Social Credit, could it be part of the answer?

So after a few months of studying Social Credit, I think I can summarise it thus;

It would be a financial system that is neither capitalist, nor communist. It would create interest free money, free of anything we would recognise as banks or private central bank cartels, and would be able to provide everyone with a ‘national dividend’.

The national dividend, would be the difference between all productivity and the wages, capital gains and dividends given out to share holders of companies across the economy. The chart bellow shows the gap between productivity and wages, showing that there is not enough money in the system to buy all the production available, meaning people go into usurious debt to purchase part of the remainder.










So if we were to use a Social Credit like system, everyone would be credited an equal part of the difference, instead of having to go into debt. In the cases above, each American and Canadian, that is each man woman and child would get about $16,000 a year! That would be very handy when it comes to Christmas shopping, or getting a new car, or paying for a child’s education. This would mean that people could easily have as many children as they want, as a couple would make near to $30,000 a year, and $16,000 with each new child! Although, the dividend paid would depend on the year, the number of people working, as I imagine some people would not bother working and just like on the dividend, so it would fluctuate. Also this would mean the end of a welfare state, another very good by-product of the ‘national dividend’, as taxes would disappear, and with it government programmes, although this could happen over time.

I like the sound of that!

Next, the banks, which will be co-operatives, credit unions or publicly owned institutions, would lend to business and people as needed, but for only the return of the original capital, which is needed to keep the money supply stable, to preventing inflation. The loans would be for production, construction of houses, hospitals, schools and other needful things, roads, airports, seaports, bridges etc…without any local or national government having to go into the debt spiral, where they end up having to roll over debt just to keep afloat. Under a Social Credit system, most governments would not get into ridiculous debt, and if they did, they would not have the interest to pay, only the capital.

Another part of the Social Credit system which Clifford Hugh Douglas explained, is that we would not need political parties, now this is something I like, although I don’t think it is necessarily true, he tells us that parties are divisive, and he also opposed ‘democracy’, as I do, just read the next paragraph;

‘Now “the people” is a collective term which, in order to make its nature clearer, may be translated as “the mob”. I am not substituting what may appear to be a derogatory word for one which appears to be more respectable, with a view to expressing contempt for the population considered collectively, but because a good deal of attention has been devoted to the psychology of mobs, and the conclusions, where they are sound, are obviously applicable to democracy. The outstanding feature of a mob is that it does not reason, or certainly does not reason effectively. Its conclusions as based upon reason can be stated, with confidence, to be almost invariably wrong. A mob feels, it does not think, and consequently by whatever mechanism we represent a mob we can represent only a desire, not a technique. It is, of course, possible to contend that the desires of a mob are always or frequently wrong. That is the blasphemy based on the theory of original sin, which is evident in the world today in various forms which can be largely included in the word “Puritanism. I do not believe in original sin. It is, however, quite certain that desire, emotion, or feeling, however you wish to phrase it, is plastic and possesses from its nature a strong desire to clothe itself in forms, so that if a mob shouts “We want food and shelter” it is easy to get it to translate that into a cry “We want work”, which is, of course, not at all the same thing. Now in this country we have evolved a mechanism of election which is alleged to be for the purpose of making the will of the mob evident. But the most cursory examination of the slogans on which elections are fought is sufficient to show that the machinery has been completely perverted.’

So, here we have a philosophy, which opposes, sensibly, and rationally the power of the bankers and the oligarchs who are behind them, it opposes party and strife, which is used to divide us, it opposes communism and the attempt to create an utopia here on earth, it is as Douglas explained, practical Christianity. Which is probably why it would never be tried, and if it was, why it would be opposed violently.

The legal and frenzied thievery which the whole modern edifice of government and finance is committing is astounding, the trillions that they have accumulated through no effort, on the backs of wage slaves, is criminal and immoral. The party politicians who are bought and paid for, who whore out their people for a small cut of the action are traitors and criminals who should be executed. The doped mobs of morons who are glued to ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Glee’ are oblivious of how their standard of livings are dropping, how it is getting harder and harder to live at an acceptable level, how they seem to never be able to buy or even rent a nice home and how their labour is being stolen from them by lazy, immoral and cruel TRILLIONAIRES!

Capitalism is Communism with some restraint, or at least the look of restraint, it is Communism done subtly, whilst Capitalism is a licence to loot until the people have nothing left and have been enslaved de jure as well as de facto. The system is bust, the time has come for something new.

A system with no usury, no interest and no fat Trillionaires living the high life for doing nothing! A system where ‘democracy’ and party is disempowered, where localities would be freer and thus all men!

Why not give Social Credit a go?



Chaos and Happiness

It is getting ridiculous now, the whole world seems to be in the grips of a panic, Greece was reported to be having a referendum, only to reverse that, Papandreou was reported to have resigned, only for that to be withdrawn, no one seems to know what’s going on in Greece!

The markets are in turmoil, up on hour down the next, High Frequency Trading is probably to do with this, as it seems that the only traders are computers, now that most everyone realises that the markets are fixed! The OWS movement seems to be gathering strength and is spreading and growing in numbers and resolve. Governments are loosing their grip, rebellion is in the air, the elites, the ones so well versed in manipulation are in a state of panic as events seem to be taking on a life of their own, outside of the reality that those very elites have put before us for decades.

The MSM is becoming hilariously irrelevant, last night the main news on the BBC was about public sector workers going on strike because their pensions are being cut. The world is on the edge and the MSM think that this is important? One of the leaders of the unions said that the government had ‘stolen’ from his members! Hmmmm, well the money they are receiving is stolen money anyway, taken by threat of force by the government to give to these ‘workers’. The BBC decided that the imminent end of the world as we know it, was only the forth most important thing to discuss, or to gloss over more like. What is wrong with these people?

We have the chaos in the middle east as well, although I think much of that is encouraged and supported covertly by western intelligence. Syria is on the brink, Israel is sabre rattling again, threatening to attack Iran again. Libya, the poster child of the so called ‘Arab Spring’ has become an Islamic emirate, well done western intelligence. China is on the edge of an epic real estate bust, so forget the idea that China can ‘save’ the world economy, they will be too busy tearing themselves apart soon.

What’s the good news? Oh there is plenty of that as well, our enemies are on their last legs, their power, once so formidable and threatening is now looking tired and broken, our enemies are increasingly desperate, one can see this on television, their preferred medium of propaganda and lies. Films, TV series, documentaries and most other things are blatant in their contempt for us and everything about us, whether it is the never ending lies a out ‘global warming’ which a few years ago at least could seem, to the ignorant, to be real, now it has become a parody. The lies they tell us About immigration and ‘diversity’ are being questioned, even by ‘leftists’, especially after the breakdown of law, order and decency this summer threatened to overwhelm the country. The lies about Europe and the single currency, the lies about ‘markets’ have become running jokes, there is no longer anything our enemies can be trusted with, there is nothing where they can claim competence. They are defeated intellectually, and once they have been defeated on the field of ideas, it is only a matter of time before they loose their increasingly tenuous grip on power!

So be of good cheer, our time is coming.

More Fraud, More Chaos, Nearer to the Edge?

And so the fun has started, the ongoing meltdown in Greece is reaching its inevitable end, this in spite of the superhuman amounts of other peoples money Europe has thrown at the problem and some brokerage or hedge fund called MF Global has been stealing money from its customers in an attempt to hide its insolvency and has now been declared bankrupt!

It feels like perhaps this is the beginning of the next crisis, but having been at the precipice so many times over the past few years and having thought ‘this is it’, so often, I’m wary of making any declarations one way or the other. The one thing I do know is that the times are dark and uncertain and it it is wise to remain as footloose and free as is possible! If we are to see another crisis the likes of which we saw in 2008, it is quite possible that it could take down the whole rotten edifice within days, maybe even hours. That is scary!

I’ve made plans to leave London in February. I’m not certain where I’m going, possibly back to Ireland, I could have an opportunity to go to Germany or Russia, possibly even Australia, but that has not been finalised yet, but I do need to get out of London, after the summer riots anyone who does stay will be in for a rerun of those few days, only worse!

And yes I know Australia, Germany, Russia and Ireland all have their own problems, but they are not yet as irreversible or as deeply engrained as they are here!

If the crisis doesn’t happen now, it will happen at some point soon! Now is the time to plan ones escape, now is the time to ready oneself.

The Convulsion

The thieves and liars who have left our nations bankrupt have already got away with their crimes!

Our media have ensured that, instead we hear irrelevant dung being said about actors and actresses, we hear stupid cliches mouthed about how awful it is that Prince Harry said the word ‘Paki’, OMG!

We are fed emotional tripe about the ‘Palestinians’ and all the ‘war crimes’ going on there.

We are ensured by these same people that the recession is just that, a recession, not the end of the financial system as we know it.

The more I read and study about this crisis, the more I’m convinced that this is truly exceptional. I know I’ve been banging on about this since I have started this web log, but this is the ‘big story’ of 2008 and will be the big story of this decade, no this century. The world is changing and changing completely, the everyday blah blah of politics and show biz news will thankfully be a thing of the past in the not too distant future, the ‘War on Terror’ is over, this idiotic campaign instigated by greedy and feckless politicians and their allies in big business as a way to go to war, when there is no war to be had. It reminds me of the wars that Oceania would fight against East Asia and Eurasia in 1984, these wars did not have a goal in sight, there could not be a victory as that is not what the government wanted, they just wanted the powers that a modern state has in wartime. It is not even made clear if Oceania was even fighting a war at all or if it was just a way of maintaining control, this is where we are at now with this ridiculousGWoT, and what an irritating acronym!

But I digress, this GWoT is over, we cant afford it anymore, well not for much longer, the soldiers will be needed to quell the unrest back home in Europe and America, as when we end up penniless, we will be fighting people in the street for food. The ‘ethnic minorities’ will unleash their barely concealed hatred against us rampaging through the cities and suburbs murdering, robing and raping as they go, our governments will be powerless to prevent this tsunami of chaos, which will overtake us.

The armies and police will fracture and dissolve as soldiers and police will go home and attempt to protect their own families and homes, weapons will very quickly end up in many peoples hands, sold to them by soldiers off home, or looters andsavvy entrepreneurs, making the violence even more bloody.

Money will be worthless, tobacco, alcohol, food and weapons will be the currency of the day.

The criminals who brought this on will avoid this fate, as being the slimy lickspittles that they are, they will have homes in Switzerland and Monaco, although one would hope that will face their comeuppance at some point in the future.

The media, in effect an organ of the state, will not tell you how bad it is going to get, they are under instructions.

What we are facing is TEOTWAWKI, as Jim Rawles of Survivor Blog refers to it, the end of the world as we know it, I don’t think it is Judgement day, or the Rapture or anything like that, although it could be, but I do think that sin has consequences, and the sins of greed, lies, theft,deceit , lust, sloth, arrogance will ensure a retribution. This is the natural retribution we all face as a consequence of our sin, in the east they call it karma, science understands it as for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What we now face are the results, the reaction, the karma of ourcivilisational sins, and oh, do we so richly deserve it.

What will happen then? That I can not say, I can only prognosticate the above as it is the consequence of the sins and folly that have happened and are continuing today. The chaos unleashed by presentfolly’s will continue, the results are unknowable for us mere mortals.

Those of us who hate the way this world is, can use the results of others sins for the good of many. The world will very soon be in flux, the political institutions, financial system, social mores, religion, all will be up for grabs, all will be ready for reformation or destruction, you can be one of those who makes the system that replaces the one we now have, the one that will soon be gone.

Being ready for that should be your goal. Societies often have convulsions, then they are remade, the time of convulsions have started, are you ready?


the year of our Lord, two thousand and nine, time does fly!

The past year has been one of great upheaval, the fraud of ‘finance’ and fiat currency has been left discredited, the foolishness of men has been exposed for what it is, arrogance, ignorance and greed.

The foolishness of our ‘rulers’ continues, however. They have borrowed insane amounts of money to bail out failing and fraudulent companies, it is probably just a coincidence that the politicians and the CEOs of those companies are social acquaintances, having gone to the same schools, attending the same clubs and married to each others sisters and cousins!

These bailouts have failed, well they were bound to, the bailouts were in reality just a way of those company bosses getting this years bonus, the companies are still the same fraudulent Ponzi schemes they always were. Once these ‘bailouts’ failed, our ‘great’ leaders decided to print money and lower interest rates, in those United States this has led to what is in effect a negative return on money, with interest rates at 0.25% going as low as 0%.

This debasing of currencies is not new, it is something greedy governments and bankers have been indulging in for centuries, although in most cases the bankers and politicians were wise enough not to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Our present crop of bankers and politicians seem to be very unwise, they have been consumed by their greed, their unholy desire to be rich beyond the most perverse dreams of even the most greedy of men, they have decided that they can avoid the fate of Wiemar Germany and squeeze us of what little wealth we have, just so that they can have more money in the bank.

They will rob us of our money by inflation, by ‘quantative easing’ and more tax rises, they will attempt to ‘harmonise’ tax rates in the EU, eradicate tax havens and strip us of any right to social assistance, no more dole or pensions for us, they will tell us that they can’t afford it, although they will continue to afford to pay for their client base, the immigrants and the feckless who suck on the teat of state, sucking up our taxes so that they can do nothing.

Our rulers hate us, that is made plainer ever day, they rob us of our money, what little we have. However their hate is made clear by their desire to murder us when we are of no use to them. The recent episode in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg makes it very clear what they think of us, these Satanists, those who hate us, have already coerced millions of European women to murder their children, this sin is an unforgivable sin, it is one thing to go out of your way to murder an innocent, it is another altogether to convince a weak minded woman that she must murder her child, just so you can have her in the workforce to do some mind numbing job and pay those Satanists their taxes.

But the Satanists are not happy with this level of murder, they want to make murder more mainstream, more acceptable, now they want to kill off the old and the sick and the disabled, they add nothing to the big money pot so they must go. So the Satanists want us to exterminate ourselves by encouraging people to be sexually promiscuous, thus degrading ourselves, but the media are there to tell us its all OK, because faith is nonsense anyway and only nasty judgmental hypocritical Christians would disapprove.

Then once we are degraded through constant casual sex, they want us to murder the children that result from this promiscuity, because every time this happens, our consciences are seared as with a hot iron, but this is all well and good for the Satanists, because the darker our souls become, the more like them we are.

So, the murder of the helpless continues on, first the unborn, now the sick, the lame, the old and the handicapped. The further our souls are seared, the closer to Hell we get.

The same Satanists use our money to fund an invasion of Europe by the barbarians, they use our money to fund Satan’s aims of eradicating Christendom. The infidels, the worshipers of that demon Allah, are being used to swamp us in our own homes, the Christ haters who rule us not only intend to rob us of what little money we have, they intend to exterminate us, to defeat the Church, damn our souls and wave the flag of victory for the Devil.

The Satanists who rule Europe have allied themselves wholeheartedly with the incoming administration in Washington, this alone should be enough to forewarn us of what is to come.

Russia has been tested, and the Satanists have been found wanting, their power is not as great as they believed, they are quite weak, the only power they have is the fear they breed in us by their control of our minds via the media.

This year will be a crucial year for the Satanists, they are on the cusp of total victory, but they are also on the cusp of a great defeat, they have in many ways overplayed their hands, their aims are now quite plain to see.

This year could be the year of their downfall, let us pray that it is, for their victory will be a terrible thing, we would be enveloped in darkness for a very long age, their hate, their terror and their lies would poison everything that is beautiful, and the darkness would extinguish all light.

I am an optimist by nature, I see a great chance ahead of us this year, one where we could have the only chance in a very long time to wrest control from the Devil worshippers, the chance to destroy or at least weaken their hateful power.

Let us all hope and pray for victory this year.

God Bless and keep you all!

The ongoing collapse

It is an interesting time.

The markets, house prices, commodities and consumer items continue their fall, the talking heads on Bloomberg and MSNBC are puzzled by what they term ‘irrational selling’, but what could be more rational then selling what is probably overpriced?

The incredible dumping of trillions of dollars into the markets and banks in the passed few weeks will fire a destructive inflation that will leave the people of the world aghast. These bailouts were not only immoral, but recklessly stupid.

Britain, under the guidance of the incompetent Brown, has over the passed few weeks dumped well over a trillion pounds into their banks and financial system, the GDP of Britain is not much more then one trillion, what happens when one does that? Massive debilitating inflation, am I the only one that knows that?

Here in Ireland our porcine Taoiseach Mr Cowen, has guaranteed the full amount of all deposits in all Irish banks! That may sound good, but what happens if that is tested, will we the Irish people be able to back that up?

Iceland has in all effects collapsed, it’s banks are nationalised, bank accounts of Icelandic banks and businesses have been frozen in Britain, under a terrorist act, something that sounds like an act of war!

This crisis is only at it’s beginning, there are many months ahead of crises, it shall take many months, perhaps years, before things have stabilised, and what we shall see will be a different order, perhaps one influenced by traditionalists?

Now is a time to hunker down and wait, in a few months it will be the time to take advantage of the situation.

The End of the Liberal West?

Could the economic chaos which ripped through the markets this week mark the beginning of the end of the Liberal West?

Well, one can always hope!

The crisis, is far from over, the root of the crisis, is the mountain of debt on which we sit, there is the hundreds of trillions of mortgage debt, the trillions of credit card debt, the trillions that is owed by government, the hundreds of trillions of unsecured derivatives, the tens of trillions owed by government (ie:us) to keep the welfare states afloat, that is a lot of debt.

The collapse of Lehman’s, AIG, HBOS and Merill Lynch were only the symptoms of the problem, the problem is that we can’t possibly pay all this debt back, no chance! What we face is civilisational bankruptcy, many of us personally face bankruptcy as well. No amount of government interventions can stop it, well it could have, but they would have had to intervene ten or twenty years ago to make borrowing harder and saving easier and more profitable, they would have had to reform the welfare state and commit the state to being debt free, but as we know that did not happen, because that is the fundamental weakness of a democracy, the politicians are focused, not on our future, but on how they can get reelected in two or four of five years time, democracy is doomed to death by its own most glaring weakness, its inability to think of the next generation.

So we have all had a great time buying rubbish we don’t need with money we didn’t earn and all we now have is debt, strangely in the preceding twenty years, debt was sold as an asset, now banks and other financial institutions realise what everyone else instinctively knows, debt is debt, it ain’t an asset. So debt is harder to trade, those stuck with bad debt are being dragged down as house prices come back to Earth, how the mighty have fallen!

It’s not only the banks and governments who are to blame, although they have earned the most lavish contempt, it is all of us who bought into this scam, everyone who has a credit card they can’t manage, everyone who bought a house they couldn’t afford, everyone who took out loans for things they didn’t need, all of us are culpable and are now getting our just desserts.

I say this as someone who did all the above, except the unmanageable mortgage thing, but thankfully I have got out of credit card debt and most of the loan.

To think people were taking out loans for a holiday!! What is that? Pure stupidity, loans should only be for something that will profit you and yours, like a car or a start up loan or something similar, it should provide you with something tangible and lasting, not some photos and sunburn!

The last time we faced such a crisis was in 1929, I think we are facing something far worse then that, at least then most people stayed within their means and saved what little they could, most people didn’t own their own houses, so mortgage debt wasn’t as monstrous as now, most people could do real things, such as grow veggies and cook, and clean and make things, such as clothes and chairs and tables and such like, very few people can do that now, we can programme something or flip burgers or do things online, very few of us could do easily what our grandparents and great grand parents did daily.

The Depression almost marked the end of democracy, this upcoming depression could kill it once and for all, this may be the moment we have been waiting for! The next few years could be years of political ferment, we could see the rise of nasty totalitarians, leftists, neo-NAZIs and the like, we must be ready in the next decade or so to take our own advantage, to propose a return to faith and tradition, and the rejection of mass democracy.

Of course our elites would try as best they could to fight all the anti-democrats to retain power, they could themselves become the new totalitarians, not something I think is beyond the realms of reality, these people have been in the business of banning things since at least the beginning of the twentieth century.

So, we shall see in the next few weeks and months how this turns out, how bad it will actually get, myself, I hope it is really bad, I hope the whole system is shaken down, that as many big businesses as possible go under, that as many governments as possible fall and that in their new found poverty the masses can wake up to the reality of what has been happening over the past fifty or sixty years, what our rulers have done to us.

Then and only then will we have a chance to restore our nations.