A Medieval New England

New England (LatinNova Anglia) was a colony allegedly founded in the mid-to-late 11th century by English refugees fleeing William the Conqueror. Its existence is only attested in two sources, dating from the 13th and 14th centuries, the French Chronicon Universale Anonymi Laudunensis and the IcelandicJátvarðar Saga. They tell the story of a journey from England through the Mediterranean Sea that led to Constantinople, where the English refugees fought off a siege by “heathens” and were rewarded by the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus. A group of them were given land in the north-east of the Black Sea, reconquering it and renaming their territory “New England”. Though these sources are late, New England is thought by some historians to be based on a reality.

How interesting! A new England from one thousand years ago! I wonder where the descendants of those men are now?


I have added a few new links, one’s I’ve had bookmarked for a while, there are a few everyone should read, the first is an interesting site called ‘The Modern Fascist’, it is a new blog and is apparently written by an 18-year-old American. I’m amazed that anyone is brave enough and smart enough to have the gall to call themselves a ‘fascist’, especially in America. Another very interesting read is ‘In This Age of Plenty’, a work by a Catholic Quebecer on the theory of Social Credit, I would be interested if anyone has an opinion on it, as I’m still working my way through the theory and trying to grasp how it could work.

Another interesting read is a book which I’ve entitled ‘White Australia Policy’ which is actually a long chapter from a book called ‘Connected Worlds’ written by an opponent of white self-rule, but he does do a good job of explaining the various experiments of white societies, trying to stay white in the face of a ‘rising tide of colour’, there are also chapters on South Africa, Rhodesia and the American South, which are just as interesting.

It is, I suppose a depressing read in some ways, to think of all the defeats and no victories we have had in the last century, but, it needs to be done!

If you have not yet had a peek at ‘The Fall of the Russian Empire’, it is also worth reading, the writer makes an interesting point that it was a spiritual failing in Russia that led to the conditions in which the Russian people stood by whilst their Emperor was deposed, imprisoned and then murdered, and that the Imperial family, were a symbol of the future that lay in store for the Russian people.

In the Art, Design and Architecture section, you may want to check out ‘Utopia’, people like Vanishing American would probably appreciate it, lots of beautiful old paintings and pictures of lost times. ‘Paris 1900’ is along a similar vein.

A blog I have enjoyed, despite not wanting to, is ‘Eternal Bachelor’, it is written by a fellow in London, from what I can surmise, he does not have much of a warm spot for women, and would not be what you would call a feminist! He uses some strong language, and I must actually admit it can sometimes be quite sad to see a man so jaded with feminism that he hates all women. But that is another of the curses of our times, our women turn on us as well as our enemies!

I also have an older link, ‘Magna Grece’, which is mainly concerned with Southern Italy before the Risorgimento which overthrew the ancient kingdoms of Naples and Sicily, it is written by a scholarly fellow and I have learned much from him, so please take a look.

Also, just for your edification, in the language section, there are a few good and free language sites, I have spent the summer brushing up on my French, German and Russian and it is actually very effective, especially with my French and German, I find Russian very difficult, and have only been studying it for the last two years, so it has not been as useful with that! So if you know a little French, German or another language, try it out, you can take it as fast or as slow as you wish, and it is definitely worth having another language.

Also, just for fun, I included ‘Thor Steinar’, a clothes company that apparently antifas don’t like because they accuse it of being a NAZI shop! It does seem that it was set up by a nationalist and that nationalists do shop there, but in reality it is not really that blatant, I just want a few people to buy some stuff to annoy the lefties!

Breaking the Bondage of Interest













Usury is the “Hidden Hand” in history. It is behind wars and revolutions, booms and busts, and the travesty termed “poverty amidst plenty.” It causes civil wars and class wars. Many problems of the world could be resolved with clarity once the dust the money-lenders throw in one’s eyes is removed. The financial system is the means by which power politics functions at all levels.

As one historical example of the “hidden hand” at work: How many Anglophobic Irishmen understand the real reasons for the “potato famine”? Henry Kelliher wrote that anecdotes were told to him of the harrowing starvation of the Irish. It was subsequently that he found the Irish famine was the result not of over-population, as claimed at that time among some quarters – nor even due to food shortages, since it was only the potato crop that failed. In 1845 (while the famine was to claim the lives of 1,029,000) 779,000 quarters of wheat and flour, 93,000 quarters of barley, and 2,353,000 quarters of oats – enough to feed for a year every person who died of starvation, nearly four times over – were exported from Ireland.[24] Kelliher commented:

When the true story of Ireland is written it will be found that all that stood between starvation and the available plenty, was the crushing interest burden that had to be paid to outside money-lenders, that the country was not suffering from famine, but from what we choose today to call “depression.” A famine is the absence of food caused by a lack of food; a depression is the absence of food caused by a lack of food, caused by a deficiency in the medium of exchange – money.[25]

How many are aware that a major cause of the French Revolution, the epochal event that was one of the first victories of Money Power over Tradition, was caused not by the masses yearning to overthrow the tyranny of Monarchy, but by the economic dislocations caused by debt, when 50% of state expenditure went to pay interest to money-lenders? And so we might continue, up to the present: how much of the aggravation between Islam and the West is caused (apart from the betrayal of the Arabs dating back to the Balfour Declaration and the Sykes-Picot Agreement) by the aim of international finance to control the Islamic world, where usury is regarded as “sin,” as it once was by Western Christendom? Remove the “Hidden Hand” of usury and once the perspective becomes clear, issues might be resolved with justice between many that are presently at each others’ throats while the real culprits remain invisible.


I was aware that debt was instrumental in the downfall of the French Monarchy, I haven’t before thought about the influence of money power, interest, and usury in relation to the Irish Famine. If so, people like Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness should be hating international finance, not the English. It seems to me that our main enemy is the banks. Almost every evil thing can be traced back to the shadowy group of obscenely wealthy men, who sit in vast palatial piles, served by swarms of servants, indulging in every perversity one can imagine, and they manage to do this by accruing money from everyone else in the world. Whether it is states that borrow and then dump the interest payments on the taxpayers, businesses who are encouraged to take massive loans to expand, or just average people who are encouraged to take out mortgages, credit cards and loans. All of these things increase the wealth of the money lenders, and increasingly leads us into deeper poverty.

It is now common knowledge that the Russian Revolution was due in large part, to external funding of various revolutionary parties. Large Wall Street and City of London bankers loaned money to the newly established Soviet state, and the banks continued to fund the Soviets throughout the Cold War, right up to the end. It amazes me how people didn’t see this, how the McCarthys who were trying to root out communism in America couldn’t see their own government lending vast amounts of money to the Soviets.

We know that Germany and Japan rejected the powerful bankers in the thirties and were destroyed. Perhaps their economic policies were only a small part of the reason for war, but I can’t imagine it played no part at all. It was these same banks who profited from the blood bath of the Great War, they made money from every war since, huge amounts of money, they have indebted almost every nation in the world, they have indebted many individuals as well. And when they make their obscene profits, they hoard the money, when they lose, as they did four years ago, they make us pay again! So we use money, much of it borrowed from the banks at interest, and we bail out those very same banks with the very same money, we lend it at no interest, and then have to figure out how to pay back the trillions we borrowed to bail the banks out, to the very same bailed out banks.

They issue their own bailout money and we have to pay interest on it! How crazy is that? How absurd!

The banks need to go.

I like the idea of Social Credit, it seems a way in which we could use money, without drowning in debt and usury, perhaps when the inevitable happens, when the economy completely implodes, perhaps something like Social Credit can be used to restore the ruins of our economy .

Russia, The Conservative Power

Russia, the ‘ puzzle inside a riddle, wrapped in an enigma’, is throwing one more enigma our way, how did they go from being the centre of a world revolution, to being the opponents of just that? And how did America go from being the defenders of ‘freedom’ and ‘faith’, to the socialist wreck they are now?

I don’t think America was ever the ‘conservative’ power we were told it was, America has always been a radical power, whether it is the free-masonic ideals of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’, or the appeal to equality apparent in the Declaration of Independence right up to the modern feminist movement and anti-racism, America has always been a hothouse for radical ideas, and intellectual ferment, meaning left wing intellectual ferment.

It is to America that we must look to understand the present day fixation with the ‘separation of Church and State’, probably one of the most radical and ahistoric movements ever conceived, when in history has any civilisation separated their faith from the public square? We must also look to America to find the best articulation of ‘equality’, whether it is between men and women, the races, religions etc…it is this concept of equality which has done us most damage in the past two centuries, for there can be no equality, ever, and this is probably why it is used, it gives the leftists an eternal reason to beat us and yell at us that there is still discrimination that needs to be ‘tackled’, by them against us, of course.

I wont even go into the role of Wall Street financiers and the funding of the Bolsheviks in the post-war era, it is far too large a subject and one that is better dealt with in a separate post, but the reality is that America has never been conservative and that is because of the nature of it’s birth, in rebellion against their rightful king, a rebellion organised and carried out by a group of well educated, well spoken men, most of them freemasons, and imbibed with the ideals of freemasonry witch are the ideals of the wrongly named ‘enlightenment’.

It is not a coincidence that America today is the leading lightbearer of a ‘world revolution’, whether it is the reform of Islam, or the democratisation of every little mudflat and arid valley the world over, it is not a coincidence that it is America which has compelled most of the nations of the world into this fraud that is debt based economic growth, fiat currency, multi-national mega corporations and the miracle of finance capital. This was the inevitable dead end of the enlightenment, of which America is the model, and now with everything falling down about it, America is determined once again to corral the nations of the earth into an even more obscene economic model seemed more to be an emulation of the Soviet Union, then anything we have previously seen.

Russia, in contrast is not seeking world dominion, it seeks security in it’s own sphere of influence, it knows that it can’t yet challenge America in too obvious a fashion, it must outwit it, something that does not appear to beyond the Russians, the chessmasters of the world. Russia, in contrast to America has reestablished it’s Church, probably the most important and far reaching thing it could have done in it’s repudiation of it’s communist past, It has recovered it’s natural wealth from the oligarchs, who raped Russia in the aftermath of the Soviet collapse, oligarchs, it must be said, which were placed in their positions of wealth by the CIA, which was called in to oversee the privatisation of Russia after the Soviet collapse, they were in charge of Russian economic policy as Yeltsin downed another bottle of vodka.

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, I think illustrates the difference between the Russian, and American positions. This cathedral, built as thanksgiving to God, for delivering them from Napoleon’s lust in 1812, was dynamited by the communists, they were going to build their own Satanic cathedral on it’s site, with a giant statue of Lenin atop it. Well they never got round to it and made it into the worlds largest swimming pool, a nice way to explain away a hole in the ground filled with water! Well, this cathedral has been rebuilt, with the government giving some of the money toward it’s reconstruction. The crimes of the Satanic Bolsheviks has been in this case erased and the atheism of their movement has been defeated.

Now, has America ever built a building like this? Could it ever do so, would the government build a structure that has the name Christ the Saviour? Would America ever dream of building a place of Christian worship to commemorate a great military victory? You know the answer as much as I, and it is NO. America is far to advanced for that, it is far too civilised and progressive to do anything that gouache. No nation, no civilisation in the history of men, has ever been this disconnected from it’s supposed faith, and this is because progress and liberalism are in fact America’s faith and have been for a long time.

It is amusing that the once commie rag, Pravda is now warning America about becoming marxist! Pravda! Yes the official mouthpiece of Brezhnev, Stalin and Khrushchev, it is now a decent publication, and it is ‘conservative’ in the way the the New York Times is revolutionary!

In the same way that America has always been far more radical then has been portrayed, the Russians, even when imprisoned in the Soviet Union, were far more conservative then is widely thought, the loyalty shown to the Kremlin was real, but is was as a result of Russian nationalism, the Russian Church also existed, even in the darkest periods of Russian imprisonment, and there gave succour to them and keep the Russian soul alive. Much persecution and many martyrs were made in that time, the same time when America saw it’s own faith eaten away by consumerism and capitalist greed.

It’s an odd thing, but Russia is not what many imagine it to be, it has changed and is changing, and many Russians seem to better understand that faith is inseparable from nation, something America thinks is just a ‘choice’.


the year of our Lord, two thousand and nine, time does fly!

The past year has been one of great upheaval, the fraud of ‘finance’ and fiat currency has been left discredited, the foolishness of men has been exposed for what it is, arrogance, ignorance and greed.

The foolishness of our ‘rulers’ continues, however. They have borrowed insane amounts of money to bail out failing and fraudulent companies, it is probably just a coincidence that the politicians and the CEOs of those companies are social acquaintances, having gone to the same schools, attending the same clubs and married to each others sisters and cousins!

These bailouts have failed, well they were bound to, the bailouts were in reality just a way of those company bosses getting this years bonus, the companies are still the same fraudulent Ponzi schemes they always were. Once these ‘bailouts’ failed, our ‘great’ leaders decided to print money and lower interest rates, in those United States this has led to what is in effect a negative return on money, with interest rates at 0.25% going as low as 0%.

This debasing of currencies is not new, it is something greedy governments and bankers have been indulging in for centuries, although in most cases the bankers and politicians were wise enough not to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Our present crop of bankers and politicians seem to be very unwise, they have been consumed by their greed, their unholy desire to be rich beyond the most perverse dreams of even the most greedy of men, they have decided that they can avoid the fate of Wiemar Germany and squeeze us of what little wealth we have, just so that they can have more money in the bank.

They will rob us of our money by inflation, by ‘quantative easing’ and more tax rises, they will attempt to ‘harmonise’ tax rates in the EU, eradicate tax havens and strip us of any right to social assistance, no more dole or pensions for us, they will tell us that they can’t afford it, although they will continue to afford to pay for their client base, the immigrants and the feckless who suck on the teat of state, sucking up our taxes so that they can do nothing.

Our rulers hate us, that is made plainer ever day, they rob us of our money, what little we have. However their hate is made clear by their desire to murder us when we are of no use to them. The recent episode in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg makes it very clear what they think of us, these Satanists, those who hate us, have already coerced millions of European women to murder their children, this sin is an unforgivable sin, it is one thing to go out of your way to murder an innocent, it is another altogether to convince a weak minded woman that she must murder her child, just so you can have her in the workforce to do some mind numbing job and pay those Satanists their taxes.

But the Satanists are not happy with this level of murder, they want to make murder more mainstream, more acceptable, now they want to kill off the old and the sick and the disabled, they add nothing to the big money pot so they must go. So the Satanists want us to exterminate ourselves by encouraging people to be sexually promiscuous, thus degrading ourselves, but the media are there to tell us its all OK, because faith is nonsense anyway and only nasty judgmental hypocritical Christians would disapprove.

Then once we are degraded through constant casual sex, they want us to murder the children that result from this promiscuity, because every time this happens, our consciences are seared as with a hot iron, but this is all well and good for the Satanists, because the darker our souls become, the more like them we are.

So, the murder of the helpless continues on, first the unborn, now the sick, the lame, the old and the handicapped. The further our souls are seared, the closer to Hell we get.

The same Satanists use our money to fund an invasion of Europe by the barbarians, they use our money to fund Satan’s aims of eradicating Christendom. The infidels, the worshipers of that demon Allah, are being used to swamp us in our own homes, the Christ haters who rule us not only intend to rob us of what little money we have, they intend to exterminate us, to defeat the Church, damn our souls and wave the flag of victory for the Devil.

The Satanists who rule Europe have allied themselves wholeheartedly with the incoming administration in Washington, this alone should be enough to forewarn us of what is to come.

Russia has been tested, and the Satanists have been found wanting, their power is not as great as they believed, they are quite weak, the only power they have is the fear they breed in us by their control of our minds via the media.

This year will be a crucial year for the Satanists, they are on the cusp of total victory, but they are also on the cusp of a great defeat, they have in many ways overplayed their hands, their aims are now quite plain to see.

This year could be the year of their downfall, let us pray that it is, for their victory will be a terrible thing, we would be enveloped in darkness for a very long age, their hate, their terror and their lies would poison everything that is beautiful, and the darkness would extinguish all light.

I am an optimist by nature, I see a great chance ahead of us this year, one where we could have the only chance in a very long time to wrest control from the Devil worshippers, the chance to destroy or at least weaken their hateful power.

Let us all hope and pray for victory this year.

God Bless and keep you all!

Virtue and Sin

In my last post, I was a trifle simplistic in what I described about Russia and America,
So just to make more clear what I meant, I will attempt a better explanation!

Russia is not saintly, it is not yet holy, it is a nation scarred by 80 years of brutal atheistic communism, genocidal wars, famines and fear. Russia and the Russians do seem to have a fear of the west, a fear that is sometimes unjustified and can be as irrational as the Russophobia displayed in certain parts of the west.

When I make the point that America is the real threat to the west culturally, I should have made myself clearer. There are many Americans not a part of this threat, but most of the recent degeneracies we are facing were birthed in America, whether it is the ‘gay rights’ movement that started in the ‘Stonewall Riots’ a grand name for a pub fight! Abortion on demand which I know was not invented in America, but due to Americas dominance of TV and film, it is Americans who are the chief promoters of it even here in Ireland.

Modern feminism, which seems to be a political form of lesbianism, started in 60s America, and has been disseminated since then via American TV programmes and Hollywood films. Divorce, again the chief promoter of divorce are the hundreds of Americans TV programmes beamed into Irish homes, it took a long time for this propaganda to convince us, but convince us it did and we voted for divorce in the 90s!

I’m not trying to say Americans should not defend their home and hearth, that is admirable, what I’m saying is that there is another America, the America of the Sodomites, the feminist man-haters, the Christ haters, the pornographers, the lawless men who hide behind ‘freedom of speech’, which I don’t think was meant to protect pornography or public displays of sodomy, but which nonetheless is invoked by the degenerate to shut ‘conservatives’ up.

The lawless amoral elite who rule America, use America’s traditions against their own, I’m not talking of the revolutionary tradition, an oxymoron of a phrase if ever there was one!!

America’s traditions are basically English traditions, refined and mixed to make a uniquely American tradition, decency, friendliness, freedom, the real sort, not an unlicensed ability to spread smut, but the right to question things to discuss religion and politics without fear of being gaoled, something we now no longer have.

America is where much of the inspiration for the European left has emanated from, whether it was ‘civil rights’, ‘feminism’, ‘anti-westernism’, ‘pro-Islamism’, anti-Christianity’, ‘gay rights’, ‘reproductive rights’, ‘immigrant rights’, open borders and the deification of the barbarians without. All of this already had been seeded in Europe, but due to the flowering of the left in Sixties America and the dominance America has had in the media since then, it has inspired much evil in Europe and across the world.

I don’t know whether Putin is a sincere Christian or not, I have heard both that he is and he is not, both could be true, however what Putin does realise, is that Christianity is vital for Russia’s rebirth as a nation, it is indispensable for the salvation of his people, and he seems to know that.

Christianity in America is under attack, it is maligned and mocked, it is ridiculed, and faithful Christians made to feel like fools, and wicked fools at that. It is true of the west as a whole, Christianity is either mocked and ridiculed or defamed as racist, nasty, imperialist or the favorite insult ‘intolerant’.

The Anglicans and some other non-apostolic churches have decided to join the anti-Christian bandwagon, they apologise for slavery, apologise for all of the sins we are accused of by Marxist anti-Christs. I suppose for some Christians it is too much of a burden to be outside the self righteous camp, the people who have appointed themselves our conscience, grieving, or at least appearing to grieve(in front of the cameras of course) for all of our collective sins.

Christ and salvation are irrelevant to these people, looking good is what they are after, the Anglicans now have atheist bishops! Atheist Bishops!!! They have practicing homosexual vicars and one famous sodomite Bishop in America! I watched him in a BBC interview and he was shameless about his sodomy, absolutely shameless!

They have women priests, so I suppose they are priestesses, right? I have listened to some of these priestesses and they don’t seem very interested in Jesus or salvation, they seem more interested in sexism and poor Somalian refugees!

And then we have the Russian Orthodox Church, no sodomites there, well at least no sodomites that parade their perversions for everyone to see! The Russian Orthodox Church condemned last years Moscow Gay Pride, some Orthodox Priests attended the Gay Pride and were wearing full vestments holding up the Bible and condemning the sodomites and leading their people against the perverts and their western backers such as Peter Tatchell, that is what Catholic and Anglican priests should be doing in Dublin and London and Paris and San Francisco, they should be brave, just as the Russian priests are.

No cultural cringing for the Russian Church, no, it is the Church in Russia that saved much of it’s culture from the Bolsheviks, no apologies for Russians being Russians!

No priestesses, no trendy church ‘services’, none of that modern none sense for the Russian Church, it is a truly conservative operation, old vestments, old prayers, old hymns, old masses, tradition and a pride in Holy Mother Russia.

This is one of the reasons I have hope for Russia, much more hope then America which I fear is too far gone, too degraded to save. I hope in Russia because I hope for Europe, I hope we can see the errors of our ways and if we need help to restore ourselves, that Russia can be both an inspiration to us and possibly a very real ally in helping us rid ourselves of the barbarians within.

I know I rambled a bit, and I know it seems I’m obsessed with Russia at the moment, but I do think this is vitally important, we must not jeopardise our future for a silly and misplaced present day pride. We will not be where we are for too much longer, we have hard times coming and need to start choosing our friends for the hard times, Russia is the one friend that will prove indispensable.

A New Cold War?

If we are indeed to have a new Cold War as many American pundits seem to be dreaming of, I know with whom I will stand. Holy Mother Russia!

The leaders of the west are spineless worms, unworthy of our great heritage, they have continually betrayed us, they have sold us out, they scorn us and our past. They are the ultimate anti-westerners.

Russia is a Christian nation, it is a true nation, not like the hollowed out states that pass for nations in the west anymore.

I despised the Soviet Union, mainly because of the spiritual rape it committed on the Russian people, the new Russia is not the Soviet Union.

Russia, one of the last European nations to stand up for itself, it is being threatened and bullied by the very same monsters who threaten and bully us, Russia is our most natural of allies, we must work with Russia in this new ‘Cold War’, it is the leaders of the west and especially the leadership of the United States that are the true threat to the continuity of our culture, our ‘way of life’.

The hypocrisy of the American administration is stupefying, they condemn Russia for recognising Abkhazia and South Ossetia, yet do not seem to think their illegal and immoral betrayal of the Serbs over Kosovo is not many times worse, what are these people smoking?

In all our travails, we at least have one true ally, that is Russia.

God save Holy Mother Russia!