Strange Times

Well, it seems that things continue much as they always have, the world is bankrupt, but pretending that everything is going to be ok, if we just get another big bailout authorised, although when it comes to it, no one is willing to print the massive amounts of money needed. Politicians of all stripes, central bankers and others just seem content to kick the can a little further down the road. The ‘people’, that mythical repository of good sense and justice don’t give a damn about anything other then their ‘right’ to live beyond their means and their other important ‘right’ never have to face reality.

I was in Kerry the other week and there were black people there, in small towns far from Dublin, they did not look like tourists! It seems the ever rising tide of colour is breaking in even the most remote of backwaters and once again, no one seems to give a damn!

This apathy, or whatever one will call it is dispiriting, it seems that we are walking straight into a dark time, and it is difficult not to be touched by this spirit of apathy. 

I am comforted by only one thing, and it may not be much of a comfort, but it the fact that this absurd ‘reality’ in which we inhabit is crumbling, and will be gone at some point. I hope it is soon, because it is becoming unbearable, the mass delusions are beyond parody! Watching the last scene in ‘Some Like it Hot’, Jack Lemon’s character states that he can’t marry the rich guy, he gives various reasons such as being barren or already married, he then takes off his wig and says, but I’m a man, to which the rich man says he doesn’t mind! It was supposed to be so crazy, that it was funny, but it kind of loses that when we have men marrying men theses days. And what seems odd, is that even in the most rural and out of the way places, no one really seems to have any sense to oppose such nonsense! The MSM have disarmed all opposition to this absurdity by constant and cleverly aimed propaganda, portraying those who oppose such absurdities are crazies and lunatics! 

They replace dark for light, sweet for bitter and evil for good, they state baldly that those who stand for what is right are evil, and those who stand for depravity are ‘moral’ and good. 

How long can this last? 


3 thoughts on “Strange Times

  1. I’ve said this many times at my place, but I’ll do it again here.

    The white man loves darkness rather than light, so his outward surroundings reflect back at him as in a mirror, his own inner darkness. The dark skinned hordes flooding his countries are showing the white man his inner condition, which he refuses to acknowledge.

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