Smallness Works

Well, it seems to help.

I believe that a part of our problems, whether they be economic, social or cultural stem from the prison that is the modern-day nation-state, where once we had a small and distant government rule over a small and lightly populated(by todays standards) polity, we now have a large and increasingly belligerent state, attempting to rule over millions, tens of millions and sometimes hundreds of millions of people, resulting in misrule, tyranny and increasing impoverishment.

It is a simplistic argument, I know, but hear me out. Is it at all possible that a ‘democracy’ like the United States can actually represent the will of 310 million people, in an area the size of Europe? Each representative in the Congress represents on average about half a million people, I’m not sure about you, but I don’t think it is even possible to meet half a million people in one lifetime, and even if it were, could anyone remember very many of them? Can an elected representative in the American Congress actually represent 500,000, as they would wish to be represented?

The senators, represent the states, so, the Alaskan senators, will represent about 600,000, a large number, the Californian senators will represent 35 million people. Now even if you think that there may be a possibility, however unlikely, that a representative can actually represent half a million people, can anyone, in their right mind say that someone can accurately represent 35 millions?

What about a world government? Some people seem keen on that, how many representatives would we have to a world Congress or Parliament or Assembly or whatever it might be called? One thousand? That would mean each representative would represent about seven million people, so we could increase the representatives to ten thousand, then what? Well we could all be represented, but how efficient would such an assembly be? Could there be a possibility of companies, pressure groups and others buying votes? Could it mean an ineffectual, pointless debating chamber that would quickly be overtaken in importance by the bureaucracy?

The European Union is an attempt to make things big, about 400 million people jammed together to form one state, well they are trying. The European Parliament is famous for its irrelevance, there are 736 MEPs(Members of the European Parliament) and there will be 750 MEPs at the next European elections, due to the expanding EU. Britain has 73 MEPs, Germany 99, Malta 5, France 74, Ireland 13.

Now, if for some reason, every MEP from Ireland, Malta and Britain voted against something which they believed would be harmful to them, say, banning English, they would be outvoted and their votes would mean nothing. In a world parliament, if every white nation joined together to prevent, lets say, compulsory compensation to third world states for colonialism, imperialism, apartheid, slavery and racism, what do you think the result would be?

Even democrats should be able to see this, democracy can’t, and won’t work as the state or nation becomes too large, the only form of government which works in a large nation or state is dictatorship, or at least authoritarian government. China is run by one party, Russia is a managed democracy, India is a corrupt democracy, Brazil is another corrupt democracy.

These places work, after a fashion, but they are not in any sense ‘democratic’ and nor should they be, democracy would cause chaos and lead to wholesale looting of one group or region, to placate the violent anger of another.

America is the odd one out, it resembles a managed democracy at the federal level, but at the local level can actually be very free, towns, townships and counties which are rural and white tend to be ably governed, even small states like Vermont, New Hampshire, North Dakota and other mid western and Rocky Mountain states seem to get along fine. It is when we look at the large states where problems arise, California, New York, Florida and Texas. Texas seems well run(I’m an outsider) but the diversity being allowed will kill that place too.

Small polities on the other hand seem more likely to be wealthier, healthier, happier and freer than the teeming empires of diversity and crime.

The first examples are the ones above, the small American states, they are reputedly some of the best places to live in the world. And then we have some small places in Europe;

The bailiwick of Sark, is about two square miles, it has its own government, and is very lightly taxed, no diversity(I’m sure someone will try to cure that soon), a pleasant landscape, and plenty of sea views. No poverty, no crime and no cars! only 600 people live here and their parliament, the Chief Pleas, has thirty members, meaning each person, not voter, each man woman and child has one member for every twenty of them. Now, is it possible to get to know your twenty electors? I think there is, and if three or four tell you how strongly they feel about something, do you think the representative will take notice?


The other Channel Islands are also small, rich, happy and free, Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney all have their own assemblies, elected by a few thousand people, who know each other and so can actually have an effect on their votes, and who can call them afterwards to have a cross word if necessary. None of them are in the EU, all have low taxes and good public services.

The Isle of Man is another good example of a successful small country, although it has a somewhat larger population then Sark, at 85,000 and is about 500 square miles. But it is small enough to be run well, for its own people. It has, the Manx say, the oldest parliament in the world, the Tynwald, which has 24 members, meaning that they represent about 3,500 people apiece. A massive electorate when compared to their Sark counterparts, but still a wee bit less than the half million that each American representative has. It still seems likely that each member of the House of Keys(the lower house in the Tynwald) will know a good part of his electorate, or at least be available to all of them, if they so wish. Man is rich, lightly taxed and again not in the EU. They also have a wonderful custom, where each year on Tynwald Day, they read aloud all the laws passed by their assembly over the last twelve months, in English and Manx. I imagine this may give the members pause for thought when a long and boring piece of legislation is passed, knowing they will have to stand at Tynwald hill and listen to it being read out out twice!

A Part of Man












Another interesting place is the Principality of Liechtenstein, it is a small place, that makes Switzerland look big. It is about 60 square miles and has 35,000 people. It is ruled by a prince whose family have held this fief for over 400 years, the people are rich and lightly taxed, the public services work, the streets are clean and it is not in the EU! Surprise surprise! This little place has had no experience of war since Napoleon and was the only place in Europe to give asylum to 500 Russian nationalists who fought against the Soviet Union in the Second World War, whilst larger more powerful states like the US and Britain happily handed over hundreds of thousands of poor souls who disappeared in Siberia.












San Marino, the worlds oldest republic, is a tiny little place in Italy with only 24,000 people, it is independent, and has been since St Marius established his monastery on Mont Titano in 301AD, it is not part of the EU, is rich, happy and free. It has no national debt, unlike neighbouring Italy, and has no ‘diversity’ to talk of. It is lightly taxed and has a constitution that can be traced back over 400 years.

San Marino

We have all heard of Monaco, another rich, free place ruled by a prince, and Andorra? A Co-Principality between Spain and France, which is also rich and free.

Gibraltar, a British colony on the south Spanish coast. Iceland a large country, but with a small population, only about 300,000. Luxembourg, the Faeroes and the Swiss Cantons, some of which are not much bigger than Liechtenstein.


All of these places have something in common, they are all small, all have small homogenous populations, all are wealthy, all have contented populations, all of them are well-governed and lightly taxed, all of them are free. Even the principalities, even here the people are freer then many of us who live in big ‘democratic’ states, which exposes the lie about monarchies being old-fashioned totalitarian states. Iceland was able to reject enslavement to the IMF due to its small size. A few thousand people converged on their parliament, which is about as big as a normal house, and threatened to burn it down if the parliament passed the act which would have enslaved them. This forced the government to put the issue to referendum which resulted in its rejection. Man, Sark, Alderney, Jersey and Guernsey are not completely independent, but this means very little in any real sense, they rule themselves for the most part, foreign policy and coinage being the only things they don’t have, and for small places like this, foreign policy doesn’t really mean all that much anyway. Politics in these places is extremely local, people don’t go into politics to make their fortune, or to lord it over anyone else, as who would be impressed that you are a member of the Chief Pleas or Colonial Assembly of Gibraltar?(Well I would, I would be fascinated) People don’t go into these assemblies to conquer the world, or change the world, only to have a say in how the local school is run, or to oppose licence changes for pubs, or to campaign for a road to be repaved. these are boring, irrelevant things to the entire world, except for the tiny corner where it does matter. In short, those who lust after power, leave these places for pastures new, leaving these little pieces of well-governed earth, to remain the same. Perhaps the most tory of places?

So what am I saying? Well, small government is good government. And perhaps if we are to focus on politics, we should focus on the small? Although I despise ‘democracy’ as a sham, as it is in large states like Britain and America, on a small, local scale, representative government, as opposed to democracy is a good thing. If you could go and get yourself elected to a parish council, or a town council, you could have an effect. You could oppose foolish spending, you could oppose some silly declaration or propose a good and worthwhile thing. Immigration can’t be stopped at the national level yet, perhaps we could make illegal immigrants uncomfortable at the local level by denying a business licence, you don’t have to say why, or you could oppose it on environmental grounds!

I have read that the future will be one of small states, city states and the like, I don’t know if it is true, but I do think it would be a good thing. The large, centralised, bureaucratic states of the last century are failing. They have lost their legitimacy and are about to go bust, they no longer look out for their people, they only look out for their own financial futures. Too many in government, such as that worm Tony Blair and Nickolas Sarkozy, used the power of their states to wage cowardly wars against third world nations, partly, I’m sure because it massaged their egos. A Tony Blair as a member of the Chief Pleas or House of Keys would be of no danger to the world, or even to a country, even if he managed to convince the assembly to import millions of immigrants, the other parts of the country would be ok.

So let us get elected to our small local councils, lets start positioning ourselves to be the leaders of  the remnants of these failed nation-states, I predict that this is where and how we begin to take back what has been so unjustly taken from us and ours.

The Beauty of Europe

Sometimes, I need to see the beauty of that which I wish to preserve, that which needs to be preserved. If all the suburbs, tower blocks, skyscrapers, ‘modern’, concrete slabs were to be demolished, we would still have Europe, we could still seek its past through the little towns, villages and cities that would remain. If the types of places bellow were to be demolished and forgotten, then we would be closer to cutting whatever links us to our once glorious past.

Remember, these are only buildings, only towns, only brick and wood and mortar, but, they have become more than that, they are a mystical connection between us and our fathers.




Stein am Rhein



Mont St Michel



Re-Forging Old Ways

I was perusing the Counter Currents site and came across some comments that struck me, they did so, because it is where I find myself. Trying to live life that is not conforming to the world trying to be Godly, trying to discover how people lived before this culture leaped to its death. My family too, like the first commenter is a mess, family members are married to West Indian women, a cousin is breeding with a Moroccan man, another cousin has mated with a Chinaman, marriage seems to be an afterthought. I wonder what my grandparents would think of what has become of us? What can I do? I don’t approve, and say so, but being shouted at and excluded doesn’t seem to work, so then I try to overlook the above, but I can’t stand it!

The first commenter Ugg states

‘For those of us who were raised by “liberated” women, around shallow, defeated men who had assimilated and succumbed to feminism’s direction and premises, there is no linear path back to orderly, archaic life and familial health. How do I keep my “family”–my loose biologically-related assortment of selfish, weak, deracinated individuals–and yet look ahead to one day building an authentic family? It’s a constant battle with parents and relatives who behold me passive-aggressively–do what you want, they indicate, but don’t upset the soothing rhythm of our PC brainwash cycles, or we’ll shriek and complain. Yet if I am to have what I regard as a real, worthwhile life and family, it would mean throwing out so much of their failed example. Approaching this gracefully but seriously is not a straightforward thing.’

And the reply by Juleigh Howard-Hobson is,

‘Ah, this is a topic worthy of an essay of its own. Thank you for bringing it up.

We have plenty of family members who see what we do as a threat to and vilification of them and their lives–(even back before we were married we were treated as if we were ridiculous to think of marriage and were advised to just live together so that we could avoid the later and inevitable divorce costs…we ignored those words. We will be married 20 years next July. Do the old words sting sometimes? Maybe, but it’s not us that is being stung).
Never forget this: we are re-forging old links to an ancient chain, we are re-marking pathways back to where we need to be as a folk; some of what we ask of ourselves will be repugnant to people who would prefer to live unhappily but easily within the system that is strangling their future. So be it. It is imperative not to obey ‘advice’ or give in to influences that you know are damaging; don’t even argue with them –just ignore them. If you can’t, then minimize contact with negative people, and even family members, who refuse to let you lead a real and worthwhile life and have a real and worthwhile family future. As hard as it is, sometimes many non-immediate family members (by this I mean non-spouse, non-child) must be avoided–it is a harsh reality and one not to be taken lightly, but, a reality nonetheless.
As people trying to preserve and/or revive an entire folk way that we never thought could be lost, we are left with many, many hard decisions. This doesn’t feel fair but…look where being soft led us. Try not to burn bridges (of course, that said, some bridges burn themselves). Approach each situation/family member problem as gracefully as you can, but firmly and with no quarter. If your family is like our families, you will be surprised at how many of these negative family members come around later on (some much later than others) and are genuinely happy to be reconnected. It’s an old saw, but it bears repeating: nothing succeeds like success.’

This has been something I have been thinking about on and off for some time, it is something I really don’t want to face, but know that I must at some point. Avoiding people, even family members seems to becoming more and more a necessity, I am getting tired of arguing, of debating with those who refuse to debate, to attempt to talk sense into those who do not recognise sense, I am tired of the snide remarks, the rubbing of ‘diversity’ in my face, I sick of the oh so hip ‘pro choice’ comments my brother seems to stick into every conversation we have, trying to get my to argue with him. It is infuriating!

So what to do? Avoid them all? I’m really not sure yet, but my thoughts increasingly drift in that direction, but the thing that stops me is if I am a ‘tory’, then I should not dissolve these natural ties of blood and affection, so what do I do?

St George’s Day

I find it odd that St George’s Day is not a national day in England, in most of the world we find various countries with national days that are invariably titled ‘Independence Day’, usually from one of the European powers.

The white Commonwealth has another tradition due to the fact that no one really knows when they became independent, Canada has Dominion day, a day four British colonies in North America came together to form a confederation that had responsible government, but was not in any way ‘independent’, it had no armed forces, except those of the British Empire and could at any moment see itself dissolved if the parliament in London so wished. It had it’s own army by the Boer War and was able to have a chair at the Versailles Conference, but it was the Westminster Statute, pushed by Canada and South Africa and supported by Eire that gave them equality within the Empire with the United Kingdom. But that ain’t the end of the story, It was only in 1982, with the repatriation of the British North America Act, that Canada became de jure, independent from Britain, and Margaret Thatcher’s government had to put aside time to pass this repatriation act, so when did Canada become independent? At Some point between 1867 and 1982!

Australia, New Zealand, Eire and Newfoundland all have similar trouble in pin pointing an Independence day as they don’t have one, Australia Day celebrates the landing of the First Fleet and the proclamation of British sovereignty over Australia, Waitangi Day celebrates the Treaty signed between the British Crown and the Maoris establishing British sovereignty over New Zealand, not exactly ‘independence’ days.

European nations have something special, due to the fact that there were no easily identifiable foundation days, or proclamations of sovereignty as in the Antipodes, or an independence day as in America or much of the third world, we have Christian feast days as our national days. In Ireland it is St Patrick’s Day, even though we have Easter for the Easter Rising and an official sovereignty day marking the foundation of the Irish Free State, or a day that marks the declaration of the republic, we don’t celebrate these, we celebrate a day that marks the baptism of Ireland, a day that marks our leaving behind the darkness of our pagan past and our embrace of Christ and his mercy.

In Scotland they have St Andrew, in Wales they have St David, in Italy each region has it’s patron saint, as is the case in Germany, in France there is St Dennis and St Martin, as well as the famous St Joan of Arc. In Poland, France, Spain and other nation, Mary the mother of Jesus has days devoted to her, in Spain St James is still a national symbol and his day celebrated, in all of Europe the feast days are marked, although many modern Europeans view these days as times of holidays(oddly the original meaning of the word ‘holiday’ came from holy day) and drinking to excess.

The one nation without any national day is England, although the great Christian saint of George is their focus, they do not mark his day, they don’t get drunk as the Irish do on St Patrick’s day, indeed most English are unaware that today is St George’s Day, there is no day off as in Ireland or Scotland for their patron saints, nothing nada! Why?

It is a great shame. England has no independence day as America does, it has no founding day as New Zealand or Australia do, it has not even got a confederation day as Canada does, even though there are many great events that could be marked, but the most obvious is St George’s day.

It seems one of the peculiarities of the English in not celebrating themselves, it is something that I believe is damaging them, they are being told they are unimportant day after day, year after year and at some point they begin to believe it. England and the English are probably the greatest race of people that there has ever been, the world was once in their grasp and instead of ruling the world in the fashion of the Roman emperors, they reluctantly took on possession of vast territories and gladly gave them up when presented with the chance, the English should be proud of themselves, their daring do, their gallantry, their decency and their sheer bloody cheek. But instead we have a nation, once the greatest, now cowed and made ignorant of their past, degraded and weakened, demoralised and wrecked.

St George’s day would be a good time for the English to awake!

Our Enemies!

As we continue our civilisational slide toward depravity and enslavement, it seems urgent that I harp on about how we could avoid this fate, and perhaps even succeed in reestablishing our belief in ourselves and our culture!

Our enemy is not, as some would have us believe Muslims or even their religion, it is not even the leftist parties we are supposed to hate, whilst voting for the ‘right wing‘ ones as the best of a bad lot. Our enemy are the traitors among us who desire our subjugation, enslavement and ultimately our obliteration. We don’t see them for we are voting for them, they are the ‘conservative‘ parties of Europe and America.
Ask yourself, what has the ‘Conservative’ party ever done that is actually conservative? Have they opposed the abolition of the House of Lords? No, they supported it and tried to paint themselves as more radical then Labour!
Have they opposed the ‘European project’? No, they brought Britain in!
Have they ever lowered taxes? No, they increased them!
Have they ever, really opposed the Satanic welfare state? No, the enlarged it!
Have they ever opposed abortion? No, never!

Have they ever opposed ‘gay rights’? No, not recently!

Have they ever supported a moral position that was not trendy at the time? No!

The same could be said of any conservative party in Europe, they are revolutionaries in suits, they are sirens, calling us to support them, then they will betray us!
Theodore Dalrymple says “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. Ones standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

Thus we have the Race Relations Act, the Sex Equality Act, the many new and inventive ‘hate laws’ that make speech and thought criminal!

In another effort to impose themselves on us they ban smoking, hunting and smacking of children, it seems they get off on proving just how powerful they are, they can reach into our very homes and prevent us from chastising our children, how arrogant. The most disturbing thing is that most people reflexively support these tyrannous powers, even gloat as the smokers have to go outside to enjoy their tobacco!

local councils in England and throughout Europe love their powers, their power of destruction seems one of their favorite, they adore pulling down historic old buildings and erecting in it’s place pig ugly concrete boxes, you see it all over the place. Most of east London has been governed locally by communists and their sympathisers since WWII, as a result, it is one great big concrete slum.The same goes for Dublin, Cork and Limerick (one of the worst examples), this philistinism spreads over borders!

Marxists, false conservatives and their sympathisers want to make us perfect people, perfectly healthy, perfectly submissive, perfectly hard working, they want us to own nothing, aspire to nothing, re-learn everything(this is already ongoing in the concentration camps they call schools) and to forget our Christian past.

The only way to ensure this is to destroy all evidence of this past through demolishing our heritage. This means restructuring our great cities, demolishing or converting our churches into food halls and strip joints and housing. It means closing our libraries, dumbing down our universities and making them into fortresses of the new religion, the anti religion.

Marxists see the destruction of our past as a way of erasing our collective memories of the ‘evils’ of that past. In an effort to create a synthetic new humanity with a new history or none at all, they will go to any lengths, Marxists and their allies(conservative politicians) in the West have infiltrated our universities and schools and turned them from places of learning to places of indoctrination, preaching the evils of the West and our history, and calling for its demolition and replacement, although nowadays they tend not to tell us what it would be replaced with!

It is sad and unsettling that our educational establishment have convinced us that most of our past was a living hell for our ancestors, that they lived in mud huts, were illiterate and oppressed, while the Islamic world was a beacon of light to the darkened and ignorant West!

Fact tells us that many of our ancestors were literate, 25% of English people were literate in 1620! This was not unusual in the West, In fact there were more literates in England in 1880 then there are now! 1880 being the year that the government began to involve itself in primary education, as good an argument against big government as any, methinks!

It is irritating that one can hear a white Englishman state while travelling around the Pacific islands, ” they have such a rich history, going back hundreds of years”, whilst being blind to the richness of his own heritage which goes back thousands of years!

So what is my point?

Learn your history, learn about the richness of your culture and your religion, learn about the relevance of the nice looking buildings where you live, see the beauty of Europe before it is too late, take in the galleries, read the literature, read the history books written at the end of the last century, before our academy became red. Read, discover, enjoy the fruits of our civilisation, know your self, then you will recognise the poison that emanates from our ‘centres of learning’ then you can counter the arguments of the traitors amongst us!

Toryism and modernity

Wikipedia states:

‘The word comes from the Middle Irish word tóraidhe, modern Irish tóraí — outlaw, robber, from the Irish word tóir, meaning ‘pursuit’, since outlaws were “pursued men”

Originally the word ‘Tory’ was a term of insult, as was the word ‘Whig’, as is often the case, the insult was adopted by those it was supposed to insult and worn as a badge of pride.

Just to impress this point on you, I am not a member of the British Conservative Party, I do not support them nor any other party, I describe myself as a Tory in the old sense of the word!

I like the original meaning of the word, it seems apt to me, as I feel as if I’m an outlaw or a pursued man with the beliefs I hold. I despise democracy and all the feel good propaganda that goes with it, I despise those politicians who seem such little men compared with those from even a century ago, I despise their smallness, their ignorance and their pandering to the basest instincts.

I despise their attitude toward our culture, history and faith, they obviously hold them in contempt, as they banish Christianity from the school rooms, or even worse, make a mockery of it. They hold homosexuality and those who practice it in the sort of regard we used to hold the saints!

Women are led to believe that the highest goal in life is to get a job, and that there is nothing wrong with acting like a slut, because hey, men have been doing it for so long, why can’t we?

Then they wonder why they can’t get married, and before they know it, they are 35 years old, single, overweight and childless!

Our modern world is so full of lies, and we believe those lies, we live by these lies and as we see, people die by those lies!

The old truths of faith, family, honour, decency, loyalty, duty and sacrifice are now ridiculed, they are laughed at, as cynicism, selfishness, promiscuity, sloth and greed are elevated to new heights, this is the new morality.

These lies promise to liberate us, indeed, we are assailed every day by advertisements, songs, political propaganda and other trash telling us to ‘just do it’, to ignore morality and do ‘what feels good to us’, to dismiss honour and decency and duty for a one night stand.

How pathetic is our rotten culture? How sad are those who live by this new morality?

I would rather be an outlaw, a bandit a Tory!!

An Irish Tory?

Yes, there are such creatures as Tories that happen to be Irish! I am attempting to keep a diary, a record of my thoughts and life. I wish to put across an alternative view, an unpopular view, a despised view of this world.

Tories are by nature deeply suspicious of romanticism, sceptical of ‘progress’, and wary of those who seem so determined to overturn everything they see around them, from morality to the family, from faith in God to the sanctity of property!

I am Irish, there are not many Irishmen who describe themselves as Tories, in fact it would be considered by many to be treason to describe oneself as an Irish Tory, an oxymoron, an impossibility, or at the very least unlikely!

I am not a slavish anglophile, although there are many things to admire in that nation, I am not a believer in the protestant supremacy or even of the Union of 1801.

I do, however, reject the modern and republican mythology of the ‘Irish Republic’ or ‘Eire’ and all the violence and bloodshed and brutality associated with it.

I am a Tory by nature, by temperament and by conviction. Ideology is dangerous, purity and demand for it by anyone, must in all ages be suspect, and must be rejected. Toryism is mostly about just wanting to be left alone, to be free of brutal, thieving and lying politicians, those same people who demand ‘change’ and ‘reform’, these agents of the devil. We must reject them, their lies and evil ambitions.

We must be Tories!