them by forcing us to assimilate into their backward cultures!

But crafty old Bardot saw straight through them. She knows all too well that the only politician who really, truly hates Muslims enough to pretend to care for animal rights, is far-right darling Marine Le Pen (MLP). She, of course, would have no qualms in banning halal abattoirs in France. After all, the country’s five-million Muslims rely on them. No more halal… no more Muslims? And it would all be done in the name of animal rights, naturally. Bleat it lambs, MLP for president! 

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot

Already convicted five times for inciting racial hatred against Muslims, Bardot is back, and this time she’s got the presidential palace in her sights.

Again, the hatred toward France is palpable here, whoever this guy is, needs to get the hell out of France and leave people who actually love the place.

We can only imagine were that ‘rightful spot’ might be – a kitten-filled paradise where Muslims have their throats slit by cows?’

More lies and slurs against the French, why should they have to tolerate millions of aliens in their once fair land, why should one of the great nations of Europe allow itself to be overrun by teaming multitudes of hateful, angry, unemployed misfits?

Some of the comments:

‘Loves dogs, hates muslims, huh? She has the right idea, for sure. We need many more Brigitte Bardots. More who acknowledge the criminality of the muslim “religion”, more who condemn and punish the atrocities the muslims perpetrate on people of all faiths. Vive le Bardot!I’d say she talks a lot more sense that you do. Your blog post is so politically correct it’s embarrassing. It’s also riddled with prejudice against older people through the use of words like “doddering”. You would never dream of employing comparably unflattering adjectives when talking about Muslims. But you have been indoctrinated to believe that the de-Europeanisation of Europe is good and anyone who has qualms about it must be evil’

‘Ms. Bardot is correct on both counts: Her concern for animals and her understanding of true Islam. Nothing good has ever come out of Islam. One can only assume that the idiot calling Ms. Bardot, “An old bag,” is a Muslim. Such disrespect for an elderly woman or any woman for that matter, only comes from those who are enslaved by Islam, or their stooges. If the people of France had any pride at all in their history and culture they would expel that plague which has invaded them from the East.’

‘Where is out Le Penn here in England? The French hate muslims in their country as much as we English do. Any step that may put them off staying/coming is a good one. Well said Bridget!’

‘1 Mr. SARKOZY, not ”Zarkozy” (learn to spell, your post is awful) is French and the president of the Republic. Which can only mean that you are not the President, obviously (thank God). His rich background makes him proud 2- Algeria and Tunisia treated french immigrants with hostile racism. The pieds noir had nothing to do with colonization, they just wanted to live in the region. Their expulsion is a far cry from how rude & unpatriotic French-Algerians are treated in France 3-Get a grip on your ego 4-get a grip on your ego and show some respect and decency or seize sharing your backward thinkibng with the masses’

‘Typically, liberal columnists resort to grotesque ad hominem attacks when their arguments fail to hold water. Brigitte Bardot is a supporter of animal rights. It is, therefore, consistent, that she should oppose the innate cruelty of halal meat production. Quite how that makes her a ‘racist’ (the unanswerable insult of choice for all Leftists) is beyond me. And is ‘old’ now smething to be ashamed of, too?’

‘What a nasty article.’

‘i would choose Bardots values above those of fanatical moslems any day and the ridicule within this article shows that the writer fears Bardots views as they are very widely held…..’

‘It is blogs like this that make me want to puke. What horrible writing. Just calling a bad literary piece what it is.’

‘Animals live in agony and pain in Muslim countries, that is a fact. They treat animals very badly, I have seen it myself. They see western women as “bitches” and desecrate our churches by turning it into Mosques.’

‘By all means, this author’s views should be accepted. Shut down that evil racist Bardot! How dare she stand up for the nation of France… a nation that is faced with the destructive forces of “multiculturalism.” And if France pulls back from the precipice of multiculturalism, it may survive as a nation-state…. Unless, of course, unions and “welfare lifestyle” citizens continue to such the lifeblood out of this important nation.’

‘Mon Belle Brigitte she is a real true patriot and loves her native France. She hates what France has become with all the foreigners especially the musslims who despise the west. She is the modern symbol of Liberty. France needs to be returned to the French or the foreigners need to embrace the rich French culture and democracy’

‘Why is this author so hateful and contemptuous of Bardot? Her name will be remembered long after he is completely forgotten.’

‘It seems to me the author is pretty hateful too. What a personal attack on someone with a different view. I wouldn’t call this journalism and its not why if read France 24. This is a personal attack disguised as a news.’

It seems to me, that the comments on many articles, from left leaning outlets like the Guardian, to the Telegraph, from the Mail to the BBC and now even France 24, are showing the cracks in the false reality our elites have enforced on us for decades now, people are speaking out, it almost seems like people don’t care about being called ‘racist’ anymore. I hope that this is true, and I hope it continues. We need people like Marine LePen, the Front National and ‘crazy old bags’ like Bardot to show people the truth and to show people there is a way out of the catastrophe of the modern West.

In Gaol for a Twitter Comment.

It seems that making a harmless comment is now a gaolable offence, as long as you are white. Great Britain is becoming a parody of a bad joke! I would not have believed that this could have happened even five years ago, now, I’m not actually surprised, I’m angry, but not surprised. The people who rule us, should not think they will be spared when we rise up against them, they can expect only slaughter!
Apparently he wrote a Tweet about a football player who had a heart attack on the pitch, Patrice Muamba, (Whom I had never heard of before this miscarriage of justice), the Tweet read “LOL. Fuck Muamba. He’s dead!!!”
Thats it!
What the hell is wrong with country? How can this be described as anything more than a stupid comment? It may have been in bad taste but that’s it!
Nothing ‘racist’ about it, no ‘nigger’, no ‘coon’, nothing racial. Why is this guy going to gaol? It was his first offence. There are plenty of people in this country that mug people, burgle houses, steal from shops and deal drugs who don’t even go to court on a first offence, it isn’t even recorded, they are given a ‘caution’, if even that, somethings it is NFA’d, meaning No Further Action. And this guy is imprisoned on his first offence.
This tells you everything you need to know about the terrorist state in which we now live. Blacks and Pakis are mollycoddled, every crime they commit is ignored and hushed up, if it does come out, the people who point out their ethnicity are told that they are worse than the criminals, and if they keep up their critique, they, not the criminal, will be arrested. We are the enemy now, we are in their sights, and anyone of us who is found out will be made an example of, whether it is Nick Griffin, or Emma West or now Liam Stacey. This is TERRORISM against us!
‘A young man was sent to prison yesterday. He has been locked away for eight weeks, not a lifetime in itself, but he now has a criminal record, which will blight his life for years to come.
The unforgiving zealots at the university where he had been studying have kicked him out, so his career plans are wrecked so probably his life is too, after all his picture, and his name were published in every national newspaper and on every TV news bulletin in the nation.
He was not a hero, but a broken boy who cried as he was led away into state incarceration where he will spend the next two month. But let us not judge his tears, would the strongest of us be able to withstand the bile and venom poured upon him by a morally outraged media and the blood baying Twitter nazis who now dictate how people are to think.
And what was his crime? He did not steal, he did not defraud anyone, he did not rape or kill, he did not draw blood, he did not bruise, he did not lay a finger on anyone. His only crime was to say things which we are not supposed to say, and which offended those who passionately seek offence.
For that he must be punished, shamed, humiliated and held up weeping before the nation as an example of what will happen to those who, even when drunk, as he was, dare to misspeak.
Elsewhere as young mother awaits trial for the transgression of daring to say “You’re not British, you’re black!”
There was a time when what we found most frightening about states such as those beneath the totalitarian fist of Soviet Russia or which were tin pot dictatorships, run by brutal despots, was that people could be locked away because of what they said.
We now live under such terror.
More chilling still are the shrill cheers of those who support the prosecution. To merely read the approving comments beneath the news report of the young man’s trial is to hear echoes from another darker place we once thought had disappeared long ago.
Finally the sentence fits the crime!” Snarls brain dead Olivia from Swindon
hahahahhahahahhahaha i love it….. u vile rascist little pig ” crowed Arshad from Worster – (clearly enjoying seeing a white man brought low)
Good, scum like this should have the book thrown at them. ….. He made racist comments” squeaked Anthony from London, the sort of person who, in another life would have sold his mother to the Stasi for misspeaking.
As would Denise from Chelmsford who shrieked with the pride of a Khmer Rouge guerrilla with a baby on her bayonet “The racial comments were disgusting. I’m glad that I was one of the many people who reported him to the police.”
How low has out country sunk that the likes of Olivia, Arshad, Denise and Anthony now tell us how to think.We are told that this is a free country, that is a joke, we are becoming the terrorist state of which others once warned us, and most frightening is the fact that there are many who welcome it.
I imagine Arshad is not one of us, he is an alien living amongst us, the other two are easily led women, perhaps they are not ours either, Anthony, well who knows. What I do know is that a storm of hatred is being built up against the people who persecute OUR people, I have had it to my back teeth with this crap, and I don’t really know how much longer people can kept in line. Whether Breivik’s murders last year were his doing or whether is was some false flag thing, I don’t really know, but what I do know is that people in Europe are increasingly angry, we are sick of being treated the way we are, we are sick of the savages, who burn our cities, who riot against us, who steal from us, who rape our women, who prostitute our children, who intimidate the weak among us.
We, and when I write WE, I mean the small group of us who are aware of whats going on, we don’t need to be elected, we don’t need demonocratic legitimacy, we need only to be filled with a righteous fury, a fury that will change Europe, that will sweep away the savages and send them from whence they came, and a fury that will butcher the elites. The elites who have RAPED us for six decades, maybe longer, the elites who laugh in our faces as we face penury, as our daughters are sold into slavery for the sick pleasure of PAKIS and NIGGERS. These elites, these pimps and whores who rule us deserve to die, and I know that may sound extreme, I know it does, but enough is enough. How much more will we take? How many more of our people will we allow to be sacrificed to the savages? How many more years can we take this humiliation?
There are some crimes that deserve the death penalty, High Treason is one of them, and you can’t really say that they don’t deserve it, you can’t say they’ve not been asking for it?

Raving lunatic, involves herself in something she clearly doesn’t understand!

I have been reading quite a bit about the shooting of a Trayvon Martin in Florida, initially marketed as a racist shooting of an innocent black kid. Well, not being American, and not being au fait with the way things happen over there I was happy to just read and take in people’s opinions, that was until that frothing at the mouth, raving lunatic Sinead O’Connor got involved.

The raving lunatic once had a good voice, perhaps she still does, she sang a few ditties in the  nineties and then went stark raving bonkers, she had some issues about the Catholic Church, so much so, she got herself ordained as a priest by some other stark raving lunatic. She went through a Lesbian phase and married a few blokes, said some things I’m sure she thought sounded deep and interesting and, well no one really takes any notice of her anymore due to her obvious demonic possession!

So, some black kid gets creamed in America! Happens all the time, however this time the slime ball MSM decide that it’s a racist killing, how they did this, I have no idea, and as I’ve pointed out I’m not really in a position to express an opinion. The stark raving lunatic aforementioned, has decided to stick her oar in, and embarrassingly seeming to take it upon herself to speak for every Irishman! That crazy bitch does not speak for me, nor ‘everyone’ in Ireland!

‘I would like to extend my very deepest sympathies to the family and other loved ones of murdered teenager, Trayvon Martin. I am very sad today (and am certain the whole of Ireland is) to learn of poor Trayvon’s terrifying ordeal and horrified by the fact his known and named and admitted killer has not been arrested, despite the crime having taken place a month ago. This is a disgrace to the entire human race.’

Nope, Im not sad, this sort of crap happens all the time! and if you had read even the most basic accounts of the story, would see it was not some cold-blooded killing!

‘For those out there who believe black people to be less than pure royalty, let me inform you of a little known, but scientifically proven, many times over, FACT. Which after reading, you will hopefully feel both very stupid and very sorry. For you dishonor your own mothers and grandmothers.

EVERY human being on earth, no matter what their culture, creed, skin colour, or nationality, shares one gene traceable back to one African woman. Scientists have named it ‘The Eve Gene’. This means ALL of us, even ridiculously stupid, ignorant, perverted, blaspheming racists are the descendants of one African woman.’

Nope, wrong again Sinead, they definitely are not ‘pure royalty’, I won’t allow myself to get carried away, so I will stick to facts, they are the crime problem in America, England and now increasingly, Ireland. Also, your pathetically simple-minded adoption of the ‘Out of Africa THEORY‘, would be funny if so many people did not actually take it as seriously as you do.

‘One African woman is the mother of all of us. Africa was the first world. You come from there! Your skin may be ‘white’.. because you didn’t need it to be black any more where you lived. But as Curtis Mayfield said.. “You’re just the surface of our dark, deep well”. So you’re being morons. And God is having the last laugh at your ignorant expense.’

Again, Sinead, you are wrong, there was no ‘one African woman’, if you bothered to keep up with the theories postulated by anthropologists, you would see there is an ‘Out of Europe theory’ an ‘Out of Asia theory’, there is even another theory which suggests there were multiple areas were we came from, got that Sinead? You really think we have anything much to do with Africans? Really? If so, I would invite you to go and live in The Congo, or maybe Haiti, I hear they are wonderful places to bring up children!

‘If you hate black people, its yourself you hate. And the mother who bore you. If you kill or wish ill on black people, its yourself you kill and wish ill on. As well as the mother who bore you.’

Again, more childish nonsense, I don’t ‘hate’ anyone, well not many people, I don’t ‘hate’ races, I dislike being around them if they act like animals!

‘When you dishonor the the utter glory and majesty of black people, you lie. Your heart lies to you and you let it. Despite seeing every day, all your life, how you and your country would be less than wonderfully functioning and inspiring to the world, without the manifold and glorious contributions made by the descendants of African slaves, who did not by the way actually ask to go to America and leave their future families there to be disrespected for eternity.’

She is really getting crazy here, sounds like she is fantasising about rogering a black guy!

‘What are you doing hating yourself by hating your brothers and sisters who daily show you nothing but inspiration and love, despite having NOTHING, in their own country? Despite having barely a chance of anything, because of racism. Despite being granted no ‘permission’ for proper self-esteem.’

Blacks showing whites love? Is she aware of the Knoxville horrors? has she heard of the white boy set on fire by negroes? If you think being gang raped, tortured, blinded, dismembered whilst alive and left to bleed to death is love, then yes, blacks love whites, if you think, stealing someones goods is love, then yes, blacks love whites, if you mean, loving free sheeeet, then yes, blacks love whites!

‘These beautiful people continue to believe in and even manifest Jesus Christ better than you do. That alone could stand as the greatest reason your racism is blasphemy, were it not for all the other reasons.’

Sinead, firstly, blacks are NOT beautiful! In fact they are really really ugly, have you seen black women? Again, whatever floats your boat, but really? You think mounds of fat is beautiful? You think big lips and brillo pad hair is beautiful? You think massive boobs draped on a massive belly are attractive? You are weird!

‘These people you hate and fear ARE the body of Christ, just as we all are. Every child, woman or man. And they know it. Maybe thats why you cant bear to look at them. Because you see Jesus Christ and you cant stand the light.’

Again, Sinead, you are wrong, the CHURCH is the body of Christ, not some feral niggers! If a black man becomes and remains a Christian, which entails rejecting everything that comes natural to him, then yes he can be a part of it, but that is rare!

‘Stop this ridiculous and uneducated attitude. You would be dead without black people. Think of all the greatest music ever composed. The greatest songs. The greatest inspirational heroes.. Muhammad Ali, Mandela, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Soujourner Truth, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Curtis Mayfield. So many absolute angels, sent from God.’

Nope, wrong again, there would be a lot more people alive today if we didn’t have them. Greatest music ever? Mozart, Handel, Puccini, Vivaldi, Wagner, nope, no niggers there! Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay as he should be known as, was just some worthless nigger who happened to be a boxer, Mandela is a terrorist who was a puppet used to destroy South Africa and the great Afrikaner people. The others that I recognise are singers, Bob Marley another worthless nigger from Jamaica, he lived in England, did very well for himself and hated whites, I know this as I used to listen to his music when I was a teen! I though It was cool listening to a nigger!

‘Without the inspiration of these people many millions of so-called ‘white’ people, including myself would not have had the strength to pay the price of life.’

It’s funny how blacks are black but whites are ‘so called ‘white”. And whats that nonsense about not having ‘the strength to pay the price of life’? What is she smoking?

‘And black youth in America. I’m talking to you here too. I love you. So I don’t mean to sound cross, I’m just being a mother.. Why are you killing each other? Why are you hating yourselves? You are the most important people God ever sent to this earth, every man, woman and child among you! Don’t let uneducated people win and take your self-esteem or your esteem for each other, and make you kill each other. over guns, drugs, bling, or any other nonsense.’

The most important people God sent to this Earth? Who invented most things? Who sends aid to whom? Who causes the crime in the West? Which is better, Haiti or Switzerland?

‘You are now entering YOUR version of a sort of civil rights movement and you’re gonna see history being made in what has certainly the profoundest potential to become THE most wonderful country on earth. Because soon ALL ‘isms’ and ‘sits” will end. including racism, as the people of the earth begin to understand, we are all one.’

Well, this is one thing that you might be partially right on, the negroes probably will go ape over the next few months, but I think it is whites, who will start to understand that it is they who are under attack, pretty soon the whites could ditch the ‘isms’ and unite against the traitors and niggers . And no Sinead, we won’t understand we are all one, the opposite will be nearer the truth!

‘We came from one mother. We are all brothers and sisters. And we CAN get beyond this ILLUSION of separateness. With prayer and love. It CAN change. It WILL change. And YOU guys (young people of all kinds) are the ones who are gonna GENTLY change it. And you know where it starts? With MUSIC.’

Nope, wrong again Sinead, although I must say you are serving the NWO people very well, well actually you’re not, because you are so far out there! But you are right that we can solve this through love and prayer, love of our people, and love can manifest itself in protecting our people come what may, we will pray to God for deliverance from the niggers and the elites, whilst fighting them!

‘Don’t be guided by rap. Gangsta or otherwise. Sure.. enjoy it.. adore it.as I do.. but realize this.. rap ain’t about your civil or spiritual rights, baby boys and girls. It.. along with most music nowadays.. is about falsenesses and vanities. Bling, drugs, sex, guns and people- dissing. Its giving you the message you ain’t ‘good enough’ if you don’t have bling and ting.. and money. Or if you’re not what it deems ‘sexy’.’

Well, this is actually your first piece of common sense! I agree with most of this except that I HATE all this ‘music’.

‘Poor Curtis Mayfield must be crying all day and night ALL day and night in heaven, every day and night.. To see what has been so successfully achieved by those who sent guns, drugs, and bling to squash the civil rights movement. Now you all don’t have to be murdered by racists any more.. you’re murdering each other FOR them! And your parents and grandparents are left crying.’
Whatever! Never heard of him!

‘Go back to strong black musical guides who left you information in the 60s and 70s. when they were living through the civil rights struggle. Curtis Mayfield. The Impressions. Nina Simone, Mahalia Jackson. Sing back the Holy Spirit ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, as those artists did.’

Well I suppose I can’t condemn you for trying to get them to go back to singing half decent music, at least those singers aren’t offensive.

‘Forget bling. Forget “Get Rich Or Die Trying”. That is an evil message. Evil my dears is only life backwards. Turn it the right way up. With music. The messages American black youth are being given through music are not about the spiritual and therefore strong and conquering but PEACEFUL making of YOUR country into the wonderful place it secretly is and can be.. BECAUSE OF YOU, and BY YOU!!’

Again, you are giving relatively good advice, although don’t be surprised when they ignore you!

‘You know not how you are adored, appreciated, valued, loved, cried for,smiled for, prayed for, all over the world. You know not how much inspiration and uplift-ment of heart you give to millions just by your presence on earth.’

Nope, I don’t know anyone who cries for them, and unless you are inspired by mass looting, gang rape, senseless murder and wanton violence, I don’t know who could be!

‘These musical guides will give you self-esteem. When you have self-esteem you can achieve anything. You can stand in the street as many did yesterday and change your country peacefully and with song. Chant down Babylon as the Rastas say. Rastafari will also give you self esteem. Investigate it.’

Right! Those Rastafarians are so wise aren’t they? Yeah, what is it, the former Emperor of Ethiopia is some sort of prophet or God? How did that work out for him?

‘You will notice, my beautiful sons and daughters, when you study, as you must, footage of all civil rights gatherings, how singing and music and sound and voice and the Holy Spirit were all employed and were so much part of the energy which moved things along.. just as running was in the South African gatherings I saw on tv in my own childhood, which inspired me to survive my own horrors.’

Oh yes, the communist inspired and instigated uprisings against decent white rule, how has that worked out?

‘What you listen to musically and whether or not you employ the Holy Spirit’s highest will for your life is whats gonna make you transcend all you’re having to suffer (the worst of which is low self-esteem.. or esteem based upon material ‘success’ or ‘sexiness’)) as a result of being the descendants of people who didn’t ask to be stolen and leave you where you are. Delete bling. Get conscious with your music. Demand conscious music from your artists. Go back to the artists who left you proper guidance.’

Sinead, you are an ignoramus as well as stark raving mad! All you have to do is a cursory read of even a Wikipedia entry on slavery and you will realise that the Africans sold the slaves to us in the first place! And please read my last post, ‘Slavery still alive and well in Africa’!

‘This is some serious stuff and we (all manner of musical artists) are too silent on matters of enormous spiritual importance. Lemme ask you.. Jayzee and Eminem et al. Why was it always the black people only worked in the post rooms of record companies, which was always in the basement? Why was it that as each floor went up the skins got paler till it was fuckin ghosts at the top? And all us artists.. even me.. said nothing? Those buildings (record companies) always struck me as being a microcosm or painting of America, racially speaking. Christ almighty.. if its like that in the music business how is anything ever going to change?’
Ok, firstly the top men in the music industry are not ‘fuckin ghosts’ as you state, they are Jews! Secondly whats this ghosts thing? Isn’t that just a black slur for white people? Oh and the reason blacks are in the basement doing the post is because they are not capable of anything else, simples!

‘We, musical artists are too silent on important stuff. And it is our job to be the gate-keepers of truth. ALL the people of this earth must come together eventually and see that we are one. ALL artists must stand up. Black, white, yellow, green, pink, fucking polka dot.. and be a light in these times.’

Nope, you are not silent, I wish you were Sinead, you’ve been like a clanging bell since I was small, bleating about this and that, and your mates in the ‘industry’ are just as bad, Bono, Sting, Paul McCartney and his insufferable wives, John Lennon and his insufferable wife, et al…Also You are not the gatekeeper of anything, you are an entertainer, that’s it, you are the modern equivalent of a court jester, so get off your high horse! Also, this sick crap about us all coming together and being one, that is what we fight against, and you and your kind will only achieve this over our dead bodies!

‘The world is going to shift massively this year.. spiritually speaking. Musical artists are to be a massive part of that shift. Get up, lets all of us. And light Jah fire.. and BE lights.’

You could be right, but it will not shift the way you envisage!

‘Where’s the fire gone from music? Where is the love? the oneness? The knowing that music CAN and WILL move things in the right spiritual direction without hatred or violence? We must box clever. Sing the devil to sleep at your feet. Thats what Curtis teaches. He is the master of ALL musical masters. forget, forget, forget and forget again bling and guns and drugs and the worship of fame and money. Its time to wake up. We KNOW the power of music. Why aren’t we using it to change anything important?’

Maybe you don’t use it because you are a demented old witch?

‘Musicians all over the world should now gently demand this child’s killer be arrested immediately and the family of Treyvon Martin be immediately apologized to upon bended knee. Frankly. I myself would like an apology! America is a country I love and adore. what this man has done is un-American in the most horrific extreme.’

Shut up taking about things you don’t understand, this is more than some luvvie nonsense, this is about justice, if you think you are capable of being, judge, jury and executioner in this case, then you are more demented than I ever thought. You know nothing about this case you tired old hag!!!

‘Him not being arrested is extremely embarrassing and does absolutely NOT paint the true picture of of a country and a people who for the 90% majority are the kindest, most loving, intelligent, and wonderful people you could know.’

Oh, at last, after this epic rant, she actually states 90% of Americans are good, why couldn’t you have put that at the beginning you insufferable has been?

‘Please.. ALL Americans should deplore this crime. As should ALL people of ALL nations. And deplore the fact this man has not been arrested. All Irish people should do the same. And I ask that we here in Ireland should express through our American embassy that we would like to see this man arrested this very minute. Because racism is not acceptable. Nor is vigilantism. And this was very clearly in no way at all a case of self-defence.’

Firstly, It is not a crime, none has been committed, despite the heavy-handed intervention by the king nigger Obama, and his vizier nigger Holder. Second it is not up to us to arrest him, and it is none of our business you stupid woman! Thirdly, it is not up to the American government to listen to some has been ditty queen from Ireland and take her views as sacrosanct! Also, how do you know it wasn’t self-defence?

‘I leave you with some lyrics of Curtis Mayfield’s which I feel are appropriate for this situation. I am certain Curtis would have wanted to contribute to discussion on the issue of Treyvon’s murder and the condition of young black people in America today.. so here goes.. the song is called This Is My Country.. from the album of the same name.’

You get the idea. This raving lunatic seems to think she is an expert in American Law, she seems to think she speaks for the Irish people, most of whom wouldn’t have even heard of this case, and she seems to think black Americans will care what she has to say! The gall is amazing, the arrogance of such a discredited, weird, has been, is breath-taking!

As I wrote, I don’t know enough to say anything directly about this case, as it is still ongoing, surely, non Americans should keep their mouths shut while we see what happens? not according to this frothing at the mouth odd ball!

Sinead O’Connor is an extreme example of the luvvies we are cursed with, it is not unusual for these sorts of people to make demented, ignorant remarks, but when some crazy old hag like O’Connor makes them, and includes such glaring falsehoods as she does here, they should be taken to task, if she loves niggers so much, all she has to do is go into central Dublin any time she wants, and it will be chock full of the useless welfare dependents, not doing any work, mugging old Irish grannies, molesting young Irish girls, shoplifting, drug dealing, fighting and being, well, niggers! Go on Sinead, go into Dublin, away from your nice house and take a look!


Political Prisoner Pleads Not Guilty!

Emma West, the political prisoner who is being viewed by self hating whites as the new Hitler has pleaded not guilty to a ‘racially aggravated’ public order offence!

Good for her, I completely expected her to buckle, to apologise, to grovel in front of the new gods of our age. After all she has a job to think of and more importantly her children! To do what she has done takes guts, it takes a strength of personality that most don’t have! And I can only be Impressed with this woman!

In Soviet Russia, Christians would sometimes have their children seized once they had been arrested, the authorities would say ‘denounce your God, curse Christ and we will let you go and we will let you have your children back’, some refused, some had the courage, in spite of the very real pain of imprisonment and the reality that they would never see their children again, of refusing to denounce God, of remaining faithful! It was hard to do! I can’t even imagine how terrible it was.

Emma West is facing something like those faithful Russians! She has been arrested for no reason, she has been kept in custody when it is common practice to release rapists and murderers after being charged! It is being said by the authorities that she is mad as well as bad! Her children are in care, now helpless in that sick system of government run child abuse!

She could lose everything. This is the way we live now, in fear of immigrants who have been raised to semi Devine status, in fear of the authorities who seem to prove again and again how much they hate us! This is intolerable, how can we allow this? And yet as
Long as X Factor and dancing on ice is on, people don’t seem to care, there is an apathy that is the antithesis of Emma West, and it is sad that it takes one vulnerable white mother to show us all up!

Pray for Emma and her children, send her letters of encouragement, let’s see if we can help with anything else!

She will need it!

Please write to her at: Emma West C/O HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ

She is a rassis!

Some poor woman on the tram in Croydon is now the new ‘hate’ figure du jour! She had the temerity to speak the truth to a bunch of immigrants, who no doubt are mostly from filthy third world hell holes, and I would guess are mostly on benefits! The accent of the ‘diverse’ individual who was goading on Emma West seems to be Somalian, I could be wrong, but that’s what it sounds like, Somalians, are probably one of the nastiest, ungrateful, criminally active groups I’ve ever come across! They are also all on benefits! Anyway, the official story is that some nasty white woman goes crazy on a tram, suddenly her video goes viral, and a hate campaign, seemingly independent of the vile establishment is in full swing, people making comments on how awful she is, saying she deserves to be raped or killed by big black men! White people writing that she is an embarrassment to England!

Emma West has more balls than all the intellectual ‘race realists’ put together, she is honest, and I can guarantee she did not just go off on one without cause. Remember this is Croydon, which a few months ago was ablaze, set ablaze by gangs of feral negroes who ran riot, with not much in the way of opposition from the state. For five days and nights, they ran riot, looting, killing, assaulting and stealing from white people, and when people pointed this out they were actually said to be worse than the rioters! I actually saw that written!

So now, some white lady who has enough lets rip, lets rip at the women whose children were quite probably a part of that riot, and what does the state do? She is arrested and charged within two days, two days! Imagine if the police had responded to black criminality with in two days in August? But no, white people are fair game, blacks must be coddled at all times, they must be excused at all times, even of murder!

The worst thing is the white people making such a big deal about how they can’t understand her, how awful she is, how irresponsible! But, surely what happened was exactly what we should be seeing on a larger scale? Surely the sensible thing is to protest immigration, protest criminal individuals and their parents, even like this!

People really annoy me, they harp on about someone making a few comments, and neglect the reality that  we will end up in a race war in the future, which would they prefer, a few hurt feelings or pits full of bodies?

Update: After watching the video more carefully the accent of the ‘diverse’ woman was West Indian, not Somalian, Although I stand by the comments about Somalians! And I also like how the black individual behind Emma West (can’t tell if it’s male or female) gets up at one point in a theatrical demonstration and throws down their bag, as if they were about to start a fight! And then they sit down when they realise Emma is not backing down! Brilliant! I love this woman!