The Naive Gatekeeper

John 10:34″ Jesus answered them, ‘Is it not written in your law; I said, you are gods?”  Jesus here is quoting Psalm 82:6.

The circumstances surrounding this saying of Jesus, was the pharisee’s accusation of his saying he was “son of God”, which to them meant he was saying he was equal to or the same as God.  This, according to them, was blasphemy.  Jesus, as his pattern was, always used their own “law” – in this case Psalms – to refute their accusations, showing that the Spirit led writer of Psalms was stating that a certain group of men were “gods”; ie, “if the Spirit called certain men gods, what is wrong if I say son of God I am?  I am merely saying what the scripture says.”

Gods is elohim, and carries within it the idea of “judge” and/or “magistrate”.  These are appointed by God to their position…

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