Irish Republicanism

I am an Irish Catholic of the Gaelic persuasion, both my parents whom are very dear to me, are dyed in the wool republican nationalists. They are the perfect parents, so growing up, I believed anything they said!


One of the things about being an Irish Tory is how odd it is to be one! Most of our history has been a reaction against England and it’s actions, good and bad! Ireland has suffered much, the theft of lands, the slow extermination of our language and much of our culture, the expulsion of our natural aristocracy, the protestant ascendancy, the Act of Union and the violent bigotry of the worst aspects of protestant England.


Our reactions have led to a vile Irish bigotry in itself, Irish republicanism, which is not so much republicanism, rather then a hatred of all things English, if England were a republic, I’m certain Ireland would of restored the Stuarts in the twenties or thirties just so we could thumb our noses at England, we would have had Irish monarchism!!


between 1171 and 1541 for better or for worse, the Kings of England were the Lords of Ireland and from then until 1949 they were the Kings of Ireland too. Ireland is a Kingdom without a King or possibly a Queen! The glorious revolution was a coup d’etat, committed by radical protestants and cynical businessmen in London, the following wars culminating in the Battle of the Boyne was a disaster for Ireland and the Irish, leading to this reactionary hatred of the English and a complete loss of confidence by us Irish in ourselves!


Not often have a people been so despised as we, not often have a people despised themselves as much as we have and even sometimes continue to do so! We are now as wealthy as England, let us go one better and unite the best of our past with the best the future has to offer, we can dispense with this plastic republic, this republic of thieves and liars and scoundrels!
So I say let us restore the Kingdom of Ireland, restore the old Parliament (above) to it’s rightful use, and let us restore the heirs of James II, perhaps we shall yet have our own Queen? Perhaps Sophie Queen of Ireland?

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