On elections and democracy

Being resident in England at the moment, it has been difficult to avoid all the hoopla that surrounds the upcoming election. It is something I have attempted to avoid, but to no avail, it seems I must suffer the daily nonsense in the papers, or on the news, the ridiculous and staged ‘debates’, the boring ‘scandals’ and ‘controversies’.

Nothing of any interest has come up, well except for the ‘Bigotgate’ scandal, not because of what was said, but the attitude betrayed by that oaf, Gordon Brown and the reaction among the Whigs in the lefty paper, The Guardian. I have known for many years that the Whigs, despise their own supporters as cave dwellers, people handy for a vote, but essentially unenlightened proles. The Rochdale incident proved that attitude to be right, and the reaction by commenters in The Guardian confirmed it, as they spewed insults and undisguised hatred at the poor woman at the centre of the controversy.

But outside this little incident, nothing has happened, the inaccurately named Conservatives are not different from the Liberals or Labour in any real manner, they all endorse the welfare state, they all endorse the European Union, they all promise to spend more money that Britain does not have on things they don’t need and all of them have bought into the Blairite constitutional vandalism that we have seen over the past thirteen years. All parties want to abolish the House of Lords, all of them talk or in Cameron’s case hint at ‘electoral reform’, none of them want to deal with immigration, Islam, black crime and degeneracy, the collapse of morals, institutional infanticide and the abandonment of tradition. Indeed, they would probably cheer the death of tradition, abortion and the sexual revolution and the invasion of this land by the barbarians who are so important a part of the electorate nowadays.

An interesting piece in that crazy Whig rag, The Independent, which concerns the surge in voter registration for the election.

‘The London Borough of Islington said 135,769 people had registered to vote on 6 May, compared with 116,176 at the time of the last election in 2005, a rise of 17 per cent. In neighbouring Hackney, registrations have gone up 15 per cent.

The number of voters on the electoral roll has increased by 8 per cent in Leeds, equivalent to an extra 18,000 voters. It also went up by 6 per cent in Newcastle and by 4 per cent in both Sheffield and Manchester.’


‘Martin John, electoral services manager at Oxford City Council, where registrations rose by 14 per cent, said: “We have seen a late surge in people registering, applying for postal and proxy votes and re-registering. The surge started about two weeks before the deadline and continued right up to 20 April.”

Chris Facey, electoral services officer for Sedgemoor District Council in Somerset, said: “There’s been a definite increase since the debates started. We’ve registered 1,700 voters in the last two weeks ? it’s been phenomenal.”

Numbers registering have increased by 6 per cent in Wells, Somerset, where the Tories are defending a 3,040 majority over the Liberal Democrats, and by 5 per cent in Somerton and Frome, where the Liberal Democrats’ notional majority over the Tories is 595.

The constituencies of Poole and Mid Dorset and North Poole have experienced a combined increase of more than 9,000 compared with 2005.’

And interestingly the only comment was from a resident of Camden, well I assume it is Camden due to his avatar of Richard_Camden, he writes;

‘For no reason my name was removed from the electoral register in a London labour area, to rectify this I visited the local council with all the necessary paperwork to re-register. The officer at the council showed me his computer screen to validate my details, what was then immediately noticeable that some moderate sized houses on my road had 40-50 registered voters registered to them which were at most able to accommodate 8 people.

I pointed this discrepancy out to the officer, and he shrugged his shoulders. Because of this and the various cases of voter fraud in the past few decades, I no longer have faith in the electoral system.’

Now, considering the large numbers of new names being registered and the above comment about the forty to fifty registered voters per house, what is the likelihood of voter fraud? Another result of this countries increasing diversification is the import of Pakistani and Bangladeshi voting systems, with all the attendant bribery and corruption involved, this is democracy in action.

The failure of democracy is plain to see, it’s fruit is contaminated and rotting in front of us, it has poisoned our people with its divisivness and tribal stupidity. Instead of banding together, we fight over a puny and theoretical six billion pound cut in public spending, we argue over the issues our puppet masters decide we can discuss, if any of us dare talk of anything else we are smeared as ‘bigots’ or racists or xenophobes.

I am not against some form of representative parliament or assembly of men to discuss problems, but this fraud that is democracy must end, it is killing us and our peoples, whether it is England or Ireland, Germany or France, Italy or America, New Zealand or Canada, it has the same effect, it divides our peoples, it alienates over half the population, it robs the wealth creators and rewards the feckless, whether Goldman Sachs banker or single mother on some estate, this system encourages irresponsibility, dependency and lethargy, the democratic system is poison. It must be destroyed by whatever means.

I have a feeling that it will end and not soon enough, but I fear the elites who have bankrupted us and milked us of everything they could over the past sixty years or so, will end up in the driving seat again.

I don’t know how we get rid of them, I don’t know how we could remove them, but I know we must, in order to survive, and the most important thing we must do is end democracy, end political parties and remove the poison that is killing us.

Pointless Monarchy?

This is something I have been meditating on for quite a while,what is the point of a consitutional monarch?

If they are a ‘consitutional monarch’, what good can they do?

I know the arguments in favour, they deny the symbolic pinnacle of power and patronage to a politician, yes, but the reality is that the Prime Minister holds all that power and wields it eagerly.

There is the connection with the past, the sense of timelessness, yes, but, it looks more pathetic and tenuous to me all the time.

If by consitutional one means there are laws, traditions and balances to the power of a monarch, then I would agree that all Christian monarchs have been ‘consitiutional monarchs’, if on the other hand one means a powerless symbol, then I would have to say I would rather not be involved.

A monarch is a symbol, but they must always be more than that, if that is all they are, then we may as well have a president. Not that I’m saying we should get rid of monarchies, only that our monarchs need to rule as well as reign!

The idea that it is wrong to have a hereditary head of state because they are hereditary, is a shallow argument! I could say it is wrong to have lots of stupid and uninformed people chosing the head of state, I could say it is wrong that an assembly of 27 men can decide who is the new European Emperor! Hereditary leaders are not that uncommon in the history of men, and they are far from ‘wrong’ or ‘stupid’ as many meritorcrats would have us believe.

The fact that they tell us, teach us and brainwash us through the media every day of our lives, should tell us that they are probably wrong. Why do business men and politicians constantly go on about ‘equality’, ‘meriticracy’ and ‘democracy’? Because they control the system, they control who stands in elections, they control who chooses those who stand in the elections, they control the voting systems and who counts the votes and how they count the votes, they control which parties are allowed to exist, they control the media which portrays the contest as something other than irrelevant and they control the money.

A hereditary king who had the power to rule could be a liability to their power, a hereditary king would not have to owe anyone anything for getting into his position, he could decide to oppose certain money-making schemes, he could upset the way things were and if his people backed him, he could be more powerful then all the money men together. A real king, with real power is something they will not tolerate, that is why I want a real king with real power, not some powerless ‘consitutional monarch’!

The comment bellow was left on a Telegraph story about the Duke of Windsor’s apparent desire to return to his position after the war.

‘The present ‘monarch’ has singularly failed to protect the sovereignty of the British people against corrupt government. Some observers would conclude it has been by her deliberate choice.

She has done this since at least 1973, treaty-by-treaty. We are actually part of an end-game now, not some radical transformation.

There is no other single individual who has had better advice, nor greater responsibility. It has been her signature, and hers alone, which has ultimately denied us our nation. She knew, when she gave assent to the Treaty of Rome, what the ultimate outcome would be, because she was advised on the constitutional consequences. Now we have the ridiculous position that she is presently sovereign of thirty-odd nations, but not the one she lives in.

Given there have been so many European treaties since our accession to Rome, one must conclude that her culpability goes way beyond mere accident. In fact she is the only common factor in all of them, and ought by now to be a world expert on constitutional law, especially with respect to the EU!

It is deeply ironic, therefore, to read ‘royalists’ banging-on thoughtlessly about what great service she has done for the country in her reign. In reality, she has protected her family from the worst ravages of republicanism, in a Faustian contract that cannot last, and little else. The dynasty remains fabulously wealthy though, and even were her descendants to be exiled or deposed (as is likely, for the EU brooks no competition!), they will be well provided for.

For us, however, her once-loyal subjects, there is subsumation into a Fascist and totalitarian state, that will demonstrably stop at nothing to control all aspects of our lives. Our queen had OUR sovereignty in her protection, for her lifetime, for that was the contract between monarch and people, to which she agreed at the Abbey.

She gave it away so readily, to our certain enemies, as if it was a thing of no worth at all. It might have been a mistake, but, in all the years since, we have no hint she believes that, nor cares a whit.

Some would say it was the action of a ‘constitutional’ monarch, but to others, myself included, the right word begins with “T”, and has strong associations with Tyburn.

I no longer care who lives in Buck House. I do care however that my children are growing up in a police state, where their own country is no longer theirs and their ancient freedoms are taken from them.’

Although I am not a ‘republican’ in the Irish nationalist meaning of the word, I can still understand the commenters frustration with his Queen, for all the talking, she has not stood up for her country, and perhaps she can’t, but as some other commenters put it, what is the point if she is only window dressing? Why not go the whole hog and have some drab appointed politician or an elected politician? Why does the Queen not decide, no, I will not go along with this, I would rather lose my throne, which has now become something behind which the most repulsive radicals hide their evil deeds and expose them for what they are?

Is it not better to go out in a blaze of glory, rather than being stained with the same treason that is being committed against her people, by her politicians? Is it not better to be remebered for taking a stand and perhaps in the long term ensuring the survival of her house?

It is strange, but if there is upheaval in the years to come, Britain may end up a republic, not because they hate the idea of a monarch, but because the present queen was too good at being a ‘constitutional monarch’.

Sometimes one needs to take a risk, sometimes it is good to remain quiet, This is not the time to be quiet, if Queen Elizabeth II wants her house to continue, now may be the time to abdicate and allow someone who is not affraid to make his oppinions known, to succeed her to the crown, The Prince Charles!

Ireland says No!

Does anyone think this is the end of it?

Well, most of our pan-European elite believe not.

I did not vote, I thought it pointless, my father voted no, my mother and brothers were unable as we had a family funeral to attend in Limerick, but, the overall opinion of everyone I’ve talked to about the ‘vote’ has been one of delight that the pompous politicians have been defeated.

I must admit, I have enjoyed watching the squirming of those elites, the incomprehension, the emotional devastation, it is truly wonderful. However, this will not stop them, this is in fact not yet a defeat, to achieve that we would have to reject all further referenda put before us, we would have to vote out sitting TDs who were those using threats against us, telling us we were ‘in the driving seat, but we had to be careful where we drove’, I don’t think that will happen.

But, for now, lets enjoy this short time, in a few months something will have been agreed and that will be that!

Bertie’s Two Fingered Salute to You!


More on the supposedly ‘democratic’ nature of the European Union and the Irish government. Is it not great to know that these crooks have set themselves up as rulers? Does it not fill you with a thrill to know the Treaty of Lisbon will pass no matter how much you oppose it? Is it not humbling to know the European Commission has their gaze locked upon us, with steely, fearful eyes, grubby, corrupt hands and an insatiable lust for our money and dominion over our lives?

It really is beyond a parody now!


By the way, does anyone think Bertie will be, or is trying to hustle himself a big fat exceptionally well paid job in Brussels?

The Lisbon Treaty

I have refrained from discussing the Lisbon Treaty for one reason, it does not matter!

I remember when I was a young whipper snapper in 1992 when the Maastricht Treaty was being fought over, I remember not really understanding it or caring that much, my parents told me they were voting against it, my father later told me he voted for Maastricht for ‘my future’ and that of my siblings, whatever that means.

I became more sceptical of the ‘European project’ as time went on, the more I learned of the EU and the European Parliament and the European Commission, I was appalled and began to speak out against this threat to our independence, I got involved in local politics to try to influence things, to try to convince people of the danger of what was happening.

Well, the treaty of Nice was the high point I suppose, it was the point at which we could think, we did it, we defeated them, they must listen to us now!!

Ha! Like hell they did!

They spent the next few months conspiring with our ‘democratically elected’ officials to overturn this vote. As anyone interested in ‘European Affairs’ will know, there is only ONE right answer when voting in referenda on European treaties, one must agree!

We thick Micks had the gall to do something other then hold our caps in our hands and bow and scrape to the whores of Brussels! We, Paddies, who had been ‘given’ all that money by Europe bit the hand that fed us, after all we would all still be living in mud huts were it not for the generosity of the degenerate hookers in Brussels!

Well, we were asked to vote again. No, apologies, we were told to vote again, and this time we were told to vote the ‘right way’, so we had our ‘democratically elected’ government scurrying around the country in a desperate attempt to placate their real masters in Brussels, desperate to undo the wrong done to their masters and the damage done to their chances of getting a nice post government job on the gravy train that is the European Commission.

And like mugs we voted for Nice!

I wonder if they would allow us to vote for Nice again? No thought not!

It’s funny ain’t it? There is always only one real answer to a referendum question! If you vote the right way, they leave you alone, if you vote the wrong way they come back to poke and prod and threaten and cajole and coerce you until you give in and vote the way they want you to vote!

And this is the running joke we call ‘democracy’, Ha!!!

We are not the only ones to vote the ‘wrong way’, the Danes did it in 1992, and had to vote again until they got it right, the French and the Dutch voted the wrong way in 2005 and have now been denied votes in this ‘non constitution’!

Norway is asked every few years if the want to join the EU, they repeatedly vote ‘NO’, but their politicians continue to ask them! Perhaps the Norwegian politicians are sick and tired of not being on the gravy train? They like the looks of the pensions and the perks in Brussels? Why cant we be asked every few years if we want to continue to be in the EU? I know the answer!

This sick joke of voting for treaties is a farce, we all know what they will do if they lose, they just make us vote again, of they lose that, they repackage the treaty and tell us to vote again, and again, and again, they will not cease, they will not give in, they will not give up, until we give them what they want, it is only a matter of time.

So, the Treaty of Lisbon will pass, it may not pass this year or the next, it may not pass as the ‘Treaty of Lisbon’, perhaps it will be called the Treaty of Dublin, or Vienna or Athens? Who knows, what I do know is that our rulers care nothing for us or our opinions.

Our leaders desire only power and money, Europe gives them this, they will never give that up, your concerns, your fears, your love of your country are incomprehensible to them, these men and women are prostitutes for money and power, they are the most brazen and perfidious whores! In fact whores have more morality then all of these brazen political sluts put together!

So, as much as I admire those who campaign for Lisbon’s rejection, I also know, that they will win in the end, every fibre of their beings will ensure that!