The Queens Visit

Last week Queen Elizabeth II made a state visit to the Republic or Ireland, a nation that her father was crowned king of in 1936 and one which has been claimed by all her predecessors since Henry VIII, and before that her predecessors were the ‘Lords of Ireland’ from the Norman times to the reformation.

Much has been said of the trip, about the history and the rights and wrongs, the thing I want to point out is that Ireland doing this is beginning to look grown up. From my childhood on, I remember the things said about England or Britain, people refused to use the geographic name Great, in the mistaken idea that it refered to cool or good instead of size. I recall the bare hatred, the nastiness, the small mindedness shown toward England and the English, it became embarrassing as I got older and started reading for myself, finding much of the claims made against the dastardly ‘English’ were just that claims, not facts.

Throughout most of Irish history, our fellow Irish have been our worst enemies, it was an Irishman who first invited the Normans to Ireland, offered his daughter in marriage and his kingdom to a Norman earl, all because he wanted to beat some rival king in some petty war. It was Irishmen who fought on each side in each conflict betraying one another at pivotal points in history or running away to France or Rome to retire to the good life instead of sticking it out in Ireland with their people, and we wonder why Ireland did not produce an independent king?

Yes the English ‘fecked up’ as we say out here, but the truth is the Irish are an exasperating people, one that drive sane men mad and merciful men to massacre.

And please don’t believe every sordid tale written by frothing at the mouth ‘Irish-Americans’, they have some serious problems.

But I digress, the whole state visit was quite amazing, it was as if Ireland suddenly decided to act like a grown up, it became an ongoing national event, blanket TV coverage, state banquets, tens of thousands lining the routes taken and then after it was done we suddenly realise the Queen has been and gone and except for a few predictable protests, nothing went wrong.


Republicanism rears it’s ugly head again

Well, it seems some can’t get enough of killing the ‘seasenach’, how brave of those who gun down an unarmed and unready foe!

Ireland is in trouble, our rulers have unleashed tens, if not hundreds of thousands of foreigners on us, they use our money to support the invaders, giving them free housing, health, education as well as everything else. When the invaders attack, main or rape one of us, they provide legal aid so that they can lie their way out of court and back onto the streets so that they can go on their merry way, raping, pillaging and murdering as they go!

Now, some morons seem to believe that this is not too much of a problem, they seem to think that some young fellows who are in the British Army, getting a pizza is more outrageous then having our nation overrun, and this time for real! No let the Africans and Muslims do as they please, the real enemy are the English, yes those fellow Christian Europeans, yes they are the existential threat to Ireland’s future!

Mosques are being built, triumphant minarets are beginning to tower over the homes of Irishmen, and these numskulls, these morons, these ignorant, narrow minded thugs think that they will be thanked or admired for their murders!

A curse on them and their type.

This is the reason I loathe republicanism, it is the avenue to cowardly murders, sneaky ambushes and the like. No great battles for Irish Republicans, no, neither is there any noble one on one combat, no, only cowardly ambushes, or assassinations, or grievous murder.

And that goes for the original IRA, the one many seem to think is different from the PIRA or RIRA. They are all the same, murdering, thieving, treasonous scum!

Monarchy versus a Republic

Peter Hitchens, once again makes a good argument for monarchy, he contrasts it to the dreadful non-stop election that is American public life!

‘The Land of the Free is a lot less free than Britain’s ancient monarchy. There is nothing like a dive into American politics to remind you that even the most successful republic in human history has its drawbacks.’

Read the rest here.


On this day in the year of our Lord 1649, His Majesty, Charles I, King of England, Scotland and Ireland was murdered, His Majesty’s last words before his execution were, “I go from a corruptible to an incorruptible Crown, where no disturbance can be.”







As is usual, this murder of a rightful king led to much evil in these isles, much suffering and darkness before the restoration of Charles II, the son and heir of the murdered king!

God save the King!


Irish Republicanism

I am an Irish Catholic of the Gaelic persuasion, both my parents whom are very dear to me, are dyed in the wool republican nationalists. They are the perfect parents, so growing up, I believed anything they said!


One of the things about being an Irish Tory is how odd it is to be one! Most of our history has been a reaction against England and it’s actions, good and bad! Ireland has suffered much, the theft of lands, the slow extermination of our language and much of our culture, the expulsion of our natural aristocracy, the protestant ascendancy, the Act of Union and the violent bigotry of the worst aspects of protestant England.


Our reactions have led to a vile Irish bigotry in itself, Irish republicanism, which is not so much republicanism, rather then a hatred of all things English, if England were a republic, I’m certain Ireland would of restored the Stuarts in the twenties or thirties just so we could thumb our noses at England, we would have had Irish monarchism!!


between 1171 and 1541 for better or for worse, the Kings of England were the Lords of Ireland and from then until 1949 they were the Kings of Ireland too. Ireland is a Kingdom without a King or possibly a Queen! The glorious revolution was a coup d’etat, committed by radical protestants and cynical businessmen in London, the following wars culminating in the Battle of the Boyne was a disaster for Ireland and the Irish, leading to this reactionary hatred of the English and a complete loss of confidence by us Irish in ourselves!


Not often have a people been so despised as we, not often have a people despised themselves as much as we have and even sometimes continue to do so! We are now as wealthy as England, let us go one better and unite the best of our past with the best the future has to offer, we can dispense with this plastic republic, this republic of thieves and liars and scoundrels!
So I say let us restore the Kingdom of Ireland, restore the old Parliament (above) to it’s rightful use, and let us restore the heirs of James II, perhaps we shall yet have our own Queen? Perhaps Sophie Queen of Ireland?

An Irish Tory?

Yes, there are such creatures as Tories that happen to be Irish! I am attempting to keep a diary, a record of my thoughts and life. I wish to put across an alternative view, an unpopular view, a despised view of this world.

Tories are by nature deeply suspicious of romanticism, sceptical of ‘progress’, and wary of those who seem so determined to overturn everything they see around them, from morality to the family, from faith in God to the sanctity of property!

I am Irish, there are not many Irishmen who describe themselves as Tories, in fact it would be considered by many to be treason to describe oneself as an Irish Tory, an oxymoron, an impossibility, or at the very least unlikely!

I am not a slavish anglophile, although there are many things to admire in that nation, I am not a believer in the protestant supremacy or even of the Union of 1801.

I do, however, reject the modern and republican mythology of the ‘Irish Republic’ or ‘Eire’ and all the violence and bloodshed and brutality associated with it.

I am a Tory by nature, by temperament and by conviction. Ideology is dangerous, purity and demand for it by anyone, must in all ages be suspect, and must be rejected. Toryism is mostly about just wanting to be left alone, to be free of brutal, thieving and lying politicians, those same people who demand ‘change’ and ‘reform’, these agents of the devil. We must reject them, their lies and evil ambitions.

We must be Tories!