Mindweapons in Ragnarok

Tempest in a Sex Pot

Truly brilliant and inspiring writing by Matt Parrott.

Tempest in a Sex Pot
Matt Parrott

I’m a romantic at heart. Perhaps I’m a liberal and a universalist on some visceral level, because I really do wish for a future in which the Jewish people bury their resentment and become a nation among nations. Fortunately, I have Anne Applebaum and her friends in my RSS feed reader to remind me just how fathomless the organized Jewish community is in its bloodlust, its greed, and its guile. From time to time, I need to be reminded of how deeply these people hate us and how busily these people are at work attacking us.

As a writer for the Washington Post, Slate, and other neocon organs, Applebaum and her husband (the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs) helped drag America into the Iraq War. She and her husband are…

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