Get out of debt

With the ongoing collapse of capitalism, the time to get out of debt is running out. Already we can see that a new crisis is brewing, whether as a result of sovereign debt crisis, a China collapse, or another banking crisis is yet to be made clear, but it seems likely that we will be witnesses and victims of another state sponsored looting for the sake of the parasite banks and other large international corporations.

There is very little we can do to combat the power of these vile parasite entities, very little indeed, but there is one thing we can do and that is to provide as little opportunity as possible for these parasites to use us as their hosts.

Getting out of all debt is the one thing currently in our power, this means credit card debt, personal loans, business loans and mortgages. Credit card debt is the most urgent due to the high levels of interest charged by the parasite, they love charging interest on the money we borrow, to cut off this source of income, pay off the credit card as soon as you can, the sooner that is gone, the more money you will have and the less blood the parasite can suck.

The next things are the loans that most people have, the banks market the loans, telling us to go on holiday, get a new car, do up our homes, get a new gadget or pay off outstanding debt and consolidate our payments into ‘one simple monthly payment’, don’t fall for this, even if you are strapped for cash, this is the parasite whispering in your ear, they need you to take out more loans, don’t do it, don’t buy something you can’t afford, save instead.

Business loans are also ubiquitous, but surely we should be using what profits we make to save for the times we will need a bit of extra cash, don’t rely on banks and their overdrafts and loans, that gives them the power to shut you down at a time of their choosing, and as your equipment and stock is collateral for the loan, they can take the wealth producing part of what you have, ruining you. Slower growth may result from little to no credit, but that also takes power away from the parasites.

Lastly we have mortgages, French for ‘death pledge’, these are more difficult, especially now when so many people are under water, but if you can get out of it, do, again, the amount of interest the parasites gain from you over the lifetime of a mortgage is obscene, if you don’t have a mortgage don’t get one, again save up and wait for the buying opportunities that will be coming along very soon when the system goes kaput.

If enough of us can get out of the crippling debt that the banks have seduced us into, we can be free, free from debt, free from red letters, free to spend and save as we wish. The powers of the parasites would be lessened, and our slavers would no longer have those chains of debt to keep us down and cowed.

Get out of debt and stay out of debt

Recession for 20 Years

Sovereign debt is a Ponzi scheme

One thought on “Get out of debt

  1. Sovereign debt is institutionalized slavery, and an outrage to moral sensibility.

    We need to leverage popular will to declare a modern Jubilee Year, ending our debt bondage.

    The end of debt would also save our real economy from its slow bleeding death at the hands of the banking parasites.

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