This expresses my thoughts and experiences as well.

Shotgun Barrel Straight

I don’t know what part of me was alive, but growing up, I had enough spirit to feel the pain of Satan’s paradise.  I am, of course, talking about our anti-white acid bath of a culture and the pain it causes a true man caught in its depths.  I was born alive, in a world of dead peers, and while I didn’t escape the indoctrination (it affected me deeply), I was never changed by it.  The treatment never took with me.

I don’t brag about this.  Likely it implies there is some serious flaw in my psyche that others are free of.   But, whatever the cause, I know it was ultimately God’s doing.  I also know it was His work that pulled me out of the acid-bath.

What a divine rope!  I escaped to Narnia; I ran with Aragorn; I roamed the English countryside with James Herriot.  That is to…

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