Breaking the Bondage of Interest













Usury is the “Hidden Hand” in history. It is behind wars and revolutions, booms and busts, and the travesty termed “poverty amidst plenty.” It causes civil wars and class wars. Many problems of the world could be resolved with clarity once the dust the money-lenders throw in one’s eyes is removed. The financial system is the means by which power politics functions at all levels.

As one historical example of the “hidden hand” at work: How many Anglophobic Irishmen understand the real reasons for the “potato famine”? Henry Kelliher wrote that anecdotes were told to him of the harrowing starvation of the Irish. It was subsequently that he found the Irish famine was the result not of over-population, as claimed at that time among some quarters – nor even due to food shortages, since it was only the potato crop that failed. In 1845 (while the famine was to claim the lives of 1,029,000) 779,000 quarters of wheat and flour, 93,000 quarters of barley, and 2,353,000 quarters of oats – enough to feed for a year every person who died of starvation, nearly four times over – were exported from Ireland.[24] Kelliher commented:

When the true story of Ireland is written it will be found that all that stood between starvation and the available plenty, was the crushing interest burden that had to be paid to outside money-lenders, that the country was not suffering from famine, but from what we choose today to call “depression.” A famine is the absence of food caused by a lack of food; a depression is the absence of food caused by a lack of food, caused by a deficiency in the medium of exchange – money.[25]

How many are aware that a major cause of the French Revolution, the epochal event that was one of the first victories of Money Power over Tradition, was caused not by the masses yearning to overthrow the tyranny of Monarchy, but by the economic dislocations caused by debt, when 50% of state expenditure went to pay interest to money-lenders? And so we might continue, up to the present: how much of the aggravation between Islam and the West is caused (apart from the betrayal of the Arabs dating back to the Balfour Declaration and the Sykes-Picot Agreement) by the aim of international finance to control the Islamic world, where usury is regarded as “sin,” as it once was by Western Christendom? Remove the “Hidden Hand” of usury and once the perspective becomes clear, issues might be resolved with justice between many that are presently at each others’ throats while the real culprits remain invisible.


I was aware that debt was instrumental in the downfall of the French Monarchy, I haven’t before thought about the influence of money power, interest, and usury in relation to the Irish Famine. If so, people like Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness should be hating international finance, not the English. It seems to me that our main enemy is the banks. Almost every evil thing can be traced back to the shadowy group of obscenely wealthy men, who sit in vast palatial piles, served by swarms of servants, indulging in every perversity one can imagine, and they manage to do this by accruing money from everyone else in the world. Whether it is states that borrow and then dump the interest payments on the taxpayers, businesses who are encouraged to take massive loans to expand, or just average people who are encouraged to take out mortgages, credit cards and loans. All of these things increase the wealth of the money lenders, and increasingly leads us into deeper poverty.

It is now common knowledge that the Russian Revolution was due in large part, to external funding of various revolutionary parties. Large Wall Street and City of London bankers loaned money to the newly established Soviet state, and the banks continued to fund the Soviets throughout the Cold War, right up to the end. It amazes me how people didn’t see this, how the McCarthys who were trying to root out communism in America couldn’t see their own government lending vast amounts of money to the Soviets.

We know that Germany and Japan rejected the powerful bankers in the thirties and were destroyed. Perhaps their economic policies were only a small part of the reason for war, but I can’t imagine it played no part at all. It was these same banks who profited from the blood bath of the Great War, they made money from every war since, huge amounts of money, they have indebted almost every nation in the world, they have indebted many individuals as well. And when they make their obscene profits, they hoard the money, when they lose, as they did four years ago, they make us pay again! So we use money, much of it borrowed from the banks at interest, and we bail out those very same banks with the very same money, we lend it at no interest, and then have to figure out how to pay back the trillions we borrowed to bail the banks out, to the very same bailed out banks.

They issue their own bailout money and we have to pay interest on it! How crazy is that? How absurd!

The banks need to go.

I like the idea of Social Credit, it seems a way in which we could use money, without drowning in debt and usury, perhaps when the inevitable happens, when the economy completely implodes, perhaps something like Social Credit can be used to restore the ruins of our economy .

Occupy Together

The worldwide protests today are the inevitability of where the worthless politicians and greedy, faithless financiers have led us. The worthless, whoring political elites, along with their paymasters have screwed it all up. These people had everything, they controlled the issue of monies, they controlled the stock market casinos, and they controlled the ‘democratic process’, and they went and blew it all, because they couldn’t bare to lose control.

Control is what they have always desired, they have lost it due to their stupidity and avarice. How sweet it is to see these whores flap about trying to stay the execution that they so richly deserve. Rome burns, Athens burns, New York doesn’t yet burn, but give it time, they will burn as well, and why? Because the whores refuse to give way, they refuse to change, they even refuse to pretend that they will change, the bankers and financiers continue to loot us, to steal from us, to humiliate us, they rub our faces in our hopelessness and despair, they are disgusting, faithless, honourless whores. And like whores they deserve nothing except our contempt.

I know that many of those involved in the protests are ‘lefties’, with their simple ‘leftie’ slogans, but this time they are right, they have hit the nail on the head and good luck to them, in fact, we need to join with them, help educate them on the basics such as fiat currencies and central banks and the evils of debt enslavement, I’m sure many of them would come around to those truths easily enough, once we can march with them on these platforms, who knows what changes could occur?

Essentially I believe that the whole ‘right’ and ‘left’ thing is almost dead, the elites, those worthless whores, have used our differences against us for far too long, and yes we have our differences, but now, right here we have a common enemy, and we must stand with these protesters. The time is upon us, the war has been declared for all of four years already and we have not fought back, now is the time to start, now is the time to begin the process, whereby we can bring down these internationalist thieves, these whoremongers, these blood-soaked criminals, now could be the time of their fall. Let us cheer on their demise.

For you see, those very same whores are in a panic, they assure us that they have an answer to Greece, they assure us that they can start growth again, as if it is some tap to be turned on and off at whim. The whores, clueless as they are have no idea of the storm that is to come, they can’t comprehend the wrath that will shower down upon them, they are lost and can’t find their way back, because that is what happens when one sells one’s soul for filthy lucre.

Perhaps this whole ‘occupy’ thing is just a fad, perhaps it too will fade and the whoring bastards that rule us will think they have won, again. But, with each new protest, with each new outrage, they get closer to losing everything , and that is the hilarious irony of it all, if they had not tried to bandage everything up four years ago, they would probably be safe and sound now, if they had not bailed out their sick banker buddies and paymasters, they would probably have lots of new money from their new paymasters, but no, they stumbled at the last hurdle, they destroyed everything they had built up in the last half century, and for what? Time?


We Don’t Need Banks

One of the stated reasons for bailing out the banks in 2008 and 2009 was that we could not allow the banks to go under as it would cause too much damage to the world economy and lead to the bankruptcy of millions of businesses. Well, they were right, many businesses survive due to bank loans, they have a lot of business at Christmas or during the summer and scrape by the rest of the year, but did they really care that much about those seasonal businesses?

No, they were panicked. They were terrified that their world was about to end, that the banks would cease to be and that their funny money would become useful only as toilet paper or fuel. The banks are an essential part of the world as is it today, they print money, much more than any central bank, they endebt our people with false promises and control our leaders by buying them off. They pour money into political campaigns and then give retired politicians nice sinecures after retirement, Tony Blair being a prime example. This is in effect a bribe, although it is a bribe after the fact.

The power that banks wield is too much for any man or any group of men, it is the proverbial ‘ring of power’, just as in Tolkien’s work, no matter how good one is, no matter how good one’s intentions, the power of the ring moulds the ring-bearer to its own will. In the case of banks that can print infinite amounts of money, every bank will go there, because every other bank does it and makes enormous balance sheet profits. The power of the banks is dangerous, no man, bank or government should possess this power.

Now, what do normal people need banks for? They need somewhere to keep their money, they sometimes need a loan and that is about it. Considering that the banks are ripping us off at the moment, do we really need them? They are giving us almost no interest on our money, even though they are lending at upwards of 14% on some loans, and on credit cards they are charging considerably more.

Why not set up our own institutions? Why not have credit unions or co-operatives that will remain small and where each depositor is in effect a shareholder? With these institutions we could influence the investments made, make more in interest on our money and when necessary take out small, reasonable loans to invest in our businesses. We could even have credit cards, with very low limits, say £500 or so. With each town or neighborhood having its own credit union or co-operative, the big banks would soon become nothing more than the government sponsored Ponzi schemes that they are, when they collapse, we will still have our money.

The problem is that many people believe it is normal to be in debt to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds, they think nothing of taking out a few grand to go on holiday, or to buy some new fancy car, or to put many thousands on their high interest credit cards, the economic chaos that surrounds us is as much our fault as the banks, although the banks share a larger part of the blame in my opinion. However we need a change in attitude, we need people to stop thinking of loans and credit cards as free money and we need people to regain their common sense. It wont happen this side of a default or a run on a currency or the collapse of the banking sector, but it will happen. Then perhaps the idea of small, local and prudent institutions may become more popular.

We don’t need banks, we should not want them, as they are a cancer in our societies, we can’t put up with them for much longer and, inevitably they will, for the most part fail anyway, and when they do we should welcome it and start anew.




So the S&P has downgraded American debt, hmmm, well that took a long time.

If I had been a rating agency, they would have been downgraded a few years ago, and considering the rating agencies collusion in the greatest fraud in history, it is difficult to take them seriously.

Surely most triple A nations should he downgraded, perhaps excluding Germany and Switzerland! Just like America, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Australia and others are in fact bankrupt or very near bankrupt. Just because some rating agency, the same that kept Enron and Bear Stearns on a AAA rating, gives an opinion does not mean they are right, or that they don’t have some angle to play.

However, I suppose even the bought and paid for rating agency have to reflect reality sometimes, and the economic chaos that seems to be brewing can’t be ignored forever. After all we have Zerohedge and Financial Armageddon and Mish’s Global Economic Analysis, as well as Lew Rockwell and the Daily Bell, all are readily available and anyone reading them will immediately notice the disconnect between reality and good sense and the lies and incompetence of the MSM.

I don’t know what we have in store, but as I’ve written before, it does not look good and I fear we are now entering a crisis which is the consequence of the bad decisions made in 2008 when the bought and paid for political whores bailed out our bankrupt banksters!

God help us!



the year of our Lord, two thousand and nine, time does fly!

The past year has been one of great upheaval, the fraud of ‘finance’ and fiat currency has been left discredited, the foolishness of men has been exposed for what it is, arrogance, ignorance and greed.

The foolishness of our ‘rulers’ continues, however. They have borrowed insane amounts of money to bail out failing and fraudulent companies, it is probably just a coincidence that the politicians and the CEOs of those companies are social acquaintances, having gone to the same schools, attending the same clubs and married to each others sisters and cousins!

These bailouts have failed, well they were bound to, the bailouts were in reality just a way of those company bosses getting this years bonus, the companies are still the same fraudulent Ponzi schemes they always were. Once these ‘bailouts’ failed, our ‘great’ leaders decided to print money and lower interest rates, in those United States this has led to what is in effect a negative return on money, with interest rates at 0.25% going as low as 0%.

This debasing of currencies is not new, it is something greedy governments and bankers have been indulging in for centuries, although in most cases the bankers and politicians were wise enough not to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Our present crop of bankers and politicians seem to be very unwise, they have been consumed by their greed, their unholy desire to be rich beyond the most perverse dreams of even the most greedy of men, they have decided that they can avoid the fate of Wiemar Germany and squeeze us of what little wealth we have, just so that they can have more money in the bank.

They will rob us of our money by inflation, by ‘quantative easing’ and more tax rises, they will attempt to ‘harmonise’ tax rates in the EU, eradicate tax havens and strip us of any right to social assistance, no more dole or pensions for us, they will tell us that they can’t afford it, although they will continue to afford to pay for their client base, the immigrants and the feckless who suck on the teat of state, sucking up our taxes so that they can do nothing.

Our rulers hate us, that is made plainer ever day, they rob us of our money, what little we have. However their hate is made clear by their desire to murder us when we are of no use to them. The recent episode in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg makes it very clear what they think of us, these Satanists, those who hate us, have already coerced millions of European women to murder their children, this sin is an unforgivable sin, it is one thing to go out of your way to murder an innocent, it is another altogether to convince a weak minded woman that she must murder her child, just so you can have her in the workforce to do some mind numbing job and pay those Satanists their taxes.

But the Satanists are not happy with this level of murder, they want to make murder more mainstream, more acceptable, now they want to kill off the old and the sick and the disabled, they add nothing to the big money pot so they must go. So the Satanists want us to exterminate ourselves by encouraging people to be sexually promiscuous, thus degrading ourselves, but the media are there to tell us its all OK, because faith is nonsense anyway and only nasty judgmental hypocritical Christians would disapprove.

Then once we are degraded through constant casual sex, they want us to murder the children that result from this promiscuity, because every time this happens, our consciences are seared as with a hot iron, but this is all well and good for the Satanists, because the darker our souls become, the more like them we are.

So, the murder of the helpless continues on, first the unborn, now the sick, the lame, the old and the handicapped. The further our souls are seared, the closer to Hell we get.

The same Satanists use our money to fund an invasion of Europe by the barbarians, they use our money to fund Satan’s aims of eradicating Christendom. The infidels, the worshipers of that demon Allah, are being used to swamp us in our own homes, the Christ haters who rule us not only intend to rob us of what little money we have, they intend to exterminate us, to defeat the Church, damn our souls and wave the flag of victory for the Devil.

The Satanists who rule Europe have allied themselves wholeheartedly with the incoming administration in Washington, this alone should be enough to forewarn us of what is to come.

Russia has been tested, and the Satanists have been found wanting, their power is not as great as they believed, they are quite weak, the only power they have is the fear they breed in us by their control of our minds via the media.

This year will be a crucial year for the Satanists, they are on the cusp of total victory, but they are also on the cusp of a great defeat, they have in many ways overplayed their hands, their aims are now quite plain to see.

This year could be the year of their downfall, let us pray that it is, for their victory will be a terrible thing, we would be enveloped in darkness for a very long age, their hate, their terror and their lies would poison everything that is beautiful, and the darkness would extinguish all light.

I am an optimist by nature, I see a great chance ahead of us this year, one where we could have the only chance in a very long time to wrest control from the Devil worshippers, the chance to destroy or at least weaken their hateful power.

Let us all hope and pray for victory this year.

God Bless and keep you all!

A Cold Wind blows

It looks as if the financial chickens are coming home to roost! A bank run in the UK all but bankrupted Northern Rock a few months ago, something which the socialist government there seems unable to comprehend, they seem to think government has the power to dictate how economies go! But most governments assume this, that’s why they say things like ‘this government has created 3 million new jobs’.

No you didn’t, businessmen and entrepreneurs did, in spite of you!

Now the American banking sector looks like it is on the precipice of collapse, the like we have not seen for seventy years. Bear Stearns is bankrupt, although they don’t say that, they say it is ‘being rescued’, but the reality is the recklessness and greed of the nineties and the noughties will have to be repaid, whether we like it or not.

Now there are rumours circulating about Citigroup and Lehman Brothers and their viability. This is fine for the people involved, as they will just get a payout and go into early retirement, for the rest of us it means some very leans years ahead at best.

You see, when greedy men, in concert with greedy and dishonest politicians decide to defraud the people, there is nothing we can do to stop it, they will tell us everything is fine, that there is no reason to be fearful, indeed they will involve us in the fraud, as long as they get the lion’s share of the reward and are exposed to little of the consequences of the crime.

The government gets its share by taxing the fraudulent exchanges, and debasing the currency, have you ever wondered why your Euro or Pound or Dollar is worth less then it was ten years ago? Well, its because they create new money and give it to the financiers in the City of London, Frankfurt and New York, once they have spent it, your money loses its value meaning your Euro is now only worth the equivalent of ninety cents before the government debased it.

This goes on year after year, taxes go up to keep up with this slow motion devaluation and we, the normal people, are squeezed, whilst the government and financiers get wealthy on our backs.

I used to wonder why God forbade his people to charge interest on loans or got involved in what I thought were little things like scales and measurements, I think I understand now, I see the sin that these financiers get into, the greed that this fraud called ‘International Finance’ creates in people, the lies, deceit and theft we all become entangled in.

I recall talking to my parents and grandparents about money when they were young, in fact my grandmother gave me some old coins, some going back to the 1885, bearing the portrait of Queen Victoria, some had the face of Edward VII on them, and these coins were still in circulation in Ireland in the seventies!

It means that the currency had not been debased in such a reckless and debauched way, it meant that a penny issued in 1885 was still being used to buy things in 1973! That is unbelievable to me, as I have seen two currencies in circulation, and various notes and coins which long ago became useless.

Surely there is something wrong when the Pound, Shillings and Pence we used to use, managed to retained their value for centuries seeing small and insignificant inflation, to what we see now when the successor to the Pounds, Shillings and Pence is now all but worthless?

If a man from the time of James I, spoke to a man from the time of Victoria about money, they would broadly understand each other, if any had the misfortune to talk to a man of today, they would be unable to understand how a pound is now worthless! This is the work of the greedy and dishonest men who inhabit governments all about the world, the habit of inflation, of debauching of the currencies.

The fairy tale world of ‘International Finance’ is coming to a close, unfortunately for us, it is we, who will feel the cold wind of recession, not the ones responsible!

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